Rush, Onions and Deadwood! Pour House Pub Trivia Tuesday

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday chopped up some fine Vidalia onions, grooved to the music of RUSH and hit the prestige TV set with Deadwood!

Rush Trivia Company Answer

That’s a hell of a mustache there, vintage RUSH photo.

Check out the games, gang!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

After eight weeks of Season XII, we were yet to have a repeat winner at Capitol city Brewing in Shirlington.  But that all changed tonight, as the Capital Hillbillies (tonight playing as ‘Gold, Frankincense, and Starbucks Peppermint Mocha’) ran away with it, holding a double-digit lead before the final and cruising to their second victory in as many weeks.  Valley Girls took second with Urban Achievers rounding out our top three.  Our first category next week: Men with Mustaches!  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Oh man! Some venues have teams that are so in tune with each other, it’s ridiculous. Champions was like that tonight. We had ties all over the place. Everywhere. For everything. 2 teams, 4 teams, whatever. Doesn’t matter, that’s just how tonight was gonna roll. Even our tiebreakers had ties!

Was a fun night, some familiar but not normal tuesday faces appeared tonight in celebration of their day off tomorrow! I am impressed so many of you braved the rain, we had a full house but there was still room to throw elbows 😉 Having Chuck on Wiser but still dead tonight lead to some confused shoving of prior team mates. hehe. This was not a good night for me as I had to spell all sorts of stuff, thank you for your patience and only making fun of me half the time 😉

So our first tiebreaker tonight knocked Quiz in my pants out of medal contention, but Jungle Fever and WBSD managed to come in just under and just over the year and so it was a second tiebreaker- to the very penny!- which gave us our 3rd place team of Wiser But Still Dead and a 2nd place of Jungle Fever. 1st with a group favorite score of 169 points, it was Comfortably Dum! Nice job gentlemen!

Not so sure how our first category of next week is going to be Sam sings Rick Springfield. Uh huh. I’ll figure out something. hehe.


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Wild night at Cugini’s in Poolesville, these folks can really get into a game of live trivia!

We were all kind of wondering what an abnormal fear of Hell would be like, by the way. Anywho, here are the results:

U Talking to Me in 1st
MoMo in 2nd
You Never Know in 3rd

Our first category for next week is The Jetsons (1962-63).

~ Ronnie


Celebrity Bar and Grill, Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

There was some good competition at Celebrity Bar & Grill for live trivia tonight!

Who and how tonight’s top 3 spots ended would all come down to the final question and how you wagered on it! After the answers were in, this is how it played out: Finishing in 3rd was Pinky and The Brain, moving up to 2nd place was Jersey Shore and back in the winners seat for the first time in a while was American Outlaws!!!

Unfortunately, trivia is off next week for a special event that is going on, but once we come back on the 24th, their winners choice category is “The U.S. Civil War”! So study up, and I’ll see everyone in TWO weeks at Celebrity Bar & Grill!!!

~ Jon J

Civil War trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

I love it when it comes down to a tie breaker. After a game so close, we had three teams tied for first for a while, it came down to the final question.

The Cobras took first place by 1 point while The Bends and That’s a Niner battled it out to see who would take second. The tiebreak question was “When was the game Operation invented”. That’s a Niner guessed 1 year closer than the Bends to take home silver.
Next week’s winner’s choice will be in the category of the Life and Times of Steve Buscemi.


steve buscemi trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

So what if I think Timothy Olyphant rivals Johny Depp in man Hotness?!?!? I stirred up a little Tuesday night debate with my Deadwood appreciation and Olyphant admiration. Oh the things we grapple over at La La trivia night. It makes my Tuesday nights a blast.


Thanks for coming out to play some trivia at the ole La La bar Tuesday everyone. Fun night fo’ sho! Some “Bring Back the Memories” questions reared the heads last night.

1. Underoos! – The underwear that’s fun to wear! I still own some…don’t hate!
2. Milk Duds – used to be my favorite movie theater candy but was overtaken by Raisinets
3. Electric Slide – don’t we all have a horrific Electric Slide wedding memory?

Great times everyone, and great game as well! It came down to the final FTW! Congrats to our Top 3 teams:

20151110_214517.1 20151110_214357.3 20151110_215040.2

Thanks again for playing some PHT Tuesday my friends. Next week we should do it again. In fact, the first category will be Songs about Songs. YUM 🙂

Have a great week everyone. See you soon.

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of live trivia started out with a question about the movie ‘Idiocracy’ courtesy of last week’s winner, which is about an alternate future where everybody is really, really stupid. After that we moved on to a question about sleeping sickness, which happened to be the Facebook hint of the day! I enjoyed the question about album titles, which asked about artists who named their albums with certain themes, such as Adele using numbers for almost all of hers. The Presidents question asked about Presidents who have counties named for them, and almost everybody got it right except for the select few who fell into the trap of thinking Adams had things named after him. The round ended with a timed NBA teams question, asking for the two teams named for birds. Most teams got the Hawks, but only a few remembered that the Pelicans are a team now, with Raptors being a popular wrong answer (they’re named for the dinosaur, not birds of prey).

