Pucker up for Pour House Trivia Thursday!

​​Pour House pub trivia had six games of live trivia on this lovely Thursday evening! There was always, a bit of this, a touch of that, and a smidge of everything in between! Check out the games, folks!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

I would have to say that was the fastest 3rd round of trivia I have hosted in my career; these folks here at Bunker in Leesburg are ON POINT. Cranius Maximus was our winners tonight, getting out to an early lead and never looking back. Jeffrey Daumer’s House of Ribs kept pace and finished in 2nd, while a great 4th round and final answer landed Thoroughly Confused a 3rd place showing. See ya next week, where our first category will be 1990’s Song Lyrics. ~ Ronnie 90s Rock Lyrics Pub Quiz MD


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I had an awesome time as Denny’s understudy tonight at Champion’s Billiards!! It was a heated game through and through, with multiples ties at a few points!!  After an INTENSE tie breaker between second and third, taking home the third place prize was Power Vacuum!!  In second, just ahead of them was Vitrifiers!!  Our GRAND CHAMPION first place winner, though?  That prize went to Phlitches!! Their choice of first category next week?  FAMOUS TV characters you never see on screen!  Denny will see you next week! Later, y’all ~ Torie Tv Characters trivia pour house pub trivia    

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

After tonight’s game, I almost want to start asking an Art question every week just to ensure you all start learning it!! Just kidding, but seriously The Kiss is gorgeous! Everyone who hasn’t heard of it, go out and take a peek at it. You’ll also see it if you watch the crappy action flick This Means War (for those of you who like Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, or Reese Witherspoon, but let’s be real, who doesn’t like Reese?). Next week’s playlist will be nothing but The Offspring due to the insistence of You’re Killing Me Smalls, so I will apologize in advance for that (apologizing because unfortunately I cannot fulfill this request!). Veteran team Gone Squatchin’ had too many people tonight so they broke off into 2 teams and both managed to kick some major ass. Half of GS became Suck Zone, who played great all night and took down the W! Great game guys! Smalls came from behind a bit on the final with a correct response and ended up taking 2nd. Gone Squatchin’, the other half of Suck Zone, took down 3rd. Glad to see you all after our Thanksgiving break, hoping to see you all back next week! Until then 😉 1st Place:     Suck Zone 2nd Place:    You’re Killing Me Smalls 3rd Place:     Gone Squatchin’ Next week’s category:     Russian Ballet Dancers (I love it…) Russian Ballet Dancers Trivia Pour House Pub trivia


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

 It was great to be back at Guido’s Speakeasy for trivia last night! Maybe it was the week off we had for Thanksgiving that helped them, but it was nice to FINALLY see a certain team make it back to the winners circle! It was a tougher than normal game and EVERY team was missing a question or two a round, so there were a LOT of lead changes throughout the game. It made for a very exciting night of trivia to watch unfold! “How did it end?”, you may be asking yourself, well let me tell you!… The only team to answer the final question correctly jumped from 5th to 3rd place, 3 People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen! In 2nd place tonight was Stink Floyd! And welcome back to the winners circle for their second time EVER,… Ryan, Asian Ryan and Not Ryan!! They chose the “Maryland Terrapins” for next weeks winners choice(the sports teams) so study up and I hope to see everyone back next week!! ~ Jon J


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

You. know, I think sometimes people don’t pay a lot of attention to which questions they wager big on in the early rounds, and it can really hurt a team’s final score if that happens. For instance, a few teams didn’t go right out of the gate with the big numbers, managed to pick up bonus points early on, and got good scores.  However, a few people sandbagged those big numbers, and then ended up painting themselves into a corner and had zeroes instead of nines at the end of a round.  It goes to show, if you know an answer early on, wager big!  You never know if that last question will be a bear or not! Tonight, we had a great crew of veteran teams, and at half time, the Anal Bum Covers had a nice lead.  However, past winners the Pharmers played super-smart in the late rounds and got a commanding lead.  They then were able to wager small in the final, and won very easily. If I was allowed to give extra points for people who give me food, the Cup Chicks would win every week for sharing the awesome MSOH shrimp!  But alas, there is no shrimp bonus in PHT….

baltimore night life

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Apparently, all of our teams must have been itching for Thursday night trivia last week on Thanksgiving, because it seemed like EVERYBODY showed up at Quincy’s tonight, as we packed 18 teams into the bar.  One of our regular teams, the Spider Monkeys, showed up with too many players, and so they decided to split into two teams.  The ‘off-shoot’ team, Short Bus, must have had some good chemistry, as they built a nice lead in the second half, and was up six points on the field after round four.  But alas, they could not come up with the correct response, leading Blue collar to take down the win after winning a tiebreaker.  I Just Quizzed My Pants took second, with Smella Nella finishing in third.  Our first category next week is Firearms!  ~ Matt