Pour yourself a bowl of Anne Rice Krispies! It’s Pour House’s Thursday Live Trivia Recap!

Pour House pub quiz Thursday nights are the perfect way to ramp up to your weekend!

We hope you didn’t find our round of live trivia to be too cruel or unusual, as far as punishment goes!

I was really hoping to find a photoshopped Rice Krispies box with Anne Rice’s characters on it, but sadly, this doesn’t exist. If you’re a photoshop maven, hook me up, won’t you?

Since I like to provide you with some tunes to listen to while you check out the rest of the blog, here’s two versions of “Hard Knock Life” for you to choose from!

[th_youtube id=’-0bOH8ABpco’ name=’Hard Knock Life Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

[th_youtube id=’zxtn6-XQupM’ name=’Hard Knock Life Pour House Live Trivia MD’]

Check out those games!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

As always, the fine folks at Bunkers keep me on my toes during a round of live trivia!

It was so nice to have the weather cooperate with us and, you know, have power on during our little round of pub quiz!

Here’s my favorite wrong answers tonight:

  • The nerve that moves your deltoid? Pretty sure it’s NOT the Deltic Tweaker!
  • That famous ABA and NBA Rick? Pretty sure he and his and his kids are NOT all named Springfield!
  • Radbourne’s nickname? Pretty sure it’s NOT Slappy McKstickit!
In third place tonight, the THUNDERCATS!
In second, the Washington Foreskins!
And in first, the Indians!
Shoutouts to 4th place, Spam, Eggs, Sausage and Spam, and fifth, Cranius Maximus!
The Indians played over the limit, but have chosen the film Kingpin to kick it off next week! Enjoy that this weekend; I’ll see you next week!
[th_youtube id=’92VHvc7U3fM’ name=’Kingpin Pour House Live Trivia MD’]


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I seriously want to try “dirt” cake now! Definitely my ANSWER OF THE NIGHT VOTE!
Dirt Cake Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland
I am also proud of myself  – I made ZERO Uranus jokes tonight, even though we had a planet final. And a few teams even entered Uranus (as an answer…okay just one joke). 🙂
Great game of live pub trivia, Champions style, went down tonight… with quite the surprise finish! The Saturn question topsy-turvied the whole shabang. Our final leader board looked like this:
B Sharps Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
BTI Pour House Live Trivia Maryland
Third Pour House Pub Quiz MD
Honorable mentions in 4th and 5th Place: One Night Stand and Vitrifiers.
Congrats to our winners and much love to everyone who came out to play tonight at Champions. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. We will kick off next week with the category of “The Simpsons, Season 7;” courtesy of our winners tonight: B-Sharps! Until then, be well…. 🙂 dg
Simpsons Season Seven Live Trivia Maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Tonight’s game went to Humantaray, who remained in the top spot for most of the duration. Second place went to a come behind from Gone Squatchin’ and third place went to Sic Semper Tyrannis. Our veteran teams are occupying all the top spots for now which is a good sign as we get deeper into this season. We’ll see who comes out on top next week! Until then 😉
1st Place:  Humantaray
2nd Place:  Gone Squatchin’
3rd Place: Sic Semper Tyrannis
Next week’s category: How I Met Your Mother
[th_youtube id=’ZPLOsabhQSM’ name=’How I Met Your Mother Pour House Pub trivia Md’]


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It was a FUN night at Guido’s Speakeasy for live trivia tonight!
My top three teams were within four points of each other by the end of the final round, and after the wagering for the final question this is how week two ended:
In third place tonight with a new name for the Fling was Esophagus Now! Finishing in second was T.N.C.! Your winners tonight jumped from third to first for the victory… I Hate the 80’s!!
They decided on “Offensive Sports Teams Names” for next weeks Winners Choice category, so study up, and I’ll hope to see even MORE teams out next Thursday night for trivia at Guido’s!!!
~ Jon J
Washington Redskins team name change live trivia maryland


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Major upsets in tonight’s live trivia at Main Street! A whole new set of winners in the mix.
We Are Mistaken has been eyeing first place since their first time playing and tonight they blew the competition away with 126.
Riding solo, 9 Years took second with 115 and new comer to the game Team Yoshi had 3rd place at 109.
Gear up for a political question next week we start off talking about Ron Paul….. see you then!
Ron Paul Live Trivia Maryland


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It was jammed at Quincy’s as more than a dozen teams piled in for another edition of Thursday night trivia.  A close game throughout, but the second half was dominated by Lowered Expectations, who had a comfortable lead heading into the fional question, but could not close the deal.  So, it was Not as Smart as We Look that swooped in for their first win of the summer.  Blue Collar took second, while LE had to settle for third.  See everybody next week!  ~ Matt