Shaping up to be a record week of Pour House Pub Trivia! Tuesday night had ANOTHER record score!

It looks like you all recovered nicely from your St. Paddie’s Day, since it was a PACKED Tuesday night of Pour House pub trivia!

It’s the week of crazy achievements at Pour House – 175 points has been achieved not once, but TWICE in one week! 

We rolled through the 1980s with our “Jukebox Hero“-es in Rock of Ages, met up with CBS’ favorite fake psychic, Patrick Jane, and suffered through a little succotash!

Check out how it all went down!

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Here we are, another Tuesday and another great game at Champions! My crew in there is always competitive and tonight was no exception.. I’m so glad we didn’t have a tie. I’m also glad I don’t need to read the cool as a cucumber phrase again.  Just sayin 😉 In third we had Jungle Fever, second went to the Thundercats and first was Wiseacres. They tried to catch you and just didn’t make it happen! I’m glad Wiseacres won though because they have given us a gem of a first category- Sauces of the world!  I’m assuming they mean cooking sauces! 😉


Sauces of the world Pour House Pub Trivia MD


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

These folks at Cuginis in Poolesville know how to party and have fun! It was Neverlands that pulled out a real close game going into the final round, and finished in first. MoMo was right there with them, taking down second by only one point. The Murphs recovered from a late bonus chip miss, and finished in third. See you all again next week, where our first category will be Alfred Hitchcock films. ~ Ronnie
Alfred Hitchcock films Trivia Category maryland

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

For the second week in a row IF We Only Had a Brain took the top slot with 142. New kids on the scene Best Bish’s took second place with 136 and Team Freedom came in third at 127. Next week we can look forward to the Broad Street Bullies as our first category!
Broad Street Bullies Trivia Category Maryland

Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

It was March madness at Jekyll & Hyde tonight, and we even had a basketball question!  Taking third place tonight was ThunderCougar FalconBird! Great game!  Going into the final, our second place team were in eighth place, but after, the Know Nothings claimed their spot by being one of only two teams to nail the final!  And taking first, the other team to get the final, was Brownie Points!  Great game, everyone!  Next week’s first category is a 3 Doors Down audio question! See you next week! – Brad
3 Doors Down Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Bar Customer: “Bartender, how much is a fireball?”
Bartender: “Jeesh…at least one red mana!”
Anybody…anybody…where my Magic the Gathering playas at baby? Hehe..we had a few of them in Monkey La La for trivia tonight as this joke had the whole floor curled over in stitches (I’m exaggerating…a smidge. Ok…a lot 🙂 )
However, I’m not exaggerating when I tell ya we had an EXCELLENT game of pub trivia Tuesday at Monkey La La. This game came down to the final question! And Master Debaters showed strength all night and carried that right into the final with a Pippi Longstocking pull! They told me they were between a few answers when the handed it to me…but it was Pippi for the win baby! Congrats MD…very nice win against some very tough competition! And they also tied the Pour House High Score of all Time…at 175 points!
Second and third place wound up being a tie between Silent Titty Deadly Bang (as a DUO no less) and TBH who both leaped way up on that final stumper!. STDB launched a surprise attack showing up at La La on a Tuesday; and that attack worked as  they sniped some of that La La $$$, as a duo no less!  Great game STDB! 3rd Place went to TBH after a crucial Family Ties tie-breaker! Excellent job y’all.
Thanks everyone for coming out and playing tonight. Next Tuesday night we start out with a Sherlock Holmes question. Have a fun rest of your week my friends…and remember you are as copacetic as a Cucumis Sativus (which by the way tied with Pippi Longstocking for the answer that was the most parodied and used as a team name in La La’s late night adult trivia game…oh holla!) 
See ya next Tuesday everyone … dg 🙂
Sherlock Holmes Pour House Pub Trivia MD

Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

It was another edition of Clown Car Trivia at Ramparts in Alexandria, as 16 teams crammed in for a great night of questions and answers.  I can also say that it’s not often when the host learns something new (especially in the catgeory of sports), but we’ll save that story for a different night.  Our Season IX standings leaders, We’re Not Porn Stars, played a flawless first half, and tied a PHT record with 90 points after halftime.  They almost cruised the rest of the way, but one small hiccup in round four dropped them to second heading into the final.  The final question caused some heated debate, but in the end it was Korner Bar coming from back in the pack to win the game!  Whatever also hit the final to take second, and 50 Shades of Balls snagged their first top-three finish.  Next week begins with a question on ski resorts!  ~ Matt

Pour House Trivia MD Trivia Category