Season 9 of Pour House Trivia is off and a runnin’

We are coming off of a pretty crazy weekend of pub trivia: with World Series Season 8 setting some National Records and stuff. And to follow that up… Season kicked off Sunday and Monday with some pretty sweet trivia games.

Sunday at Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

We had a nice  turnout for our start to Season 9 tonight at the Raw Bar & Grill! Some familiar faces have decided to change up their names for the new season, so keep an eye out for Optimus Prime Rib (a homage to my “last words-first words” example! thanks guys!), Grab a Straw, You Suck and Full Frontal Nerdity! I expect to see all of these teams in my top 3 MANY times this season! Unfortunately….. only one did tonight. D’ oh!

The leads changed hands a few times throughout the game tonight, but as per usual(at least lately), the final question decided the fate of the top 3! Moving up to 3rd place, was Silent Titty, Deadly Bang! Holding onto 2nd was Grab a Straw, You Suck! And beating out the tie to win 1st place on the first night of Season 9….. The Vitrifiers!! Excellent game tonight ladies!! They chose “Scientology” for next weeks 1st round category-

BUT!!!! AND THIS IS A BIG BUTT: comic strip trivia

No not that one…this one: —> Next weeks game, because of the Superbowl, is earlier! Sign-ups are 3:30 and game time is 4pm!! It will have a more than normal amount of questions that are Superbowl related, and the new owner of the Raw Bar & Grill is putting up $100 CASH to the WINNING TEAM!! So get out to our early game next week for a chance to win $100 CASH! Don’t forget, sign-ups are3:30 and game time is 4:00 next week!!!  ~ Jon J

Sunday at Captain Benders

We had an excellent SEASON 9 KICKOFF GAME tonight at Captain Bender’s!! With the new season came some AWESOME team-name changes!! See if you can figure out who’s who in our top three: in third place tonight was Pog Mo Thoin! In second tonight, with an impressive comeback after the final was Cranius Maximus!! Our first place team after a strategic final wager was FISTED SISTER!! Their choice of first category next week: MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL!! 

Monday Games – 

il Forno Pizzeria – Frederick, MD

Game 1. Season 9. One Crow Short of a Murder had me singing the Declaration of Independence to kick off our trivia season! And I liked it! :) There is something deep and soulful that happens between a room full of people and a guy on a microphone putting Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to melody. Purely Magical… :)

And it was One Crow who came out of the gates fast and did not slow down the entire game…EXCEPT…on the final that is. They decided “Animals of the World,” was a no go and went with the ZERO wager. It works sometimes, but not tonight! One Crow did earn a nice 2nd Place just ahead of Sweet Blue who took 3rd! BUT our team of the night was Latrilla and the Mossy Banks! They nailed that final and jumped from 5th to 1st Place!!! Great game Latrilla! And I also would like to add that their Victory dance was something special in its own right :) Great way to open the Season 9 at il Forno everyone :)

Get ready for next Monday’s game, as we will start it off with “American Horror Story.” Have a good week everyone…See yoou soon :) dg

american horror story trivia

DRP – Alexandria, Virginia

It was a great start to Season 9 at DRP as we had 15 teams go against each other on the “trivia battlefield”! Rubber Sheets Club returned with a vengeance and walked away the winners by ONLY ONE POINT! The NoLo Contenders were looking to repeat, but gladly took 2nd, and Eric & the Pie Tasters rallied in the final round to take 3rd. Join us next week for our first category, author Ernest Hemingway! ~ Ronnie

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Turtle! You were almost the site of an astonishing feat tonight! The Innebriati was the team to beat in the top slot, as a solo! We had the family edition of Slapsgiving in the house tonight and they are tough… seriously- you should see the under 10 division of slapsgiving on the claw machine! Once all the corralling had gone down, it was Slapsgiving in 1st, Innebriati in 2nd with a *ahem* interesting answer on the final and the strangely high pitched Kings in 3rd. Nice game all! I will see you next week when we start out with one of my favorite categories- Frank Sinatra audio clue... Awesome. ~Samantha

frank sinatra music trivia company

Mistero – Frederick, MD

Hate and Spite made it two in a row with another victory at Mistero Italian Grille on Monday night, and they off and running as our Season IX leaders.  The Droids You’re Looking For took second, with Gone With the Schwinn in third.  Next wek begins with a question on “Groundhog Day” (the film of course).  ~ Matt

Groundhog Day Movie Trivia