Silly Putty AND Mike Tyson? Must be Pour House Trivia Wednesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday was the only place you might find Iron Mike Tyson and Silly Putty in the same place! You know what? Scratch that. I bet Mike gets down with the Putty action – lifting up those comic strips, bouncing it off the walls, maybe even trying a bit! Don’t lie – you did it too! Check out the games!


Applebees – Frederick, MD

Rainy weather and post-election day hangovers couldn’t keep us down at Applebee’s today; the place was packed with teams and it was a great game of live trivia. It started off with some singing of Justin Timberlake by yours truly, and ended with the answer to one of life’s most burning questions. What’s the meaning of life? Is there a God? And who framed Roger Rabbit? Turns out the answer to that last one was integral to the final question of the evening, which shook some things up in the standings. Building a small but important lead was One Crow Short of a Murder, but a stumble on the final led to them finishing in third, and in second we had Brain Freeze in their Applebee’s debut. But the winners of the evening turned out to be Dewey Cheatum and Howe, also making their Applebee’s debut. It turned out to be quite a game, and next week’s game will begin with the TV show Breaking Bad as the opening category. Hope to see you all there! Until next time, Chad BBreaking Bad Pub Trivia Category


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

 Tonight was an hard-fought, exciting battle of live trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!Tonight we discussed lewd football calls against the Liberty Flames, Mike Tyson playing with Silly Putty, and Scottish Pirate Metal!!!Newcomers Team Summation gave our house champs a run for their money, but they ended up taking second to Strangers Have the Best Candy. I couldn’t be more excited about next week’s game, and I’ll do my best to honor my heroine – next week: Eric is Lucille Ball!
I love Lucy Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Some good ol’ fashion Washington County nightlife went down tonight at Barefoot Bernies in Hagerstown, MD. And when your first round of live trivia kicks off with a category like “Things that Happen in Your Mouth,” well, it tends to get a touch rowdy! Add the new drink specials Bernies has going on and you gots the makings of a good one!; And that’s what we had! The trivia game tonight was not decided until the final this evening! Fun set too my Top 3 favorite answers tonight: 1. Lager! I mean, it’s beer 2. Silly putty – mostly ‘cuz the question read “…kept their tools secured in zero gravity!” 3. Meniscus – hey, I’m a science guy, don’t judge 🙂 The “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” final was a fun one and brought the game home for our Top 3 teams. Congrats y’all! Nice work. World Series 10 is moving in quick, so any extra points are always helpful 🙂

 pour house pub trivia maryland    pour house pub trivia maryland  pour house pub trivia maryland
Thanks for braving the elements tonight everyone. Fun game of “Heads Up” afterward too! Slapsgiving made it a 2-fer by sniping both. And for next week, they have chosen “Hunger Games – Catching Fire,” – The Movie! Enjoy watching that one this weekend, and I will see you next Wednesday with bells… dg 🙂
catching fire trivia hunger games trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

In tonight’s game of pub trivia we saw a new team take the field and hold the lead for a majority of the game! It wasn’t until mid round 4 that newcomers Jomama Bollie lost the lead, giving way for our veteran team The Usual Suspects to sneak into 1st place going into the final question. The Usual Suspects missed the final (by one word, unfortunately) and left the #1 spot up for grabs between Anderson Cooper? and Uncle Jack, who were tied after the final. Anderson Cooper? was able to snag the victory with an exact answer on our tiebreaker question!! Grats to them! Uncle Jack takes 2nd, and Simple Minds came from behind a bit to take the 3rd place tonight. Great game all, we’ll see you next week!

1st Place: Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her
2nd Place: Uncle Jack
3rd Place: Simple Minds
Next week’s category: The Sopranos
Sopranos Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland



The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Such a fun night of pub trivia in the Underground! Cellar you answer, no matter what the question is! Hehe. I loved the response to the play on demand answer, and you even tolerated a little He’s just a Friend 😉 I always have a good time in the Cellar, you’re a great crew with not a few awesome dance moves. It was also fun to watch the rivalry between Wednesday and Grab a Straw erupt in full force tonight. Constantly Changing team Name may have slid in to 3rd with a well placed creepy rabbit answer, but it was all about the top two places. Both teams got it right and it all came down to the wagering. It was Wednesday who paid for their conservative wager and took 2nd tonight, and Grab a Straw who heard a resounding “You Suck!” as they secured 1st. What a game! I can’t wait for next week when we start with McHale’s Navy– the tv show. ~Samantha

McHale's Navy Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

The Tavern had quite the competition the teams tonight! I did have to use a tie-breaker to decide on the top 3 teams this week, and once that happened this is how it ended over in Olney: Winning the tie breaker for 3rd tonight was Team Gryffindor! Jumping up to 2nd after the final question (and the ONLY team to get the answer) was Olney the Lonely! A smart final wager ensured our 1st place finishers tonight, I Quizzed In My Pants!! They went with “1950’s Detroit Automotive” for next weeks winners choice category! See you all next Wednesday in Olney at The Tavern!! ~ Jon J

1950s Detroit Auto Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

It was quite the party tonight at Revolution! Though that may have been the fact that a 21st birthday was being celebrated simultaneously; I can’t be sure… Highlights of the night: Let’s just get it out of the way; the birthday girl screaming Absinthe as loud as she can as I’m still reading the question, while slightly irritating, was hilarious. I’m glad she was having a good time, and waited until the end of the night to scream anything. Round of applause for my rendition of Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomund? Gram and Papa would be proud, and shaking their fingers at those of you who didn’t get that particular two point bonus. So many hilarious wrong answers to the final. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Judge Doom. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? Judge Doom. For Whom the Bell Tolls? Judge Doom. Look Who’s Talking? Judge Doom. The possibilities for hilarity are endless. Correct answers on the final were crucial. The way it went down was this: In third place, Earth’s Mightiest Heros! Way to hang tough guys, good job! In second place, Movin on Up! Defensive wager kept them alive, smart play guys! Taking first though, for the third week in a row, Team GT80 Sauce! Well done guys, congrats! For their first round category next week, GT80 Sauce has chosen NFL Records! Study up guys, and we’ll see you next week! Until then, Ian

NFL Trivia Pour House Trivia MD


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

At T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria, things were rolling along quite smoothly for our teams after three rounds, until a couple of you hit a big speed bump on the NFL question.  Apparently, you are not familiar with the “Gronk Spike”.  That opened the door for Wee Baby Seamus to take command of the game and cruise to victory.  Nice work, once again!  We had a THREE-WAY tie for second, and Trivia Newton John was able to give me the exact year of Ted Kennedy’s birth, as they secured second place and maintained their overall season lead.  We’re Here for the Beer finished third with a nice effort.  Next week, we start with a look at the “Die Hard” film series.  ~ Matt

Die Hard Trivia Alexandria

Always a ton of fun to run live trivia at Valley Grill Sports Bar in Middletown; thanks to everyone for making it so! Southpaw Fish was our winners in tonight’s game, with Your Mom’s a Horcrux in 2nd by only one point! Drunk Savants rounded out our top tier with 3rd. Join me again next week, where our first category will be Djibouti, Africa! ~ RonniePour House Trivia Djibouti