Rain! Do you like rain? Because it’s gonna rain! Pour House Pub Trivia Wednesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday only had a little rain to worry about, but oh me, oh my are we getting a deluge soon!

Before we get washed away, check out the games from Wednesday.

Hard Times Cafe – Arlington, VA

Two weeks into our tenure at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon, and we had 12 teams battling it out at the upstairs bar.  Only a few teams managed to come up with the correct response on the final question, and it was Alice Alice who took down the win!  It’s their first win in a LONG time (maybe because they took the summer off).  Say J. J. What? took second, with E = MC Hammer coming out on top of Jimmy’s in Vegas on the dreaded third place tiebreaker.  Next week begins with a question on Oktoberfest!  ~ Matt



Applebees – Frederick, MD


Today ended up being a pretty nice day, although compared to yesterday’s monsoon that isn’t saying much. Unfortunately it looks like a hurricane is on its way up here for the weekend and the rain will be back, but at least we got to enjoy a nice day and another game of trivia at Applebee’s. Starting tonight’s game was a question about the reality TV show Teen Mom, courtesy of last week’s winners Suck It Trebek who were coming off a repeat performance. The question ended up being about Dr. Drew, and thankfully nobody misspelled his name and put Dr. Dre, as that would have been a bit of a disaster for them.

After that we moved on to a question about Jock Itch, also known as ringworm of the groin, which sounds just awful. Next was a question where all the answers had the word ‘bring’ in them, such as the Sebring, the Evanescence song ‘Bring Me To Life’ (Wake me up!) and the Broadway production “Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk” which I honestly had no idea was a Broadway thing; I thought that was the name of a band or something. An A+B=C all about leap years was next, asking the number of days in a leap year February and when the next leap year will be. We ended the round asking about an HBO mockumentary called “7 Days In Hell” making fun of the marathon tennis matches that sometimes happen, starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington, which sounds like the most fun. I definitely need to go watch this, I absolutely love Samberg, that guy is hilarious.

Starting the second round was the usual audio question, this time in the category of movie music. The clips played were from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (I definitely accepted anything about the Dollars Trilogy, since TB&U is the last film in the trilogy) Pink Panther second, and finishing up with Harry Potter music. I thought it was a fun one even if it did play a bit on the easier side. After that we asked about the city of Syracuse, NY, which is named after the ancient city on Sicily, and we also asked about the Carrier Dome, which is the biggest sports arena in the city. After that was a question about the human body, which talked about the ‘inferior tibiofibular joint’ which is one of three joints in the ankle, which makes sense based on the ‘tibio’ part of it referring to your shin. No way it’s the knee as that wouldn’t have three joints, but the ankle can rotate so it needs tons of them.

After the ankle question we went to one of our most oft-used categories, the ol’ three clues/one word. This one was tough until clue three, with nobody knowing Motorhead’s 2013 album or the cinnamon flavored Jim Beam liqueur but everybody figuring it out on the earthquake clue; the answer of course being Aftershock. Ending the round and heading into halftime we asked about campaign promises, this time talking about one of the most famous slogans ‘A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage’ which was the slogan of Herbert Hoover. Unfortunately, like most teams I thought that was one of FDR’s slogans, although I guess I was just confusing it with the new deal.

Anyway, next we had the halftime page (which I wrote!) with pictures of UNESCO heritage sites asking teams to name what country each is located in. Unfortunately nobody recognized Timbuktu which is in Mali, although most teams did quite well otherwise. I was interested to see how many teams knew where Komodo Dragons live though, I wasn’t sure how well known it is that they only live in Indonesia. The other part of halftime had teams matching the film to the actors who portrayed themselves in the film, with some notable ones being Tom Jones in Mars Attacks! (I love that scene, Danny DeVito cracks me up) and Neil Patrick Harris playing a crazed version of himself in the Harold and Kumar films. I also had to sneak in Neil Diamond from Saving Silverman, which is honestly one of my favorite comedy films.

After halftime we started with a question about things that are also the names of laundry detergents, and the question caught a ton of teams off guard when asked about the former CEO of Occidental Petroleum, whose name is actually Armand Hammer. Only one team managed to get that part of the question right, although the Tide and Era questions were a bit easier (I still don’t know how to pronounce ‘neap’ but I think I had it right). Religious terms was the next one and a bunch of teams handed in the correct answer as a total guess, ending up with ‘Seventh Heaven’ as the answer. We asked a question about the pilgrims too, asking what city the Mayflower left from, which was Southampton, and what city they arrived at in the colonies, Plymouth. Next we talked a bit about ballet and how important it is to focus on your ‘port de bras’ which means arm movements apparently.

We ended the round with a last word/first word question, this time about a character from peanuts combined with a type of sandwich. Some teams got stuck on the name Charlie Brown, not figuring out that the other half of the question was about a patty melt, which should have helped teams get to Peppermint Patty Melt. I also need to come up with a new example for the LW/FW questions, as Optimus Prime Rib has been my standby (thanks to Jon) for a bit too long. After that we hopped into the 6-4-2 question, asking about an olympic event, with no team getting it on the first clue, until I gave the clue about the most recent winner of the Arthur Ashe award, which got most of the teams to Caitlyn Jenner and the fact that she won gold in the decathlon.

