Pub Trivia Crawl only 2 days away, and the Thursday night teams are ready for Bid-ness!

There were some spicy dishes served up in tonight’s trivia set. And the Thursday night crews certainly devoured what we served! Excellent game in 6 bars tonight everyone! Thanks so much for playing and we wish you all the best of luck in Saturday’s Playoffs and Pub Crawl…

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s festivities began at Champion Billiards (for me). 18 trivia teams packed themselves into Champions tonight and went at it for a bit. After a couple of hours of fun and jockeying for position on the trivia ladder, the win went to…In an Order that Would Surprise You – excellent game IOSY and good luck in Saturday’s Playoffs and Pub Crawl! The 2 spot went to Stop the Bus and Let My Brother Jack Off. A brief hiatus done some good it looks like yall..great game ๐Ÿ™‚ And 3rd Place winnings went to Silent Titty Deadly Bang, who jumped up a good bit after being one of the few teams tonight to nail that final question. 

As for next Thursday we ARE ON! It will be a great little warm up for the World Series that week. We kick that game off with the category of “Jet Li Films.” 

Until then, thanx for hanging tonight everyone…its fun when a ton of us get together for trivia craziness. Let’s do it again soon ๐Ÿ™‚ be well..dg

jet li film trivia theme

Shooter McGees – Alexandria, Va

Wow! That 2nd half of tonight’s trivia was an interesting one, and really affected the scores going into the final. 11 is a Prime Number returned to the top slot tonight with a pretty handy wining point margin! Dumps Like a Truck had them early on and managed to hold onto 2nd. Movin on Up fought hard throughout, and managed to eek out 3rd over their rivals, The Hashers. Good luck to each and every team at the playoffs this Saturday, and join us next week for the first category, the American Civil War. ~ Ronnie

civil war trivia company question

Bunkers – Leesburg, Va

We had more ups and downs tonight at Bunkers than a typical session of a yoga I can’t pronounce! I can’t wait to see some of you at the playoffs, the competition is fierce in here! Time to spread the love and trash talk in to Maryland ๐Ÿ˜‰ Washington Foreskins played a hellva game tonight- they came so close, they could taste 1st place but they were beat out by some strategic wagering on a tough final and had to settle for 3rd. 2nd went to Yer Mom (Apparently fish and chips is dropping the international flavor) and 1st… well 1st went to Ice T’s acting career who also won top rally call of the night. Nice job! Next week we start off with Clemson University History. Half my teams have already decided to wager 1. hehe. ~Samantha

Main Street Oyster House – Bel Air,MD

Tonight at Main Street Oyster house, there was an end of an era. The House Champions finally were taken down. After a 9 week winning streak Team Something Clever snatched the winning slot from Balls so Hard scoring 128 over their 115. New comer to the scene Hard Dixon Cider was a lively 3rd place winner at 104. Everyone had fun, but will Something Clever be able to maintain their new place at the top? Next week we’ll find out when we discuss Geography as our winning category. Stay tuned…..Natalie

geography trivia cartoon

Guidos – Frederick, MD

We had a family style playoff precursor tonight at Guido’s Speakeasy, with some good tunes and team-hopping! Rounding out our top three spots was Buttsweat & Tears as a solid duo! In second was The Devil Makes 4 (formerly 7) clenching their spot despite losing a few team mambers at half time! In first was Stink Floyd with the combined efforts of a few liquidated teams! Their choice for first place next week: THE SUPERFRIENDS. See you next week! And good luck at Playoffs and Pub Crawl yall! ~Torie

superfriends trivia night

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Our reigning champs, Put It on Seabass’ Tab, have been dethroned by a newcomer! As a duo, My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don’t, took down the victory here at the Fish Market! Seabass was in pro form after the first half, holding on to the number 1 spot but after a crucial miss on their Bonus Chip, My Couch… snuck into the lead and didn’t look back! Great game! 2nd place went to our regulars Gone Squatchin’! Until next week ๐Ÿ™‚ Bill P
1st: My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don’t
2nd: Gone Squatchin’
3rd: Put It On Seabass’ Tab
Next week’s category: Mafia Trivia
mafia trivia questions