Saturday Night Trivia Was Scary Good Fun!

Alright!  Our Halloween theme game “All Things Scary” is on the books, and it was ghoulishly fun.  We walked the murky twilight between the living and the dead, the real and surreal, the frightening and the funny, and all in the form of trivia questions.  We had a real good rivalry going, and an array of costumes including Captain Hook, Wayne Campbell & Garth Algar, kittens, doctors, and even one of Gru’s minions made an appearance!  Thanks for dressing up everyone and congrats to our costume drawing winner: Lilo & Stitch:


They all came to play too, as we had a really close, high scoring game.  No team really walked away from the pack and we had a THREE WAY TIE for first.  Thanks to you all for coming out and spending some time with us here at Belles.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Casket of Deplorables


Second Place:  Zombies Hate Fast Food


Third Place:  Sanford & Son