Pour House Trivia Playoffs and Pub Crawl was a Saturday Smash in Maryland and Virginia!

What went down in Maryland?

3 Stops, 3 Games, a slew of TRIVIA PRIZES AND some Great, Great times had on a beautiful (and crisp) Saturday afternoon and evening! The Pour House Trivia Pub Crawl 2015 hit three bars in Maryland on Saturday and hosted 3 games of trivia for over 100 teams at those venues. It was a day for the Pour House History books for sure! Thanks so much to all of the teams who came out and played – twas a great cap to an awesome season of pub trivia! And a great opening act to the finale next Saturday in Hagerstown – World Series of Trivia X! Congrats to all of the playoff teams who we will join us at that event! And we wish you the best of luck!

First Stop: Champion Billiards 

Our first Trivia Pub Crawl stop was at Champion Billiards. And we set a record there- we ran a game for 40 teams at Champion Billiards! 27 Playoff teams and 13 Pub Crawl teams mosied on in for a little afternoon trivia smash and warm-up for what was going to be a great day of cold bevis, tasty eats and brain games! This game kicked off appropriately, with a little 1800 tequila question! From there we had some fun ones for sure – Beetle Bailey made a cameo; as did Gandalf and Harry Potter (and seriously, Mary Poppins as God…I can see it…). Round 4 splattered some tough ones in – but hey it’s post-season, so get ready 🙂 And at the end of this match we had our first level of Pub Crawl-ness on the board! Thanks again for y’all for coming out and having some fun with us at Champions Saturday afternoon!

Here is how the leader board looked after Level 1:

maryland trivia pub crawl

pub trivia in maryland

maryland nightlife trivia

Congratulations to all of the Playoff teams who moved forward! We will be seeing you at the World Series of Trivia X, next Saturday at Hager Hall! Have a great week…stop out this week and get some warm-ups in!

At about 2:45pm Champions cleared out and a trivia caravan went through Frederick; to the other side of town to our next stop…

Second Stop: The Orioles Nest

Nestled in a nice little cubby hole behind Westridge Shopping Center was our second Trivia Pub Crawl stop – The Orioles Nest! This was our first game of trivia ever at Orioles Nest. The venues is great, and big! Orioles will begin hosting a nightly game of trivia beginning in February – on Tuesday nights, starting sign ups at 6:30pm with Chad! But as their inaugural event, we thought we’d bring them some serious trivia-ness! And that is what happened! It certainly was jam packed to the hilt with teams!

Our writers, myself included, felt that we needed to start off this game with another alcohol question to keep the momentum going! And hey, its a Pub Crawl and a mimosa is a great way to get things started in any capacity! The game went along smoothly, with some cute category titles and answers “With Love from E to U…” – my own personal fav of the season! A Nice Rack (of Spices) is always tasty fun! And being a Hannibal Lecter fan, any question about Silence of the LAmbs amps my day up to a whole new level! But in the end, it was all about that final for this game! It was a tough one..here is how it read:

“During the Irish Land War of the 1880s, a certain land agent tried to unfairly evict tenants after a poor harvest.  The angry residents ostracized this man from the community as a form of protest.  As a result of these actions, his last name entered the English lexicon, and is still in common use today.  For your wager, what is this man’s seven-letter last name?”

Nailing this one meant a serious jump from wherever you were on the standings board to likely Top 3, assuming a high wager. Only a few teams managed to snatch this one.

And after some tallying we had our second group of winners and the pub crawl overall list was shaping up to look like a delicious final showdown at Belle’s would indeed be in order. Congrats to our Orioles Nest Winners:

NOTE: The team named “My Favorite Team” skee-daddled before I got my camera out so I had to improvise.

maryland pub trivia teams

virginia pub trivia winners

bar trivia company in maryland

Hot hot Hot! Cold outside for sure…but that was all good! The pub trivia caravan made its way back to east Frederick, MD for its final showdown!

