Rolo? Bolo? YOLO! Monday’s Pour House Live Trivia Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday brought you a little WWF action!

WWF Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

We also fed you some Rolo (SO DELICIOUS!), slapped on our Bolo ties and got biblical with Solo(mon)!

Check out the games!


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

 Thanks again to everyone for coming out to DRP in Alexandria for a little live trivia action, here is how this game went down!

It was Del Ray Dummies that powered on through for the win, with MSC making a strong comeback to finish in 2nd. TBD was our 3rd place winners, nailing the final to leap them into the prizes!

First category for next week is the Three Stooges!

~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Man, what a packed house at the Greene Turtle for live trivia!

I was exhausted by the end trying to keep up with all of you guys all night – but man, what fun.

My favorite wrong answers came in the form of some very punny answers to what Frasier’s coffee shop was: 

  • Caffeeine Court!
  • Daily Grind!
  • Strong, Dark and Rich!

That Africa final hurt a few teams, but those who were able to hang on found themselves on the winner’s podium!

In third, Turtleheads!

In second, Complicated Tax Return!

In first, the Inebriati!

Our friends at the Inebriati have kept up their “Win and pick a bad movie” thing, this week’s will be “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh,” which I am now desperately in need of watching.

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game was tied most of the night between our two teams Murder on the Polar Express and One Crow Short of a Murder (in a rivalry I’ve deemed One Crow Short of a Murder on the Polar Express). After missing the six-point clue, Polar Express dropped a few points and left One Crow alone in the lead going into the final question.
Polar sniped the correct answer on the final, while One Crow was JUST short of Murdering this game and the win went to Murder on the Polar Express! Good game guys! Second and third place honors went to Book Club Babes and Team Wednesday! Grats all, we’ll see ya next week!

1st Place: Murder on the Polar Express
2nd Place: Book Club Babes
3rd Place:Team Wednesday
Next week’s category: “Infant Sorrow”
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Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

 Holy packed house, Batman! Roast House was full to bursting for live trivia tonight, with veterans and new teams alike, battling it out for those coveted top spots!

Tonight’s highlights:
The “family friendly” nature of words like snatch and clean and jerk were HOTLY debated. I was afraid things might start getting thrown! You guys can certainly get fired up!
Alan Quartermain was one of my favorite wrong answer of the night for King Soloman’s blessing name! Literary references FTW!
There was Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen, Bloody Mary, Elizabeth the Virgin Queen, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Anne, and then there’s…no, wait, I don’t think there was ever a Queen Maude, in more stories of best wrong answers of the night.
I was very impressed with the number of teams who knew Lambeau’s “first” name was Curly. I wonder what teams Moe and Larry founded?
We had a last minute shake up for the top spots! Correct answers were everything tonight.
In third place, jumping up 3 spots was Brain Freeze! Well done guys, good game!
In second place, also jumping up 3 spots came newcomers Team Wentworth! Way to go ladies and gents! 
In first place though, holding it strong all night, came the travelling team of Silent Titty Deadly Bang! Congratulations guys, well played! 
Feeling a bit mischievous, STDB has chosen Battlestar Galactica: the ORIGINAL series! Get studying people, we’re going old school!
Until next week, 
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