Snow can’t stop trivia! Pour House Trivia Tuesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday came after a complete and total mess of a morning! WHEW! Did you guys get caught up in all that mess? It was a doozy out there; be safe gang, it might be icy today. Check the recaps!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

We began 2015 with a great game of trivia at Capitol City Brewing Company.  The Stamp Collectors stormed out of the gate with a perfect first half, but lost some steam in the final round.   Our top teams were separated by just a few points, but it was a great finish as Capitol City Goofballs was the only team to get the final question tonight, and hopped into first place.  Beck and Call Girls took second with a defensive wager, with Zissou taking third after a great second half.  Can you believe its less than a month until the World Series of Trivia?  Can’t wait!  Next week begins a question on the University of Florida.  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I know what you all did when you got home Champions: You created your farmers only page! Plowed indeed… dirty, dirty minds! As you might expect, it was a good night at Champions – a couple questions threw the bar for a loop and really made an interesting game of it! I had a blast saying Crystal Methodist all night, and they had a blast being in the top 3 all night! They couldn’t come up with the final though so had to battle it out in a tiebreaker but managed to hold on to 3rd. 2nd went to Wiseacres who sneaked on in there, but our surprise of the night was $3 Fireball, all night long who called in the Calvary tonight and made a go of it! Enjoy that gift card! Hopefully I see you all next week when we start off with a question about Fishing. ~Samantha Name That Fish Pub Trivia Maryland Category

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

First snowfall of 2015 did nothing to dissuade the fine folks of Poolesville from getting their Tuesday live trivia fix!

MoMo played exceptionally well tonight, leading most of the game and walking away with the win. Serenity Now was the only team to nail tonight’s tough final question, securing 2nd easily, and Quizzed My Pants took ona couple of wonderful PHT newbs to back her up for 3rd.
Our first category for next week is the Beatles’ film Hard Days Night. See ya then!
~ Ronnie
Beatles pub trivia category maryland

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Despite the weather, we still managed to throw together a great game. As the temperature dropped, the competition was heating up inside! We learned all about the backstory of Rainbow Brite (and my apparent ignorance on the subject), as well as Edgar Allen Poe’s tarnished military record and the famous philosophers that SHOULD have been on Lost.

With veteran teams settling into familiar wheelhouses, a crucial second half separated the teams by enough to make betting on the final virtually irrelevant. Third was claimed by Just Us, second was secured by american Outlaws, and bringing home the bacon was If We Only Had a Brain. Next week’s first category will be, “Cheech and Chong songs”. Have fun “researching”, and I’ll see you next week!
movie trivia maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Wahoos and Crappies kicked off our first game of 2015! And when you start out a game of pub trivia at Maryland’s Monkey La La bar, you can only go deeper into that rabbit hole! But oh its so fun!

Our inaugural 2015 Tuesday Trivia night at La La licious turned out to be a stellar one – in spite of some snowy cold on the outside! (Seriously, that was one of the coldest load outs ever!). Thanks everyone for coming out to La La and playing some trivia with last night – we had a couple of new crews, trying to pick up some late season points for the World Series of Trivia 10! And we had some teams bring out (and appropriately warn) their parents who were around for the holidays! That made for a dag on awesome evening of hanging out and having fun!

We did manage to toss in a grreat game of of “qwazy qwestions” – featuring the likes Rainbow Brite, Popeye and of course John Locke! We also found out that dog bites account for over 30% of home owners insurance claims in the USA – a staggering fun fact, I thought!

And after the teams navigated their way through the waters of a challenging and FUN set of trivia questions, it was Marty Van Buren who capped the night and earned the W for One Crow (only after a dicey tie-breaker against “hashtag DEEP”). Congrats everyone on a game well played!




Next week should be a fun one! I may have set a nastily fun precedent by singing The Brady Bunch Song question Tuesday! One Crow has decided to amp things up and challenge me for next Tuesday! We kick off with “Denny Acts Out Scenes From Breaking Bad!” – I’ll get to work on that tonight! LOL…Im gonna need this one video taped 🙂


Until then…have a wonderful week. And remember – INVITES START GOING OUT NEXT WEEK! See you at La La!