3rd Stop: Belles Sports Bar

Crash BOOM Bam! This was a game baby! It was seriously ON for this game of pub trivia. The entire place was packed full of trivia teams getting it on Pour House Trivia style! I do so very much love watching these games go down. The most fun, however, is the community (incoming sappiness in 3…2…1…) – I can speak for all of the hosts in saying we very much love and appreciate our jobs and time with you all. Yeah it’s great seeing how the games unfold, but hanging out with all of you and all of the teams from different venues in one spot a few times a year for these events is pretty friggin’ awesome times! So thank you all again for playing.

We did not kick off with a drinking question this time. And we didn’t need to, that was happening on its own for sure! This game had some bite to it on occasion – Bryan Cranston/ Bill Cosby was a tough one, but a cool fact, no less! The “You’re Giving Me the Willies” category was a fun one, in spite of Mosconi and Geist being a tough grab for a lot of teams. By the end of the 4th round we had outselves a game, for sure! And we also had ourselves a Pub Crawl 2015 Winner!

Congratulations to Stink Floyd who locked up the Pub Crawl prior to the final. And after the ZERO wager I was able to catch up with them and snag this shot:

virginia trivia company in bar

Great playing Stink! They also earned the #2 spot at Belle’s game for event #3. That’ll earn you some nice momentum going into the World Series next Saturday. I wish you the best of luck and again…great job!

And congats as well to Uncle Jack and STDB who placed 2nd and 3rd in the Pub Crawl 2015 – no easy task! These were the overall Pub Crawl cumulative scores:

Stink Floyd – 463

Uncle Jack – 449

STDB – 442

And also a ton congrats and props to the other 2 winners at Belle’s:

bar trivia in alexandria va

pub trivia companies in northern virginia

This was no simple feat Top 3-ing thsi event! So great work y’all! And I will see you all at Hager hall Convention Center in less than a week for a bit more fun and games!

Although we did have some bar trivia fun in Maryland, our friends over in Va also threw down with Matt and Bill for the Virginia craziness!


What went down in Virginia?

Virginia is for Lovers (of Trivia) – Spider Kelly’s

It was a great afternoon for trivia, as 26 teams descended on Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon to battle it out for Virginia Pub Trivia bragging rights (and some cash)!  It was the first time that Pour House Trivia hosted the Virginia Championship at Spider Kelly’s, and I’m sure it will be the first of many tournament games here.  The restaurant proved to be the perfect venue, and I’m certain all of our teams felt the same way.  On to the game recap…
The first half featured some stellar performances, as H.R. Puff ‘N’ Stuff  was able to dodge the speed bumps and put up a near-perfect score, hitting 90 points at the break!  Several of our top teams were close behind, and even after round three, the top of the leaderboard was still jammed.  H.R. Puff ‘N’ Stuff missed a couple of questions down the homestretch, as a challenging fourth round provided some separation for our top teams.  As we prepared to ask the final question, Team Zissou and Ramparting Ways were tied at the top, with the Capitol City Goofballs just one point behind.

It was an intense final question, and nearly every team took the full three minutes to debate their answers.  When just a handful of teams came up with the correct response, it provided us with quite a finish.  The fifth place team heading into the final was Liquor?  I Hardly Know Her!, and with a correct response, they suddenly found themselves in FIRST PLACE and a victory over 25 other teams!  They also took home a nice $100 bill for their efforts.  Team Zissou must have had a premonition that the final would be a tough one, and with a conservative wager they were able to hold on to second place.  Ramparting Ways also missed the final, but managed to take third place.  Congratulations to those three teams as well as the ten other teams that qualified for the World Series.  We’ll see you again for the BIG MONEY in less than one week!

~ Matt

First Place: Liquor?  I Hardly Know Her!
 virginia bar trivia team

Second Place: Team Zissouvirginia pub trivia companies


Third Place: Ramparting Waysvirginia pub trivia company

And that my friends was a day of fun! Remember ALL GAMES ARE ON THIS WEEK – so come on out and get some Pre-Season 11 and World Series of Trivia warm-ups in at your favorite spots this week! Thank you all again for soming out and playing. Until Saturday, I wish you all well and i will see you at the games! dg 🙂
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