The final round started with a question about mystery/thriller films and my favorite joke answer of the night from Trashbag Bobby. The question asked for the movie Zodiac and also asked who directed it, but as a joke I got the answer of “Frozen” directed by Martin Scorcese, which sounds like the darkest Disney movie I’ve ever seen. After that was one about a Gustave Flaubert novel in which the lead character Emma gets married to a man named Charles and becomes Madame Bovary. I liked the Albums of the 2000’s question next as we asked about Weird Al’s newest album, ‘Mandatory Fun’ since it is the first comedy album to top the billboard hot 200 charts in about 50 years.

As we approached the end of round four there was a question about classic children’s TV which gave most of the teams trouble it talked about a show which shares its name with something on a Monopoly board and starred Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby. Only a few teams got to ‘The Electric Company’ as the answer, and nobody knew that the phrase ‘Hey You Guys!’ was usually shouted by somebody during the opening theme. Ending the round was a question about animals, the largest marsupial in the ‘macropod’ family which is the kangaroo.

The final question was a tough one tonight, with only a few teams landing the correct response and moving the scores around quite a bit. The question was in the category of North American Geography and asked about the border between the contiguous US and Canada, more specifically the only instance in which a US State and Canadian province border each other where both names start with the same letter (Answer is: Manitoba and Minnesota). Ending up in third place after holding the lead headed into the final question was the Dewey Decimators, who still played well! Second place went to BTF who unfortunately had one too many players, and agreed to pass up the prize for second down to Dewey Decimators, with the third place prize going to Carolina Reapers. Sorry about that guys, but still nice job!

Winning tonight’s game is…. Suck It Trebek for the third week in a row! They are just dominating this young season so far, congrats! Next week we start out with a question about the band Rush, which they seemed pretty excited about. I’ll see you all again next week, stay safe out there!

Until next time,

Jock itch, Leap year and the Peppermint Patty Melt – the recipe for a great hump day live trivia night in Hagerstown, MD! And the peppermint patty melt we even constructed a new shooter from! Danielle, our fantastic Wednesday night bartender, whipped a couple up and WOW what a tasty treat! This is the first PHT Shot Concoction and it will be a great treat for the coming holiday season! THANKS PATTY!


In between shooter making and jock itch jokes we did throw down quite a little pub quiz night Wednesday! Scores were pretty steady up until about that final question! At that point we threw out a Canada meets USA question and let the chips fall. And they sure enough fell – and tossed the leader board around a bit along the way. In the end the Top 3 looked like this:

20150930_221620.1 20150930_221506.2 20150930_222237.3

Congrats y’all on a great game! Move BIF has asked us to all study up on a classic: The Goonies!

Great time tonight everyone. Have a great weekend – stay dry! I will see you soon my friends 🙂



Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Heeeyyyy you guyyyys!! Belles proved that not everyone washed away last night and while I am sure you all were researching adult floaties on the break, we had a full room tonight. Hopefully that will happen again next week after our hurricane 😉
After an absolutely worthless latin start we had a pretty solid game, Hearing that god was three sheets to the wind on his throne made us all chuckle. Thanks Bill. I know I wasn’t the only one who absolutely LOVED the audio clues tonight. I will be replaying the first clip from the good, the bad and the ugly on my way in to work tomorrow…and maybe stocking up on some pink panther movies for my storm party for one. You warmed my heart with so many people knowing Syracuse, and then we all got an education about the Mayflower… Win some, lose some 😉
At the end of our own journey “Damn you Minnesota” was heard throughout the land, but our top teams had ignored the happy hands and wagered strategically. Movin on up to 3rd was the only team to get the final correct- Constantly Changing Team Name! 2nd went to Flight Level Awesome and 1st was the ever subtle Team Wednesday! Next week we will start out with Mexico and Espanol. Stay safe this weekend. ~Samantha

The crew was BACK again tonight, with a few new faces as well, which is always good to see! Despite their 8th place finish, I think the talk of the night had to be Graham Top TJ Bottom and their incessant clapping every. single. time. they’d hand in an answer. Not when they got the question right, just when they TURNED IN A RESPONSE… Those guys haha… With them, Knock Knock ( who missed tonight’s game), Blue Steel (who wanted to change their team name twice tonight…), the Gold Team (who hasn’t shouted “The Gold Standard” since Cody joined Graham and TJ…) and the others, it’s become quite a fun bunch!

