Ready for the Belmont Stakes?! Can California Chrome pull it off?! We got you ready with Pour House Pub Trivia’s Thursday wrapup!

Pour House pub quiz brings you live trivia nearly every single day of the week, and this Sunday is the biggest day of the year, the World Series!

Pistachios! Stephen Colbert! The Belmont Stakes!

I will be rooting for California Chrome Saturday – will you be?

We also covered Seinfeld, and one of my personal favorite side characters: Keith Hernandez!

[th_youtube id=’Lr0ggLKhH1I’ name=’Keith Hernandez Live Trivia Maryland’]

I like giving you a little music while you read, so here’s the incredible Jurassic Park theme!

[th_youtube id=’D8zlUUrFK-M’ name=’Jurassic Park Live Trivia Maryland’]

Onto those games!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Titanic 2: The Surface
Rolling L. Ron Hubbard
They chose Master of Kung Fu Comic Books to kick it off next week!
Kung Fu Live Trivia Maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

The LARGEST LIVE TRIVIA EVENT IN THE COUNTRY – with NO ENTRY FEE – is going down this weekend in Hagerstown, MD. And the Champions crews are no strangers to some live trivia action! It was a beautiful Thursday night and we had a great game of pub trivia over at the billiard hall! 
Some key moments were…
– When FnQ did a PG-13 Mae West impression
– the wonderful drawings from team “Is It In Yet?” – and tonight’s set was a touch harder than usual so there were plenty of opportunities for me to get schooled on modern sexual slang! 😉
– I failed miserably at a horse impression; but I did rock the “‘ello poppett” pirate impression…at least  thought I did 🙂
Our leader board went down like this (no photos tonight as my phone retired)
1st: Aesop’s Foibles
2nd: Boom Goes the Dynamite
3rd: Vitrifiers
Great times everyone! Thanks a bunch for coming out and playing some trivia tonight at the Thursday gitty-up! I’d like to wish all of you the best of luck at Sunday’s World Series of Trivia! 
We kick off our Summer Fling 2014 NEXT THURSDAY NIGHT! This works a touch differently than the normal season. We will have details posted very soon on the website! 
Summer Fling Live Trivia Maryland
The first category next Thursday for out opening night will be “Classic Toys.” 
Toys Live Trivia Maryland
Until then…have a great weekend and I will see you soon. dg 🙂


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Great game tonight! Gone Squatchin’ takes this one down with Humantaray in 2nd place and Black Irish coming up with 3rd. Good luck to all our world series teams this weekend! Hoping to see you all back next week when we start accumulating our Summer Fling points! Until then!
1st Place:  Gone Squatchin’
2nd Place:  Humantaray
3rd Place: Black Irish
Next week’s category: Weather
Weather Live Trivia Maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

With the World Series of Trivia game only 3 days away, I had some teams come out to Guidis for a bit of a live warm-up session of trivia here at Guido’s Speakeasy tonight! It looked like a RUNAWAY victory for a certain team after the 6-4-2 bonus question and a 24 point lead over 2nd place…. then round 4 happened… and that lead was cut to only 8 points!! And then…the FINAL happened! The the final question changed EVERYTHING!! And then the tie-breaker happened! CRAZINESS! After the tie-breaker question, this is how it ended tonight… In 3rd place, it was Stink Floyd! Moving up to 2nd place was T.N.C.! And making a HUGE comeback tonight and winning the game was We Made a Huge Mistake!!
They chose Superbowl Winning Quarterbacks for the winners choice category next week – which REMEMBER is the opening night for Summer Fling 2014 Tournament!  Good luck to all my regulars in the World Series this Sunday – make the proud! and I’ll see everyone next Thursday at Guido’s for the start of the Summer Fling!!  ~ Jon J


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

Well here we are at the end of our run, Lake Linganore, and it’s been a blast!
Tonight’s game was raucous as usual, full of innuendo, trash-talking, and I even got in a mildly inappropriate Natalie Wood joke! It was a tough struggle in round four, but house champs Faking Bad managed to climb the ranks and take tonight’s top spot as they have many times before!
Snake Linganore dominated most of the game but slid into second at the end with Rockridge Raptures taking third.
We’ve had lots of fun these past six weeks, and I’m looking forward to more! I’ll see Faking Bad at the World Series and everyone else in the fall!
– Eric 🙂


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Clever Team Name came in first place in tonight’s live trivia for the second week in a row, but it’s not a streak until they win three in a row!
South to the Mouth came in second with 116, and We are Mistaken made it to the top three in third place at 114.
Get ready for next week cause we are talking about One Tree Hill.
[th_youtube id=’OlqJ7sw9BeE’ name=’One Tree Hill Pour House Trivia Live Trivia Maryland’]


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

One last tune-up befroe World Series IX, and it was Lowered Expectations who played a stellar game, hit the final, and took home a win.  They will be a force to be reckoned with on Sunday.  Blue Collar took second tonight with 70 Bags of Heroin sneaking into tehe top three with a strategic wager.  Next week begins with a question on “Breaking Bad”.  ~ Matt