Pour House Trivia’s weekend played with Kevin Bacon, but gave up that 7 degrees nonsense!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend brought you three games of live trivia on this slightly chilly October weekend!I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure there was some big Orioles games this weekend, no?The Nationals have their work cut out for them, but hey, the 295 series isn’t out of reach!

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Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Belles! How I have missed you! Always a good time hosting pub trivia with the crew in there, thanks for welcoming me with smiles (and the applause didn’t hurt either 😉 )

We had a good game, peppered with a good bit of banter and even some Karaoke moments: I caught you all singing along with the Billy Joel, don’t think I missed that!3rd went to the hard fighting but poor wager writing Brain Freeze. 2nd was the ever steady, rock your world Coming from Behind. See what I did there?? Our winners tonight were not much of a surprise, as they took the lead at the half and just ran with it – Uncle Jack! Nice job! You impressed me on that final all, well done.I will not see you next week but Ronnie will and it will be a first category of Seinfeld. Have fun with that. :)~Samantha
Seinfeld Live Trivia MD

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

We had another awesome game of Sunday night live trivia at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg!!

The first half breezed by as the Orioles took capped off their big win, but by the second half, things were heating up!!  Rounding out our winner’s podium this evening was Better Living Through Chemistry!! Just ahead of them in second place by a SINGLE POINT were our newcomers, the Natty Bros!  Yet, still holding it down as the team to beat were the Gaza Strippers!!

Their choice of first category next week: HAPPY GILMORE!! See you next Sunday!

– Torie

[th_youtube id=’6sT7MSJ4GE’ name=’Happy Gilmore Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland’]

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

Not only did the O’s win, but we got to give out the $25 random cash prize tonight at the Raw Bar & Grill along with the Pour House Cash for the top 3 teams!It was the best turnout since the Summer Fling here at Raw Bar, as well as one HELL of a back-and-forth fight for the top 3 spots throughout the night! I had different ties between 2 and 3 different teams every round of the game, but after the final question there was a “zen-like” calm and all ties separated.

Finishing 3rd place tonight, I’d like to welcome back Silent Titty, Deadly Bang! (I’ve missed you guys!) Making the biggest move from 5th to 2nd place after the final was You’re Killing Me Smalls! Your game winners this week never strayed far from the top spot during the whole game, they are, The Witiots!!

The $25 random cash winner was a brand new team that decided to play for fun after coming in for dinner, Gnarly Nate!! The Witiots chose “Discworld Books by Terry Pratchett” for next weeks winners choice category (Good luck with THAT), so study up and I hope to see as many teams back next week as I had tonight at Raw Bar & Grill next Sunday!!

~ Jon J

Terry Pratchett Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland