Saturday Night Trivia Sass!

Belles Sports Barsassy-heart

Ohhh Belles, as always- thanks for having me! You were entertaining as all get out, and quite sassy this evening- Leave my Orioles alone! The wit wasn’t nearly as sharp as our ending though, with a double tiebreaker (really, what are the odds on your both giving me the same wrong answer..) deciding a win for W!Nice grab! If it isn’t Scottish, it’s crap played a heck of a game for 2nd and 3rd belonged to the pool playing gentlemen of Southpaw fish. Great game all, I hope to see you soon but Ronnie will be back next week when you start off with Taylor Swift. I hope it’s an audio clue- Wiseacres will justlove that 😉 Happy Thanksgiving all! ~Samantha