Psh, Opening Day? Pour House Pub Trivia’s season is getting close to a World Series already!

Well that was a heck of an opening day for those Orioles and Nationals, eh? I’m calling it right now: 162-0 is IN THE DISCUSSION! For BOTH of ’em!

Did you see that one play where the one guy did the thing with the ball? It was PRETTY SPECTACULAR!

And luckily that baseball stuff wrapped up early enough for you all to come out and play some Monday night Pour House pub trivia!

Hopefully we didn’t strike you out with our questions this evening, but we can’t just lob them over the plate and make them all grand slams!

I’m sorry, that was terrible. If you decide to break up with me, can we at least work out some palimony agreement? Pretty please? I thought we were pals!

I’m out of baseball jokes, I think, but trot on down to first…and check out the games of the night!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We had ourselves a great game and packed house once again at DRP in Alexandria, and a very close game coming into the end. The NoLo Contenders pulled a correct final answer to leap into first for our game, overtaking Del Ray Dummies by just a few points for second.

4 Wheel Drive returned for their bi-monthly visit, and finished in third. Join me again here next week, where we will head up north for our first category, Canadian Geography. ~ Ronnie

Canadian Geography pub trivia category Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

A very tight game tonight at the Greene Turtle!

I’m liking the response I’ve seen to folks trying to make me laugh to get their answers on the blog – you’re a very creative bunch!

Here’s my favorites of the night:

  1. The slang term for money paid to those not legally married: Ali-MONEY!
  2. The capital of Mongolia? Captain America! I’m not completely sure how that would work…but boy do I want to see that movie! Friday can’t get here fast enough.
  3. And finally, the last great wrong answer of the night, the song that was hot in the 1950s and then again 40 years later: “I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly!”

While we had some EXCELLENT silliness for those answers, we had a doozy of a game with people vying for those prizes!

In third, returning after some time away, we had Aepyornis Maximus! Welcome back! Nicely done.

In second, an always strong showing from The Knights!

And your winners, who grabbed an early lead and held on for most of the game, The Inebriati!

They chose The Indian Mutiny to kick it off next week, so brush up on your history!

The Indian Mutiny Pub Trivia Category Maryland


il Forno – Frederick, MD

I witnessed it with my very own occipital lobe – a new leader every 10 mintues or so at il Forno’s Pub trivia craziness this  evening. That was a serious game tonight! We had 14 teams and it felt like every one of them held the number one spot at some point. There were a few of those “churn the whole scoreboard around” type questions that went down. And the final was just yet another round  of this type of fun and craziness.
After all the slips were in, and the Chuck Woolery tie-breaker was finalized we had yet another brand new leader board. Congrats to our Top Three this evening – you earned every bit of this win 🙂
1st Place: Wrecking Ball – even decided to not even hand in an answer on Lose Yourself…Great Game y’all!
2nd Place: I’m With Geoff – they are the truth. Consistently in the running and a very nice second place in a tough game tonight! GG ladies and gents 🙂
3rd Place: It Could Be Anything! Stayed in striking distance. Sniped the Nat King Cole final and catapulted into the Top Three tonight. Well played my friends.
Wrecking Ball have asked us all to enjoy our week and to watch a little “Flashdance” the movie for next week’s round 1 question 1. Rock that! Before I go…I’d like to let yall on the my favorite wrong answers of the night:
1. “Dingleberry” – unfortunately it is NOT a fruit!
2. “the neighbors wife”  – this is NOT a deadly sin…
3. “We’re not wearing panties…” – I mean…the answer was Gallipoli…this was close so I should give credit here right? 
Love ya! See next Monday.
DG 🙂
Flashdance Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland