Scratch ‘n’ sniff is not always the best policy! Pour House Trivia Wednesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday hopefully didn’t punk(‘d) you, but boy we had fun with our eight games of live trivia! We had a guest appearance from SNL Weekend Update great Angela Merkel (who, I’m led to understand, also runs Germany!), chowed down with Ronald McDonald and took a trip to the Himalayas! Check out the games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Every question is valid in pub trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana – including having to clarify a question by answering “how old is the banana?” 😛
Tonight we discussed getting an awkward neck rub from a non-woman in a yellow hat, playing double dutch with Julius Caesar, and getting punk’d by a griffin! Strangers Have the Best Candy set a personal scoring record – they took first place with 170 POINTS! Men & Pausers took second with Momzilla coming in third.
Studying for next week’s game is gonna be hilarious as we honor one of the greatest comedians who ever lived with me doing a horrible impression of him. Your category is “Eric is Mitch Hedberg.””I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.” – Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005) See ya next week! – Eric 😀
 [th_youtube id=’u6xaj2fC1jI’ name=’Mitch Hedberg Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]
If tonight’s game were a dish, I’d say it was a nice hot, spicy bowl of Creole Gumbo! Yes indeedy, dat’ dere’ was damn good game of bar trivia in Hagerstown my friends! Ups and down in all the right places, twists and turns and plot surprises! Spicy baby! Gumbo Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Our winners tonight went wire to wire for the win over a tough group of trivia teams! Congrats to “I Do My Killing After Breakfast!” on a fine game of pub trivia tonight! Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Now..2nd Place…mmhhmm, here’s the thing – to blow an early NINE and come back to Top 3, against the crew of pub trivia teams that lurk in Hagerstown, MD, is rock star! And props on getting Man With the Yellow Hat on 6! Great game y’all! Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland 3rd Place went to my old friends, “Spunky’s Angels.” They took a little hiatus from me, and came back tonight and showed they still got it! Great to see you tonight ladies! Let’s not make it another 2 seasons 🙂 Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
What a night! I had fun. And the post game “Heads Up” tournaments we are having are getting pretty insane as well! Stick around next week for that again 🙂 Thanks for playing tonight everyone. Season 10 continues next Wednesday night with a question about “Boardwalk Empire,” to kick it off. Til then…have a bowl of gumbo this week and think about me 🙂 See ya soon.. dg
boardwalk Empire Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Gotta loooove that final question! Tonight’s game was one of those where nailing that final question meant a ton in such a close game! My Favorite Team tonight jumped up from last place into the money spot taking 3rd place with a correct response on the final. 2nd place went to Erotic Friend Fiction, who dominated most of the game but couldn’t manage a correct answer on the final question. And tonight’s winners, jumping up from 3rd place into the lead was the Trivial Pursuers! Great game tonight guys! World Series points for all, extra points for top finishers. We’ll see you all back next week!1st Place: Trivial Pursuers 2nd Place: Erotic Friend Fiction 3rd Place: My Favorite Team Next week’s category: Supernatural (the TV show)
Supernatural Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Another great game of live trivia unfolded today at Cellar Door. With 11 teams playing, it was close right up until the final question with some serious movement at the top after it was all said and done, and a tie had to be broken for second and third place. Team Wednesday had the lead throughout the entire game with a very strong showing but was unable to get the correct answer on the final and lost a tiebreaker to finish in third. Coming in at 2nd place was a newer team, one of only two teams to get the final question, was Retainer? I Hardly Even Knew Her! winning the tiebreaker with a near correct guess on E.T.’s total box office earnings. Going into the 3rd round, one team appeared poised to take the lead from Team Wednesday, but after dropping a nine wager and bonus on the first question of the 4th round, all hope seemed lost. However, it turns out they were not done, as taking down the win with a correct answer on the final to secure the comeback was One Crow Short of a Murder! Congrats! The category for next week is Cellar Door’s very own waitress Jill Emery, so looks like it’s time to start studying up! Sam will be back on the mic next week, thanks for making my training experience a great one! -Chad


​​The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Two weeks in a row, we’ve had a SWAG-tastic evening at the Tavern. We had a lot of fun giving away some extra stuff, so thanks again to the Tavern for making that happen with tonight’s round of live trivia! We had a wild game, with teams moving all over the leaderboard, and a final question that really shook it up! Ronald McDonald and his big ol’ feet caused quite a ruckus! In third, Quiz in my Pants! In second, newcomers The Blue Team! Great job as a duo, folks. In first, Only the Lonely! In keeping with their interesting hobbies as first category choices, to kick it off next week, we will discuss warm glass! Tripp

Warm Glass Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

The Revolution Bar was hoppin tonight! Hot off last week’s win on their first ever game of trivia, Team GT80 Sauce was hunting for a repeat. Would they get it? 4 rounds later we’d find out!Highlights of the night: Mess and Jegg were overjoyed to find waiting for them an old teammate back from a 10 month absence! Would that get their mojo going tonight? Unfortunately for GT80 Sauce, the other members of the First Triumvirate of Rome were not Potatus and C-Potatus. I have no idea what the joke is, but now I’m curious! I love it when I get stink-eye for categories like Video Games and Triple 50/50 Sports and then everyone gets the correct answer! I think you guys are too hard on yourselves! At the end of the night, we did have a podium though! In third place, Movin on Up, ending as a duo! Good game guys! In second place, GT80 Sauce! Tough break on the final guys, but still a great game! Taking the top spot tonight, came Mess and Jegg! Way to take the victory for the old teammate’s return! Congratulations! And just like that, I’m the one giving the stink-eye; Mess and Jegg have chosen the incredibly ambiguous category of Turkey. What specifically they are referring to, they refused to say. Just Turkey. Dang kids… 😉 See you next week guys! Until then, Ian
Turkey Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland

They took last week off, but Wee Baby Seamus came back to T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria with a stellar performance, as they had 12-point lead heading into the final question.  After deciding whether to play for at worst a tiebreaker, or to try to clinch it, they went for it, and got the final answer to seal the deal.  New in Town took second with Reverse Polarity taking third. We’ll begin next week with a question on the film “American Psycho”.  ~ Matt

American Psycho Trivia


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Wow that was one GREAT GAME of live trivia at Valley Grill, y’all got pretty rowdy! The final certainly settled it all, with Dufregne Party of 4 taking first, Southpaw Fish in second, and Capt. Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters in 3rd! Our first category for next week is the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice. ~ Ronnie Pride and Prejudice Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland