Season XXII Playoff Recap

playoff flyer

A pair of weekend playoff games brought in 161 of the area’s best trivia teams, each attempting to earn a berth into the Pour House Trivia World Series.


Both games began with a tough bonus opportunity, this one starting Saturday’s action:

  • Which two foreign-born women have served as coaches on the NBC series The Voice?

About 11% of teams named both Shakira and Camila Cabello. As for Sunday’s game, we also had a musically-based query:

  • Before leaving the band to pursue an art career in the early 1960s, Stu Sutcliffe was considered the fifth member of what band? 
  • Bonus: Identify this band’s debut studio album.

While most teams correctly named The Beatles for wagering credit, only two knew the band’s first studio album was Please Please Me. Other topics discussed in this round included tequila producer Jose CuervoHamburger Helper‘s mascot Lefty, and a Triple 50/50 about things that could either be eaten or worn. Bitch, Please had the only perfect score in this round, earning all 36 points on Saturday.


Playoff audio questions proved to be tricky bonus chances. On Saturday, teams had to name musical acts covering Bruce Springsteen songs (10.1% bonus rate). Sunday’s audio clue provided three pairs of songs and asked teams to link each pair’s titles, Last Word/First Word style (4.8% bonus rate). The least successful wagering question on Saturday came early in this round:

  • Due to the temporary COVID realignment, the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated which current divisional opponent in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals?

The Montreal Canadiens were named by 17% of the field. We turned to both ends of the award-winning spectrum on Sunday:

  • With an Academy Award for Best Actor and a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress, which 1980s film set in New York City is the only film to have won both an Oscar and a Razzie?

Just 14% of teams identified Wall Street, which saw Michael Douglas and Daryl Hannah take home those respective awards. Some other topics in this round were the Biblical BeelzebubOut of the Silent Planet author C.S. Lewis, and former names of current nations. This round had no perfect scores.


Saturday’s halftime page asked teams to name TV shows from pictures, then also name the musical act that performed the show’s theme song. The average score here was 14.2 out of 24. The halftime round on Sunday featured films with deliberately-misspelled titles and concert venues matched to their corresponding state. On average, teams scored 12.3 out of 20 points. There were no perfect hafltime efforts on either day. These were the leading scores heading into the halftime break:

  • Picklebacks: 87
  • Billy Crystal Balls: 86
  • Shipwrecked: 83
  • Carpet Stretchers: 83
  • Jeff Cab for Cutie: 83


The most difficult question in Saturday’s second half came late in the round:

  • According to Forbes, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the richest woman in the world with a net worth of over 80 billion dollars. Which foreign company is the source for her wealth?

Just under 30% of the field knew that Meyers got her wealth from L’Oreal. This round concluded with Three Clues about Broadway’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf; almost a third of our teams received wagering points, while 6.7% answered correctly early enough for bonus credit. Sunday’s Three Clues about Nike saw only one team take bonus points with a correct early submission. As for that game’s toughest wagering question, we got elemental:

  • With a name derived from the Greek word meaning rose-colored, which silvery-white metal is one of the most expensive metals on Earth? This element is prized for its exhaust-limiting functionality in catalytic converters.

Only two teams identified rhodium. In other third-round action, we noted country singers Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood for their 2011 duet Remind Me, the Operation board game variant based on Cars 2‘s Tow Mater, and 1987’s Black Monday. There were also no perfect teams in this round.


Green Tea Shots was the only team able to name the plumber occupation for all six points in Saturday’s 6-4-2, while seven teams did the same by identifying the human kidney on Sunday. Each day’s final round featured two tough queries. Saturday’s round had this TV question:

  • Characters from Diff’rent Strokes and The Jeffersons appeared on the series finale for which 1990s sitcom?

Roughly 36% submitted the correct show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Not to be outdone, this question showed up later on:

  • At which Disney World resort was John Lennon staying when he signed the paperwork to dissolve The Beatles?

Lennon was staying at the Polynesian, named by 30% of teams. Sunday’s round kicked off with this NFL question:

  • Accomplishing the feat about 20 years ago, what is the FIRST and LAST name of the most recent quarterback drafted first overall to win his NFL debut?
  • Bonus: Where did he play his college football?

Houston Texans quarterback David Carr was named by 9.5% of the field, while 7.1% knew he went to Fresno State. A little later, we gave this query:

  • What are the two most recent movie soundtracks to have won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year?

About 21% of our teams named either O Brother, Where Art Thou? or The Bodyguard, but 9.5% had both answers for bonus points. Once again, the round passed with no perfect scores. We moved onto the final questions with these teams ahead of the pack:

  • Picklebacks: 151
  • Jeff Cab for Cutie: 149
  • Killer Snails: 149
  • How Did I Get Here?: 144
  • Fabulous Killjoys: 143

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (24.37% success rate):

  • On the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 Greatest Movie Quotes, which quote is spoken ten times in its film, including the final line?

SUNDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (19.05% success rate):

  • Luigi Galvani published several scientific hypotheses that were proven erroneous, yet they inspired the creation of which novel published 20 years after his death?

A bit under a quarter of Saturday’s teams wrapped up their game well by naming There’s no place like home from The Wizard of Oz, while a little less than a fifth on Sunday knew Frankenstein was inspired by Galvani’s electric theories. No team achieved a Perfect 21 on either day. However, these teams were the cream of the regional playoff crop:

  • Picklebacks: 161
  • Killer Snails: 157
  • Jeff Cab for Cutie: 154
  • Dave Martinez School of Management: 146
  • How Did I Get Here?: 146
  • Stink Floyd: 144
  • Carpet Stretchers: 141
  • Donner Party People: 140
  • Billy Crystal Balls: 140
  • Tokyo Sex Whale: 140