The second round had an audio question about the Warcraft Movie, which I am so unbelievably hyped for. Almost everybody guessed it right, which I could tell because almost everybody used their 1-point wager on this one. Luckily the next question about Underoos helped even the round out a bit, with almost every team getting that one right. The Sketch Comedy question tripped up a few teams as well, asking about ‘In Living Color’, which aired a live halftime special during Superbowl 26 to try and lure viewers away from the real halftime show on CBS. The round ended with a few easy questions about onions and the origins of the word lunatic (it’s because of the full moon) and then we moved on to the halftime page for the night.

Tonight’s page felt like a trip to 4th grade science class, asking teams to identify animals based on a picture of their skeleton, which would be mildly difficult if it wasn’t for the answer key given. However, the other half of the page asked about things that start with ‘PRO’, which proved to be a bit tougher. Jumping out to an early lead on the strength of being the only team to nail the Warcraft question AND the bonus was Black Steel, who held a decent lead heading into the second half.

The second half started with a question about the TV show Deadwood, which apparently was trying to set the record for most F-bombs dropped in a single TV series (they had almost 3,000 in only 36 episodes, that’s impressive). The show starred Timothy Olyphant until it got cancelled, and then apparently got brought back as Justified (not really, but it seems like it). The phobia question for the day was about Stygiophobia, which apparently is the fear of Hell, and would have been tough if it wasn’t for the river Styx clue. Either way, the food by the numbers question ended up being pretty tough, asking about how many herbs and spices are in KFC’s ‘original recipe’ (11) and what number is on the bottle of Jack Daniels (7). Everybody knew how many chicken mcnuggets are in a happy meal though (4).

Geographic namesakes asked about the Asian nation that is comprised of 7,000 islands and is named for the monarch who ruled Spain in the late 1500’s, which was referring to Philippines. Ending the third round was a question about the board game Operation! which let people remove the ‘funny bone’ which is actually called the ulnar nerve, and is apparently worth $200 if you successfully remove it. I didn’t realize people actually got money when playing Operation!, I thought you only got points.

Tonight’s 6-4-2 talked about a fictional character who was in novels in the late 1800’s and was portrayed as an amateur detective. However, the next clue mentioned a song that was recorded by a Canadian rock band in 1981, which was Tom Sawyer by the band Rush. Nobody knew the first clue, but almost everybody knew the Rush song, however. Things were getting closer heading into the final round, as nobody was holding a clear lead on the game just yet.

The final round started with a question about the Khmer Rouge, a group who rose to power in Cambodia in the 1970’s. After that we talked about the Five Pillars of Islam, with only a few teams knowing the missing Pillar of the group of five was Hajj, which means the pilgrimage to Mecca. The next question about candy proved to a big turning point for several teams, talking about a Hershey candy that was got its name because the process of making them couldn’t create perfectly round balls. The teams ended up being almost completely split between Rolos and Milk Duds, but the answer was actually Milk Duds.

The NFL records question talked about the only two NFL receivers to catch five touchdowns in a single game. I think every team got Jerry Rice (we gave SF Receiver in 1990, who else could it be??), but not many teams got the Chargers tight end who did it in 1981, who was Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow Sr. (nobody put the Sr. part, which surprised me a little bit). The round ended with a question about one of the most popular dances at weddings and other parties, which is “The Electric Slide” (It’s Electric!).

Heading into the final question Black Steel still held the lead, but only slightly now, as other teams managed to catch up right at the end. The final question ended up being about The Movie Business, asking about the actress who was third on Forbes’ annual list of highest paid actresses. The first two were Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson, but Melissa McCarthy managed to weasel her way into third place on the list, a fact about half the teams managed to get correct. Before I get into the final answers, big shout out to Black Steel for holding the lead for the entire game but slipping on the final to drop out of the top three spots.

Third place tonight went to Ignorance is Bliss, managing a nice comeback on the final question. Second place went to Cranius Maximus, who were nearly triumphant on their first reappearance at the O’s Nest in a long time. However, nailing the answer at the last second after changing up their answer at the last second, calling back their runner at the last second, congrats to Book Club Babes on taking down the victory! Congrats! Next week we start with a question about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (no doubt their choice was inspired by the excellent shirt I was wearing) so go study up on Netflix and I’ll see you all again next week! Be excellent to each other!