Tonight’s set played fairly appropriately; nothing super tough but not a ton of gimmes either… I’d like to take the time to award Graham Top TJ Bottom for my favorite wrong answer of the night: Sharing its name with a Monopoly space, this TV show from the 70’s had Freeman and Cosby, 2 point bonus, what 3 word phrase was said in the opening credits? Their answer: Free Parking, “Where’s the Beef?”! I can’t begin to imagine how that made sense but it WAS the fourth round; after a long game of trivia, how could I have expected something more from them? hehe… This also was well after I refused to award them the 2 point bonus for turning in the response of “Hogwarts” when I was looking for the “Harry Potter” film series. After that one I guess they tried to drink the pain away. If you guys haven’t caught on, I’m kind of a stickler for titles…

Going into the final, Pegging Patschak led the way followed by Strangers have the Best Candy and Chuck Rodent in 3rd. Only about half of the field were able to come through with a correct response on the final question BUT our top 3 were included in that group, so not much changed HOWEVER because of some defensive betting, Strangers ended up in a deadlock tie with Chuck Rodent for the 2nd place spot. What’s the population of Manitoba? Well, Strangers said 500,000. Chuck Rodent said 2,000,000… The answer… 1,208,000. Yeah I had to do some quick, quick, (and fairly challenging) arithmetic BUT it looks like by a SMALL MARGIN that Strangers would pull the 2nd place finish! Chuck Rodent in 3rd tonight!

That’s how to game turned out tonight! Great game all! Good win Pegging Patschak, their first since the team name change (formerly Hot Dog Stigmata, Panty Droppers, Stone Cold Jane Austen, etc.)… We’re back in one week with more Season 12 PHT! until then guys, i’ll see ya soon!

1st Place: Pegging Patschak
2nd Place: Strangers have the Best Candy
3rd Place: Chuck Rodent

Next week: Triple 50/50 Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

WHAT A NIGHT at Memories!! The first half was deceptively normal, but man… after the halftime?! ISH GOT REAL. We had a tie between two of our biggest rival teams throughout the second half: See What Had Happened Was and Polyamorous Virgins. The tie even went all the way through to the final. And just when we thought it couldn’t get crazier, it DID. The final came down to North American Geography, and it seemed like anybody’s game, but the matching M’s between Canada and the US kept us all guessing. Turns out, the pair of right answers RHYMED, and only two teams got both right for the win… In a shocking turn of events, our resident pink coupon club members, Men and Pausers, jumped two huge spots into FIRST PLACE, knocking out our tied contenders!! The place went BALLISTIC. But it didn’t end there… we had a TIE FOR SECOND PLACE, so I had to break out our tie-breaker. The deciding answer? The population of Manitoba. And in a stunning upset, POLYAMOROUS VIRGINS were closest to the pin, claiming the second place prize. And in third, last, but certainly not least, our dedicated and ferociously intelligent See, What Had Happened Was took home their prize as well.

Such a great game, definitely a fun one for me to watch. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? Men & Pausers 1st Choice Category next week: Jimmy Buffett’s ParrotHead lyrics.

See you next Wednesday!

– Torie

warren buffet and jimmy buffett trivia


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

I had a great time filling in for Jon at The Tavern in Olney, my second time hosting out there. I was warmly greeted by some veteran teams hungry for some fresh-baked trivia!

We learned all about the diminishing marketshare of Aftershock (and contemplated the marketing frenzy that would happen if the people behind Fireball managed to create a Pumpkin Spice variety). We also learned about Hoover’s pot, little-known joints and a sleepy little town in Oregon… I’m sensing a pattern here…

Following a tough halftime page all about UNESCO, the game turned into a battle of two-point bonuses, with teams inching ahead of each other slowly but surely. By the final question, we were looking at a possible tie scenario and four possible winners.

In the end, defensive betting held off the would-be usurpers. Taking third was Suck It Trebek, followed by Olney the Lonely in second. Taking down first this week was John Lithgow’s Fan Club, who’ve chosen “Skiing Terms” as next week’s first category! Study up on your pizza and french fries!!

Bad Time

We had a great game of Pour House tonight at the Revolution Bar! 8
Teams packed in! If you know anything about the Revolution Bar, you
know how crazy that is!
Highlights of the Night:

In “Newbies-Versus-Veterans”: We had almost as many new teams as
veterans tonight! And the fight was on!

In “Tricky-Puzzle-Pages”: While most of the puzzle pages answers were
gettable, no one got Mali. It was a tough one!

In “4th-Quarter-Nosedive”: The Last round was a bloodbath; no team
came out unscathed, with the podium getting scattered in the process!
How would it end up?
In third place tonight, after a tiebreaker, Mess and Jegg!

In second place tonight, winning the tiebreaker, E=MC Hammer!

In first place tonight, the Green Machine!
Congrats to all my teams tonight! Next week we’re gonna start the game
off with the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, BATMAN! Na na na na na
na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

I’m not sorry I did that. See you next week!

Until then,

 Batman trivia Adam West trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Great game of live trivia once again here at Valley Grill in Middletown; who would’ve thought there was an actual guy named ArmandHammer? Huh..

Anyway, here are the results of our game tonight:

Southpaw Fish in 1st

Shake Weight in 2nd

Drunk Savants in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Music Theory.

~ Ronnie

music theory trivia