Rock Lobsters, Mack the Knife and Memphis Belles, Oh my!

 Pour House pub trivia didn’t manage to work in any references to Goonies II tonight, but we’re a pretty awesome bar trivia company anyway!

Can we talk about Goonies II for a second? It can’t possibly end up well, can it?

Moving on to our set, it was quite the musical night, with a bevy of songs for you to get stuck in your head over the course of the evening!

Along that note (Yes, that was a musical pun!), we hit up the B-52s for a little ROCK LOBSTAHHHHHHHH!

[th_youtube id=’szhJzX0UgDM’ name=’Rock Lobster Pour House Pub Trivia’]

We didn’t cover this specifically, but this cover of the 4 Non Blonde’s “What’s Going On” by He-Man and Skeletor is perhaps the best thing on the internet!

[th_youtube id=’ZZ5LpwO-An4′ name=’Skeletor He Man Pub Trivia Maryland’]

On a similar He-Man note, no one ever believes me when I tell this story, but I SWEAR it’s true. I had this Skeletor staff as a kid and it ran on a 9-volt battery to light up and make noise. I once left it out in the rain, and for several years after, it worked without batteries! True story. Honestly! It was one of these:

Skeletor Staff

Let’s scope out those games!


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

 It was an incredibly close race all night long at Champions on this particularly rainy Tuesday night! 

13 teams braved the, albeit brief storm, to fight long and hard for the top spot. 
A doozy of a final did give us a winner though! 
Jumping up a few ranks to take 3rd and 2nd place were Doomed and Thundercats respectively! Good job guys!
Taking the top spot tonight, knowing their Jekyll and Hyde, were the mad geniuses of Wise Acres! Way to go! They picked Forrest Gump for the first category next week, so get studying Champions!
Finally, I wanted to thank you all again for bearing with me as I got in my final round of training. Your patience and graciousness was very much appreciated! Good luck next week, and take care.
[th_youtube id=’uPIEn0M8su0′ name=’Forrest Gump Pour House Pub Trivia’]


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Thanks again to all the fine folks in Poolesville for coming out on this awesome Tuesday evening for some Pour House Pub Quiz, here is how the game went down!
MoMo was our 1st place finisher tonight, with Murphs in 2nd, and Belligerent Midgets in 3rd.
Join me again next week at Cugini’s for our first category, Seasons 1-8 of The Simpsons!
~ Ronnie
Simpsons Pour House Pub Trivia


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

The saying it ain’t over until it’s over rang true tonight! Before the final question If We Only Had a Brain was in the top slot, but the victory was stolen with a well played final answer, by Team Freedom.
Final rankings were Freedom with 161, If We Only Had a Brain with 150, and Army of One at 140. Next week we start off with the Stanley Cup
Stanley Cup Pub Trivia Category Maryland


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a fantastic evening at Jekyll & Hyde tonight, and even had a couple of birthdays!  
Happy birthdays to Rebecca from Brownie Points, and Pat of We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!  
After the final question, many teams were wishing they had thought about the name of the bar we were playing at tonight – only a handful of teams managed to nail the final, and after a four-way tie for second going into the fourth round, our final standings were a lot clearer.  
Taking third place with a strategic wager of zero went to French Toast Mafia!  
Second place, leading the game most of the night but ultimately faltering at the final, was We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!  
And taking the crown tonight were the Wesley Crushers, nailing the final and sailing from the quagmire into first place! Congratulations everyone!  
Next week’s first category is going to be Tommy Boy!  So grab your favorite fat man, your favorite little coat, and get cracking!  We’ll see you next week
– Brad
[th_youtube id=’U-xFypjUqTM’ name=’Tommy Boy Pub Trivia Category Maryland’]


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 

No Uranus is not 900 degrees but only at La La pub quiz night can we take a perfectly innocent Venus question and turn it into the Uranus game! Oh the Tuesday fun…I do love me some Tuesday night pub quiz night at the La La!
And 15 teams tonight! We welcomed some new crews of Dirty Texas and Chin Nuts; hope y’all enjoyed – your team names certainly fit in nicely with the rest of the Tuesday La La crew. Tonight’s game was Master Debaters meaning business and eye balling the three wins in a row achievement! They did make it to two this evening. Congrats MD and I look forward to seeing if we can make it a three-fer next Tuesday.
2nd Place went to Silent Titty Deadly Bang who have been playing as a duo at La La for a few weeks and are consistently cashing in! Great job again STDB!
And 3rd Place tonight was decided by a Consumer Reports tie-breaker; between Stink Floyd and Bat Pudding. Apparently Consumer Reports is a bit older than we all thought and Bat Pudding took the three spot! Congrats Bats, it was good to see the band back together…hope to see you again soon 🙂
I’d like to give some 4th and 5th shouts to Stink Floyd and Army of Dorkness on a game well played! 
I’d also like to say congrats to those of you who sniped out some great “Your Mom” opportunities tonight…I recall my mom being an answer on…
– Jessica Lange’s Pic from American Horror Story
– Skeletor’s Human name…. my Mom of course
– And of course, when asking for a 10-100 on a CB Radio, one is of course, looking for…My Mom…
Your Mom Pour House Trivia
LOL…Great time tonight everyone. Speaking of “You Mom” Next Tuesday we start off with “How I Met Your Mother” for R1Q1, courtesy of Master Debaters. Until well my friends, and I will see you soon…dg 🙂
How I Met Your Mother Pub trivia MD


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA 

Our regular teams at Ramparts are gearing up for the post-season, as we had four teams burst out with at least 90 first-half points in Tuesday’s game.  But it was Fat, Drunk, and Stupid who broke away from the pack in the second half, snagged the final, and took home their third win of the season.  They’ll need to play it tough in the last month to win that fifth consecutive house championship!  Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed took second tonight, with We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore adding to theior overall lead by rounding out the top three.  Next week starts with a question on the Boston Marathon!  ~ Matt