Until next time,

bill and ted trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

Though the cups weren’t red, (social media is EXPLODING with this Starbucks thing..) we had many a cup FULL of drinks tonight to make this an extra special one! As soon as I walked in, an old friend decided to buy me a drink and it just set my mood for the rest of the game! I had a blast, hope you all did too!

I’ve noticed that some teams are missing on BIG WAGERS that turn out to be wrong, some teams are missing points with the 5 point bonus chip, some teams are missing out here or there on the 2 point gets for the questions. Either way, you MUST be able to dominate in each of these areas of the game to be successful.

That means betting correctly. Using your low wagers when you miss, getting your high wagers when you hit it big. Get your bonus chips correct. Either go with your gut, go with what you’re the best at, or just try to guess which questions will be easier than others. It is a MUST and you see all the best teams get their 5 point bonus. Make sure YOU fall into that category! Get those 2 point bonuses too. Seems like not a ton of points but if you miss out on 3 or 4 of those, you’re down pretty significantly to the teams that can get em.

These tips are brought to you because we’re about halfway done with the season and its time to start playing like it’s playoff time! Be ready and focused so by the time the post season comes around, you can compete with the best of them! Would love to see you all out there!

Tonight’s question of the night goes to our Winner’s Choice question: Triple 50/50 Sheldon Cooper or Leonard Hoffstetter. Quite a niche category, you’d think if you didn’t know it, you’d be sufficient with putting the 1 on it and moving on. Well, not the case. Most every team bet 5 or higher on this question and only about half of the teams converted for their wager points. Being as it was the first question of the game, lots of teams were playing catch up ALL GAME. Had quite an impact on the game, even at that early a point.

Going into the final, Uncle Jack led with Catching Planes in 2nd and If We Lose… in 3rd, our same top 3 from last week. These are the teams that are playing consistent, very good, and focused, and it makes sense that they are finishing on top! Final played pretty easy tonight so nothing too drastic happened with the final standings. That’s how it would end. Congrats to Uncle Jack taking down the W against a very strong field of teams. Catching Planes taking 2nd, moving a bit ahead of their 3rd place finish from last week. If We Lose, the Terrorists Win yet again let the Terrorists win by finishing 3rd, though it seemed they were missing a significant chunk of their team.

That’s how the game ended tonight! Very nice to see these veteran teams finish consistently. Hoping they bring it next week! And I hope we see more of you guys out here next week to give these guys a run for their money! Until then, be safe! See ya in a week 😉

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: Catching Planes
3rd Place: If We Lose, the Terrorists Win

Next week: 90’s WWF Wrestling Theme Song AUDIO

Wrestling Trivia Hulk Hogan Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Senor Tequila’s – Germantown, MD

Another night of Pour House Pub Trivia in the books at Senor Tequilas! You never can tell who might show up, but you can always count on it being an interesting game!

Highlights of the Night:

In “That’s-The-Way-The-Onion-Peels”: The onion question got groans as soon as the word Vidalia was uttered. It didn’t help that someone promptly yelled out onion, but oh well!

In “Today’s-Tom-Sawyer”: We didn’t have a single attempt at the 6-4-2 before the 2 point clue. Guess we don’t have any big Rush fans in here?

In “Force-To-Be-Reckoned-With”: The John Lithgow Fan Club was a team of one tonight, and she was unstoppable. Ran the table the entire night, and wasn’t letting go of the choke hold she had on the lead.

In third place tonight, Axel’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, Leonard’s Team!

In first place tonight, John Lithgow Fan Club!

Great game everyone! Next week our winner’s choice category is gonna be Fantasy Football! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Fantasy Football Pub Quiz Pour House Pub Trivia

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

Despite the dreary weather, the atmosphere in TK was warm and inviting as our live trivia teams squared off in the hopes of taking home those crucial Season Points (as well as our FAAAAAbulous prizes).

We learned all about the futility of attempting to set NFL records (don’t they know Jerry Rice already set them all?), just how many islands are in the Philippines (named after King of Spain AND Portugal King Phillip II), and listened to be attempt to pronounce WAY too many Latin and Islamic words

As the game wound on, teams stayed tight and competitive. With the final approaching, it was still anyone’s game. A strategic bet insured victory, and our top three were decided.

Taking third this week were the guys of Duchess, behind last week’s winners Dewey, Cheatem and Howe in second. In first this week, perennial contenders Poovey Farms, who’ve chosen Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie as next week’s first category.


See you next week!


Whole Foods – Ashburn, VA

A fun night of live trivia at Whole Foods tonight, as teams battled it out trading back 1st places as the game went on. While Donald Trump Speech Writers had the highest score they played over the limit so the victory goes to Mini Van Mafia after a big final question!

1st Mini Van Mafia
2nd Team Team
3rd Taco Tuesday

1st Category next week is Smashing Pumpkins pre-2000.

See you then!


Smashing Pumpkins Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland