Season XIV Virginia Championship!

Thanks to everyone for coming out on this lovely afternoon to join us at the Capitol City Brewing Company for the Pour House Trivia Season XIV Virginia Championship!  We had a great turnout, with lots of teams joining up to try to compete for those World Series invitations!  We ALSO had a $100 cash prize for the winning team today, and it was a great afternoon for some competition and an exciting game to watch.  ‘Twas my first time hosting at Capitol City Brewing and I’ve gotta say, it’s such an awesome venue!  Gorgeous layout, great food (I had the Eggs Benedict for breakfast before the game started), and a tremendous staff!  Very welcoming, thanks much for hosting us!

Capitol City Brewing Trivia

Today’s game saw all of the best teams from each and every venue in the Virginia area!  Most of our teams were fighting for a World Series invitation, but there were also a few of our House Champions competing strictly for the cash prize.  One of those teams was playing under a special name today: Jeff King is the Worst.  A veteran team from Fish Market in Old Town Alexandria, they looked ready to take that cash price as they led at the half, hitting a strong 92 points!  Three Million People was close behind at 88 points, as they looked to close the gap in the 3rd round.

Capitol City Brewing Trivia

Round 3 began with a toughie, asking for the company that made baby products, but which also shared its name with a Pearl Jam song.  Only a few teams picking up points with “EvenFlo”.  Three Million People picked up points there while Jeff King is the Worst missed out.  This caused a bit of a stir.  Round 4 also gave Jeff King some trouble as they missed the final question of the round, missing their 5-point bonus as well.  With that, Three Million People snuck into the lead for only just a bit, but at the most crucial time.

We had one question left, and Three Million People were looking to win it with a correct response on the final.  I asked the question and they were in IMMEDIATELY, feeling very good about taking down a win.  We wanted the co-writer of “We Are The World” who would win an Oscar the next month.  That song had two writers: Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.  Lots of teams putting MJ, a few with Lionel, some saying Paul McCartney, which is wrong as he was not a writer on that song OR an Oscar winner in 1986.  Three Million People was one of the few who fell victim to a McCartney guess, dropping them back.

Jeff King is the Worst needed a correct response to take down the win here, and they happened to get it.  One of three teams to get the final, they jump into the lead, regain their spot on top, and take down the win today!  We gave $100 cash to Jeff King is the Worst, a very well played game!  Second place went to Menace 2 Sobriety, who jumped into the money with a correct response as well!  3rd place went to HR Puff N Stuff, with another get on the final! Things shook up a bit but we had our winners for the day and we got out all the invites we could to the World Series game!  Thanks to everyone for coming out and playing!  Good luck at the World Series next week!

~ Bill

Capitol City Brewing