Pour House Trivia’s Tuesday keeps growing and growing!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday continues to grow! We added another set of new faces tonight at Markham’s Bar and Grill – welcome to the Pour House Family, gang! Check out the games from Tuesday.

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Quetzalcoatl! Yeah, that guy! I never liked snakes anyhow.
We learn something every night; it could be the size of Australia or what 4 letter words are bible approved. We had a good game tonight, with a solid turnout on this rainy night. Even had a tiebreaker for 3rd!
I was able to give MasterBlasters their very first podium spot on their very last night.. bitter sweet gentlemen, but nicely done and good luck on the move. 2nd went to Ignorance is Bliss and Wiseacres was more than happy to settle back in to the spot they are most comfortable with- the top spot.
It was fun to watch – It’s sailing and I’m thinking of 2 words! Go! I will see you next week for a first question of The World’s Fair in the US.
World's Fair Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

That was some wild weather last night, however it couldn’t keep the fine folks of Poolesville from coming out to Cugini’s for some Tuesday Pour House trivia! We dodged both trees and debris to get together for some laughs, food, and drinks. The Murphs were our winners tonight, with Lightfoot right on their heels for 2nd. Quiz in My Pants made another visit out, and took 3rd as a solo act! Good luck at Summer Fling and remember Season 10 starts next week. Our first category will be “Bond Girls”! ~ Ronnie


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Team Freedom reinvented into the Gorams and came in first place at 149, Pomeranians took second after a well played final question, Bomb squad rounded out third with 119. Next week we start off with Soft Drinks for our first category.
Thank you!
Soda Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a great night tonight at Jekyll & Hyde, practicing for the upcoming Season X! Great job tonight, everyone! Taking third place tonight were the Book Club Babes, playing strong all night! Second place went to Dalek Dance Party, nailing some pivotal wagering spots throughout the night, and first place went to Black Steel, who tore it up the entire night! Great work to all the teams! Next week’s first category is going to be World Capitals, so study up and we will see you next week! – Brad

World Capitals Live Trivia Maryland


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

It was a dim and soggy night… but things were lively as ever for pub trivia at Lake Linganore!
A tough final question changed things up, putting Mad Beavers in third and My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem in second. Celebrating their first win – Pinehurst Winers!
We’re takin’ it to church next week – the winners’ choice category is 19th Century Saints. See ya under the tent!
– Eric
Saints Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland
The rain couldn’t stop us from having a great time at the inaugural night of Pour House Trivia at Markham’s Bar and Grille in Bethesda, MD! With some brave new teams and rowdy bar crowd we had a great first night! Highlights of the night: We unanimously agreed that we don’t care who the Godfather was; mixing Scotch whiskey with ANYTHING is a crime. But then I guess if the Godfather made it, he doesn’t really care about committing crimes…hmmm. I think I know why I don’t remember Honeycomb cereal. Their mascot was one creepy dude! Those eyes man…yikes! The puzzle page was a tough one tonight, with no one scoring higher than a 14 on it. Those “Heaven and Hell” bits were tough! With a close game for the most of the night, the scores looked like this after the final: In third place, the Canadian Girls! Good game ladies! In second place, the only team to correctly answer the final question, was Two Pages, One Wrasse! Strong finish guys, way to go! However, it wouldn’t be enough to overtake The Snowmen! Up by 14 going into the final, they wisely wagered 0 and took home tonight’s grand prize! Congratulations guys, great game! Enjoy the $50! For their first choice of category for next week, The Snowmen have chose the category of “Famous Cats NOT Named Garfield” Sounds like it should be fun! Thank you guys for coming out to our first night of trivia at Markham’s! I had fun and I hope you did too! Until next week, Ian
Famous Cats Pour House Live Trivia Maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Weird Beards, Mutton Gluttons, and Liver givers…just a few of the things we kicked off with tonight at La La trivia night! It was a rainy one on the outside, yet we had a little throw down of a contest on this fine evening – the pre-Season 10 game! And again Happy Birthday to the multiple birthdays we had tonight as well!

Thanks for coming out and playing some trivia tonight everyone. We had a handful of new team names we were auditioning for Season 10. I am looking forward to seeing what you all settle on. Tonight’s game came down to a little Waco, TX final! And props to our leader board who snagged a little momentum to start out the next Season next week!
 Pub Trivia Maryland
Live Trivia Maryland
 Pub Trivia Maryland
Season 10 will kick off with a question in the category of “Iron Maiden Audio,” courtesy of STDB. Rock and Roll baby! See y’all next Tuesday for Season 10 Opening Night!
Iron Maiden Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

One last tune-up before our Summer finals (which will also be held at Ramparts), so our regular teams will be enjoying some home-field advantage on the weekend.  As far as Tuesday went, it was a two-horse race betweek Lloyd’s of London and Insert Head Joke Here, but BOTH of those teams could not come up with the correct response on the final question, and so it was Eleven is a Prime Number who swept in and took home their first Ramparts win!  Great work!  Stamp Collectors took second with Insert Head Joke Here squeezing into third on a tiebreaker.  Next week begins with a question on Biology!  ~ Matt