RIP Robin Williams

Pour House pub trivia‘s Mondaywas somber with the mid-game news of the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams. RIP, sir.

A very funny man who brought a lot of joy to a lot of folks should be remembered for making us laugh, I think. 

Here’s a couple of pieces of great performances:

[th_youtube id=’wuk8AOjGURE’ name=’Robin Williams Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]

[th_youtube id=’jBg8v6-i2z8′ name=’Robin WIlliams Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]

[th_youtube id=’-Ubjuna5X4w’ name=’Robin Williams Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Check out the games.


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to everyone for making it another wonderful night of live trivia at DRP here in Alexandria.

The final question flipped the entire game around, and it was Eric and the Pie Tasters that finished in first, with Team Awesome leaping up into 2nd. Defenders of the Constitution submitted a correct final as well, jumping them into 3rd.

Join me next week where our first category will be the late and great Robin Williams. R.I.P.

~ Ronnie

[th_youtube id=’pcnFbCCgTo4′ name=’Robin Williams Trivia Pour House Pub Quiz MD’]


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD


They have chosen Newsies to kick it off next week, so break out your jazz hands and watch that this week!


[th_youtube id=’lqPuGMgT6yw’ name=’Newsies Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of pub quiz saw Four Play Above the Table maintaining the number one spot for the majority of the game, being in first going into the final. The final question did some damage on most of the teams and the final scores looked like this: 3rd place, from behind, was 3rd Quarter Nose Dive, 2nd place went to Latrilla who lost a tie breaker to One Crow Short of a Murder! Grats guys! See ya next week!
1st Place: One Crow Short of a Murder
2nd Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks
3rd Place:3rd Quarter Nose Dive
Next week’s category: Bill Sings Christmas Songs
[th_youtube id=’eg4ys5whesE’ name=’Christmas Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It’s always a fun time at the Roast House and tonight was no exception! We had a packed house of veteran teams duking it out for the top spot! Who would emerge victorious? We’d soon find out.

Highlights of the night:
The big talk tonight was the duel between the honorable Dewey, Cheatum and Howe, and the Dewey Decimators! I think the latter was in reference to the Dewey Decimal System but that didn’t make things any less interesting!

Quizzed in My Pants put in an appearance as a solo! This is a tough bar to try to take solo, how’d she do? Time would tell.

Even with 3 different possible answers for what SHIELD stood for, no one managed to pull it out, earning it the award for most difficult bonus question of the night.

The final was a doozy and it cause a last minute podium shake up! Kudos to everyone for at least knowing an Oscar winning actor, but knowing Marlon Brando was important tonight.

In third place, after finally taking the lead before the final, came Dewey Decimators! Tough break on the final guys, but way to hang tough! 

In second, as a solo, was Quizzed in My Pants, with a defensive wager! Great game, QimP! Mad props!

Taking tonight down though, quickly becoming a dynasty here at Roast House, was the honorable law firm of non-lawyers Dewey, Cheatum and Howe! They would not be Decimated 😉 Congratulations guys, well played!

On a somber note, DCH has chosen to use next week’s first round category as a memorium for the recently deceased Robin Williams. The man was a legend, a great talent who brought so much laughter to the world. He will be missed dearly. So go home and watch his good stuff, and prep for next week. RIP Robin.

Until then,
[th_youtube id=’nIWB-Neyj-c’ name=’Robin Williams Trivia Pour House Trivia Maryland’]


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

It was the second night of Pour House Trivia at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, and we welcomed several teams who joined us for the first time here.  Nine teams in all played our game, and it was the Rocket Surgeons who led the way most of the night.  But a bold move on the 6-4-2 question did not pay off, and it was Korner Bar who then slipped into the lead.  There were some tense moments after hearing the correct response on the final, but Korner Bar managed to hold on for the win!  Nice job!  Rocket Surgeons did take second, with Liquor, I Hardly Know Her taking third.  Next week begins with a question on Playboy Centerfolds.  Study up!  ~ Matt

Playboy Trivia Arlington