Sophie and Madigan’s Playground Benefit Game

What an absolutely wonderful game of trivia we had on Sunday afternoon!  For the second time this year, Pour House Trivia hosted a benefit game for Sophie and Madigan’s Playground.  First off, we would like to personally thank all of the generous and thoughtful players who joined us at the Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant in Frederick.  The game raised several hundred dollars for a wonderful cause, and we had a great time doing it!  Let’s see how the game went down…

It was close game throughout the first half, but we had a very interesting 6-4-2 that drew a lot of bold (albeit unsuccessful) guesses at which Sesame Street character is actually named Sidney.  We discovered that it is indeed the Cookie Monster (but no one knew it at the time), and that led up to a tough fourth round which left Three Blind Mice clinging to a slim lead over the rest of the field.  Despite having the lead heading into the final, they wagered very conservatively, but alas, no one was able to gain ground on the final question, and so it was Three Blind Mice holding on for the win!  As a duo, Cranius Maximus took down second place, with Curious George rounding out our top three teams.  Thanks again everybody!  We can’t wait to to do it again!  ~ Matt

FIRST PLACE: Three Blind Mice


SECOND PLACE: Cranius Maximus


THIRD PLACE: Curious George