Say goodbye to Season 9! Pour House Trivia Thursday wrapup!

Pour House pub quiz wrapped up Season Nine in SPECTACULAR fashion on this rainy Thursday!

How about that round of hail, eh? I was a little afraid for a bit there, not going to lie.

But it passed quickly enough, and we were able to get down to business – the business of deciding our final seven HOUSE CHAMPIONS!

It’s probably just me, but I can’t think of Ghost without thinking of this bit of silliness from Community (which finally got cancelled 🙁 )

[th_youtube id=’1RFD8O1pNZk’ name=’Ghost Live Trivia Pour House Trivia’]

But we managed to escape without getting Ghosted, and we were probably all better for it Thursday night!

We’ll let those boys from Easy Rider take us into Thursday’s games!

[th_youtube id=’qCEeg6-ax6Y’ name=’Easy Rider Pub Quiz Maryland Pour House Trivia’]

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Our fun wrong answers all came in during our Sierra Leone question!

Sierra Leone’s capital? Dicaprioville! Sonofabitch! Passenger! Kanyeville! All wrong, but I love them anyway!

You guys loved Season Nine SO MUCH that you had to stretch it out by having a third place tie between Thoroughly Confused and Fisted Sister!

Fisted Sister got closer to the pin on the tiebreaker and took home second!

House Champion runner-ups Cranius Maximus also pulled off a second place finish in tonight’s game!

Winning tonight’s game and sealing up the Season Nine championship in doing so were Spam, Eggs, Sausage and Spam, who pulled into a lead and hung on tight!

They’ve chosen the very funny film PCU as their first category next week!

[th_youtube id=’T2Fp61jJcIs’ name=’PCU Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland’]

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD


STDB: “Did you hear about the mathematician who had issues with constipation?”
ME: “No…I didn’t.”
STDB: “Yeah…he worked it out with a pencil!”
And it was pretty much downhill from there! Lmao! I think at Champions live trivia night we may start a “Bring a Math Joke a Week Contest.” I look forward to more.
Math Joke Pour House Trivia Maryland
Great fun tonight at Champion Billiards pub quiz night for our Season 9 finale! We had 14 teams contesting tonight’s prize booty. And we crowned our Season 9 House Champion as well. And as Steppenwolf would say, the Thursday night trivia crews have “…got their motor running…” and are eyeballing the Pub Crawls and World Series Prize $$$! Thanx for playing tonight everyone.
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Bar Trivia Maryland
It was no easy feat to snatch up the House Champion title at Champions! Horseshoes and Hand Grenades worked hard for this one! And they earned it! Great games this season y’all! And Good Luck at World Series Season 9! Parlay them gift certificates into a nice 1st Place World Series Spot! 🙂
Tonight’s game started out with Les Miserables (brought back some Jean ValJean pronunciation memories for a bit…and can we get an official pronunciation on Miserables please!). Our House Champs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades took to 1st quick but got hurt in Round 4 when everything got twisted up. After the final qustion went down, it was  AESOP’S FOIBLES who took down the #1 spot tonight against a tough field of trivia players! Great great game Aesop’s! 

Aesop's Foibles Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

2nd Place was decided by a tie-breaker between Vitrifiers and Phlitches. Kareem Abdul Jabaar broke the tie for us and left Vitrifiers on top for the 2nd spot and Phlitches a very nice 3rd Place! 

Vitrifiers Pub Quiz Maryland

Phlitches Third Pour House Pub Trivia

Let’s do it again next Thursday and warm up for some post-season fun! Aesop’s have decided we will begin with “Sex and the City.” Download that box set, you got a whole week to catch up on that series 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone! See you next Thursday! dg 🙂

Sex and the City Pour House Trivia Pub Quiz

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

We had a very good game to round out our season tonight. Seabass was in the lead early but Gone Squatchin’ played super consistent and took the lead going into the final. With some betting changes and responses all over, we had a tie for 3rd between Humantaray and Seabass and Humantaray won the tie breaker to secure the placement points! 2nd place went to a new team Big O who came from behind with a correct answer. Gone Squatchin’ bet low, still managing a correct answer, but it was enough to hang on for the victory! Great game. Playoffs are next weekend, I’m excited to see how this unfolds. Until next week!
1st Place:  Gone Squatchin’
2nd Place: Big O
3rd Place: Humantaray
Next week’s category: Triple 50/50 Arizona or New Mexico
Arizona or New Mexico Live Trivia Maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

What a great turnout at Guido’s Speakeasy for trivia tonight! Lots of teams were in to pick up their World Series and Playoff invites(congrats to all who made it!), and the top 5 spots in the game were really close all night!
Thankfully I had no ties tonight after the final question, and this is how tonight ended up… Moving up to 3rd place after the final was We Made a Huge Mistake! In 2nd place was Hate and Spite!
And your game winner for tonight, in 1st place, None Pizza with Left Beef!! For the winners choice question next week, they chose “Triple 33/33/33 Rock, Paper or Scissors”, (have fun with that, Matt and Denny!) so study up, and I’ll see you all back at Guido’s next week for trivia!!  
~ Jon J
Rock Paper Scissors Live Trivia maryland

Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

The competition was fierce in tonight’s live trivia at Lake Linganore!
Snake Linganore played a great game through and took third, Rockridge Raptures in second, and Faking Bad snagged the top spot by a single point in our wildest game yet!
Break out the calculators and abaci (abacuses? one of those…) because next week’s winners’ choice category is Mathematics! See ya next week under the tent!
– Eric 😛
Mathematics Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Summer is in the air at Main Street! The windows are open, the beer’s flowing and new faces showing up!
New champs tonight the Undecided came in first after a well played final question at 153, Clever Team Name slid into second with 141, and Pazullies rounded out third at 140.
Harry Potter is making his way to Pour House Trivia next week for winner’s choice.
 Harry Potter pub trivia pour house


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Our final night of Season IX at Quincy’s in Gaithersburtg, and what a game it was!  Lowered Expectations was on cruise control all night, and rolled into round four with a nice lead.  It was a slightly smaller lead after round four, but unfortunately, they were unable to come up with the final answer, opening the door for Blue Collar to take down their second win in three weeks!  Nice work!  Uncle Jack took second with Depends taking third, meaning that we actually had a TIE for the House Championship.  Instead of attempting a tiebreaker, the teams graciously allowed each other to be called ‘co-champions’, so both teams will be invited directly to the World Series.  DON’T FORGET that we still have trivia every Thursday, including next week, when the first catgeory will be 1980s Pop Music.  ~ Matt

1980s Pop Music Trivia