Recycle, Reduce, Re-use? Did Jack Johnson Make a Cameo at Monday’s Pour House Game?

If you ask me, there’s a perfect way to start the work week – Pour House pub trivia, of course!

On this fine Monday evening, we had games at FOUR venues, each of ’em full of live trivia!

Tonight’s game included the 3 Rs – no not reading, writing and arithmetic, Recycle, Reduce, Re-use!

Let’s see Jack Johnson tell us all about it, eh?

[th_youtube id=’uSM2riAEX4U’ name=’Jack Johnson bar trivia maryland’]

Robert Englund has been acting for 40 years – since 1974, and in that time, has acted in 143 movies or TV shows! Three plus projects a year for 40 years is a nutty pace for any actor!

Let’s scope out those games!

Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

A great turnout for our second Monday night of live trivia at Dan’s Restaurant in Boonsboro.  Eight teams filed in for a couple hours of questions and answers.  Out of the gate, it was Big Test Icicles that crusied to the lead with a great first half.  They held a slight lead after the 6 – 4 – 2 question, and were able to increase that gap during a tough final round.  No surprise, they got the final question to take home the win.  That win also clinches the Season IX House Championship for BTI!  They are in prime form for the World Series!  Second place went to Slaphappy, with the duo Fisted Sister taking down third place.  Neext week starts with a question on “Seinfeld”.

 ~ Matt

jerry seinfeld bar trivia


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Things are heating up at DRP as we get closer to the World Series for season 9!

The game of pub quiz was a close one, and it took a tie-breaker to settle it all.

Rubber Sheets Club was our winner tonight breaking the tie with Just the Tips who landed in 2nd. Misfits came to play tonight, and finished in 3rd.

Join me again next Monday, where our first category will be Physics.

~ Ronnie

Physics Pour House Pub Quiz MD


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

We had a slew of fun wrong answers on this fine evening of bar trivia!

For our house question on Transformers, and trying to discern which member of Monty Python voiced a character:

  • George Monty
  • That British Guy

The other actor who played Freddy Krueger?

  • Marlon Wayans
  • The guy who played Rorschach in Watchmen (true, but also not correct!)

We had a couple of new and returning faces this evening, which is always fun!

Newcomers One Other Team made a furious push for the podium, but fell short – good game guys!

In third, we had Quad Crew Riders!

Second place went to The Knights!

But in the end, it was The Inebriati reeling off their FOURTH straight victory this evening!

The Inebriati chose Young Einstein (the film) for their first category, continuing their run of…questionable cinematic choice? As a bad movie aficionado, I love it!

[th_youtube id=’dEL_BT_Z6Yg’ name=’Young einstein pub quiz Maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Thanks everyone for putting up with the gremlins that were running my computer tonight! I swear, I make one Richard Gere gerbil joke and everything goes haywire. We trudged through though, thanks for being patient. Besides the technical ju-jitsu I had to work against, our bar trivia game tonight was a great one…and a juicy one! 
Quick Pink and the Vine Gang was bizness tonight. They recruited some friends from Wiseacres and played tough tonight all the way thru! FTW! GG QP!
Quick Pink Pub Quiz MD
2nd Place went to One Crow Short of a Murder who played strong this fine Cinco de Mayo…and they were one of a very few teams who spiked the lie I told about “never having been arrested!” It was like they just knew… 🙂 GG Crow!
One Crow Short of a Murder Live Trivia MD
And rounding out our Top 3 in tonight’s pub quiz was team consistency themselves… “I’m with Geoff.” Always seem to be in there yall. Good game!
I'm with Geoff Pub Trivia MD
And that was one helluva Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas and all! Thank you again for coming out to play, play, play on the 5th of May everyone! Let’s do it again on the 12th…we’ll begin with a question called “Where’s Chad” ?
Quick Pink have left it to our discretion as to what direction we go with it 🙂 Fun fun…Have a wonderful week everyone…I am gonna give my laptop a big hug and see if it needs to talk about our relationship, as apparently it has some issues that need to be worked  out 😉
Til next week… be well! 
dg 🙂
Where's Chad Pour House Pub Trivia MD