Return of the Jedi and a whole bunch more on Wednesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday got into the Star Wars spirit with Return of the Jedi and Wicket (Who got two of his own spinoff movies!) plus some Muppets and 2015 in film!

Check it out, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight was the last game of 2015, and boy did it come down to the very last question. Heading into the final question of the night we had a three-way tie and we ended up having to break that tie between all three teams, since they all got the final question correct. The toughest question of the first half had to be three clues/one word, since it ended up being difficult if you didn’t know your Return of the Jedi characters, with the word being ‘Wicket’ (the leader of the Ewoks).

Halftime tonight had teams identifying movie posters of films released in 2015, as well as identifying things that occurred on New Years Day throughout history. The second half opened up with a fun question about new TV shows that started this year, such as Scream Queens and The Bastard Executioner (such an odd name). The question about the song Kermit the Frog sings in The Muppet Movie ended up being a tough question, since a bunch of teams put It’s Not Easy Being Green, which is another song he sings, but not in that movie.

Heading into the final round we opened with a question about Old El Paso ‘Stand ‘n’ Stuff’ taco shells, which was apparently quite the innovation in the food world. The next question about Scottish things ended up being pretty tricky, asking about a clothing pattern that is named for a region of Scotland. The answer was argyle, but several teams put Tartan, which is the name for the pattern that is on most kilts, but is actually named that because of the Gaelic word for ‘across’. An opera question that came up next talked about a made for TV opera, something I didn’t know existed. “Amahl and the Night Visitors” was about The Magi who came to visit on the night of the birth of Christ in the Opera by Gian Carlo Menotti.

The final question of the round was about answers that have “LAST” in them somewhere, and one of them asked about the biological term for a type of cell that appears early in embryonic development, and ended up being the subject of a challenge that definitely swayed things in the game. The answer we were looking for was blastula, but that term is used almost interchangeably with blastocoel, blastocyst, and a few others. Heading into the final we initially had a two-way tie, but thanks to that challenge it became a three-way.

Tonight’s final question was in the category of vocabulary and talked about a word that is used in the names of several brands that refers to an informal measure of time. The answer we were looking for was Jiffy, and a lot of teams managed to snag that one. However, we still had to settle this tiebreaker, so the tiebreaker I used was the birth year of the Scottish Poet Robert Burns. Tonight’s third place team, Suck It Trebek, was the farthest away, guessing 1850. With a guess of 1803, second place tonight went to Doris Day and the Times who played at Applebee’s for the first time as a solo artist, looking for yet another solo win to add to his collection but falling barely short in an impressive effort. Winning tonight, however, taking the tiebreaker by just a few years, guessing 1800 (he was born in 1759), congrats to Dalek Dance Party on the win!

Next week we open up with a question about Tudor England, so good luck with that! I will see you all again next year, AKA next week, so have a happy and safe new year, and I will see you then.

Until next time,


Coming soon!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

So it was not just our last night of 2015 at Belles, it was our last night of trivia in 2015! We sent it off with a bang, no docile games for this crew. Had some new faces tonight which added to the shenanigans and some of our familiar faces were back for more after what seems to have been a very nice holiday for you all. 12 teams in all tonight, was interesting seeing all the jockeying for table position. Turf wars are a Wednesday night thing.

There was some pretty serious humbling tonight, with bonuses that were anyone’s guess frankly. And guess you did! The big kicker tonight was the Argyle question- so many people were so very sure it was plaid! Just blew right over that pesky geographic hint… who needs all of the question 😉 That whole eggnog thing might be a bit of a sore spot for awhile, apparently it was one of those you had to be there things. Like actually be there in 1826. People were a little fuzzy on the Call me Caitlyn thing, and really all those magazines are the same anyway. By the time we got to that slow dancing hell of a audio question everyone was too busy singing bridge over trouble water to really be upset about anything that happened in the first round.

Our final ended up with a tie for 3rd and Wiser But Still Dead managed to nail the HBO year dead on to take it right out of the grasp of Col. Angus. 2nd went to Peggin Patschak who put in a solid showing as a duo, and 1st went to Fisted Sisters- they were denied that top spot last week and came back with a vengeance to pull it off this week. Next week, and next year, we will start with Vin Diesel films. Personally, I prefer him when he doesn’t talk. Have a safe holiday!



And that’s the last game of the year! Thanks for everyone who came out to play! Great to see a lot of our regulars come join us; we also had a large number of new teams tonight as we eclipse the double digit mark! Fun times! Now into the game recap!

A travel team from a Frederick venue joined Bennigan’s for dinner tonight not knowing trivia was happening. They decided to stick around and play. Good thing they did; they were terrifyingly good at trivia! Poovey Farms they called themselves, and they were very good trivia players, acquiring over 90 points by the time we were going into the 2nd half.

As play continued, Poovey Farms didn’t let up, leading by double digits going into round 4. Our “LAST” question of round 4 (I say “LAST” because the final question of round 4 contained the word “LAST” in the answer) played about as hard as anything tonight, killing some teams who saved their big wagers and had their bonus chips on this one – It was brutal. Three teams of 10 picking up points here and no one seemed to excited about it. Teams that came away with points knew it was by the skin of their teeth, other teams lost hope as they blew upwards of 15 points in a single question! Sheesh!

Going into the final, Poovey Farms led by an insurmountable 23 points, enough for them to bet the zero and lock down the win. Despite their zero wager, they were one of three teams to pick up a correct response on the final question as well! Great game, these guys killed it! Come back next week so these guys can have a redemption shot hehehe…

2nd place tonight went to the Gold Team and in 3rd we had Strangers have the Best Candy! Great game, great end to a great year! We’re back next year! Next WEEK even! Hope you come out to join us, I’ll see ya then!

1st Place: Poovey Farms
2nd Place: Gold Team
3rd Place: Strangers have the Best Candy

Next week: Philip Glass


Our last game of 2015 at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon, and it was definitely our most crowded night of the year.  Twelve teams stumbled their way upstairs, and a few of those were new teams enjoying Pour House trivia for the first time.  It was a close game throughout the night, but the final category of “Vocabulary” must have scared a few teams, as the low wagers came in before that question was asked.  About half of our teams did come up with the correct response causing a huge shift in the standings.  That shift benefited our first-time winners: Passionate Smiles!  I think they were the most surprised out of anybody.  Second place went to Rocket Surgeons with Trivia Newton John taking third.

Our first category next week will be 1985 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Champions!  See you in 2016!  ~ Matt


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Coming soon!

The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

We played our last game of 2015 at Overwood, and the atmosphere was celebratory already!! We learned all about Of Mice and Men, had a brief question about the placenta (while everyone was eating), and experienced a challenging fourth round.

In the end, veteran team The B-58’s took home first, and the only other eligible team for prizes (in fourth!) – Team Joe – took home second.

Next week’s first category will be the TurboGrafix-16…. Good luck with that!


The Tavern – Olney, MD

It was a pleasure to come out to The Tavern tonight as the regulars welcomed me with open arms. While we had some *friendly* arguments about speed skating it was a great time had by all. It came down to the wire as there was a first place tie but John Lithgow’s Fan Club took the gold!

1st John Lithgow’s Fan Club
2nd Shwetty Balls
3rd The Great Santinis

The first category for the new year is Triple 50/50 Steinbeck or Hemingway. See you around Olney!


John Steinbeck trivia Grapes of Wrath trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

We were back in action with a vengeance tonight at the Revolution Bar! My teams were in prime trivia condition for our last game of Pour House of 2015!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Weird-Wavelengths”: Everyone correctly identified Vanity Fair as the magazine where Caitlyn Jenner made her big debut. However, everyone who made an attempt at the bonus all put I Am Cait. Which is not correct unfortunately, but was interesting that everyone put the same wrong answer. Everyone was on the same weird wavelength…

In “I-Had-Know-Idea-That-Was-On-That-Network”: Fraggle Rock was on HBO? Really? How did I not know that? I would’ve said ABC or something or PBS, but not HBO! What the heck?!

In “I-Feel-Dirty”: As part of a clue tonight, I had to say “Roll Tide” and as proud Clemson Tiger it made me disgusted to have to say that. My boys are gonna take it all the way this year, and the Tide can suck it!

Correct answers on the final were key tonight!

In third place tonight, a new team, the Screwballs!

In second place tonight, as almost a solo, GT80 Sauce!

In first place tonight, the Green Machine was back on top!

Great game everyone! We will kick off 2016 with a Game of Thrones category, specifically the tv show, not the books! Study up and we’ll see you next time! Happy New Year! Stay Safe!

Until then,

Game of Thrones Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia MD

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

FINAL TRIVIA NIGHT of 2015 here at Valley Grill and it was standing room only! Folks were partying up while I asked the questions and we got some rather ear shattering cheers in the game. Happy New Year to you all, and I’ll see you next year. Here are the results:

Southpaw Fish in 1st

Trifecta in 2nd

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd

Join me back here next Wednesday, where the first category will be the 2015 NFL Season Playoffs.

~ Ronnie


Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

Tonight, we had a lot of people show up at the bar and grille. We had three new teams who played and a continuing team. Some teams consisted of maximum amount of players and another team only had two. Because of the noise level, we had teams running up to my table to hear the questions and then run back to their seats. So not only did I run pub trivia night, I also ran a race! 😉

Two teams were neck in neck. The final question could have changed their rankings, but I stumped them all.

1st Place: Jayson’s Bicycle Seat
2nd Place: Anna and Michael
3rd Place: Don’t Fucking Care

1st place chose the category of Disney Songs for next week.

Disney Princess Ballads Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland