Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl Recap!

While you might think the World Series is the busiest day of the season for the PHT staff, it’s actually Pub Crawl Saturday.  Three full games of trivia spread across four different venues in the course of a 11-hour day.  That’s 142 questions!  We’d like to thank the teams that participated in the Pub Crawl, bouncing around some of our wonderful Frederick venues.  But the Pub Crawl teams weren’t the only ones who made today special.  We also hosted dozens of other squads battling it out to join the 38 teams that have already secured their table at World Series XIV.  OK… enough with the pleasantries, let’s get to the games!


–> Highest Overall Score: Jeff King is the Worst (Game 3) with 177

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Jeff King is the Worst (Game 3) with 165

–> Highest First Half Score: Dusty Baker School of Management (Game 1) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagering questions and final): Jeff King is the Worst (Game 3)

GAME 1 FINAL QUESTION (32.3% success rate):

–> The eighteenth and most recent time there was a vacancy in the office of U.S. Vice President was a four-month stretch during the administration of what U.S. President?

GAME 2 FINAL QUESTION (22.2% success rate):

–> In February of 1986, this singer-songwriter won a Grammy Award for co-writing “We Are the World”.  The following month, he took home the Oscar for Best Original Song.  Who is this performer?

GAME 3 FINAL QUESTION (50.0% success rate):

–> A Congressional Act of 1792 created a national mint and specified that U.S. coins could only be made of these three elements.  What are these three elements with atomic numbers 29, 47, and 79?

(you’ll find the answers later in this blog)


Game 1: Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

We began Playoff Saturday as we always do, by cramming more than 30 eager teams into Champion Billiards in Frederick.  Thankfully, it’s our only regular venue that can handle a crowd like this!  Our game began innocently enough, with most of the field cruising through the first half.  More than half of our teams topped 80 points after the halftime round was completed, but the top first half score belonged to defending World Series champion Dusty Baker School of Management, who secured a perfect score of 92 points at the break.

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

The collective confidence for the field took a sharp decline as we came out of the gate for Round 3, with some teams unable to recognize that Joe Strummer and Mick Jones were members of The Clash.  With many bonus chips saved for that category, it opened a big cushion for the teams who answered correctly.  The round concluded with an equally difficult question on an Irish author who served a two-year prison sentence in the late 19th Century.  A correct response of Oscar Wilde sent a smattering of cheers through the restaurant.  Not surprisingly, Dusty Baker School of Management was the ONLY team to emerge unscathed from Round 3, giving them an 11-point lead and a glimmer of hope that they could achieve the first PERFECT GAME in PHT playoff history.  That glimmer of hope was quickly shifted to the rest of the field, as an incorrect response on the 6-4-2 question crushed that perfect game and shrunk the lead.

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

Round 4 proved to be nearly as difficult as Round 3, with only six teams being able to remember the career achievements of former NBA star Ben Wallace.  The round concluded with the always-popular ‘Three Clues’ question, but this one was a toughie, as less than half of our teams could not come up with McDonald’s as the final answer of the round.  Even our World Series champs showed some rust, missing two questions coming home, and seeing their lead drop to just three points.  But they had to be overjoyed when they hard the final category, as this team is stacked with U.S. history buffs.  Needless to say, Dusty Baker School of Management nailed the correct response of Gerald Ford, and took home a hard-earned victory.  Here are your top scores from Game 1:

First Place:  Dusty Baker School of Management (166)

Second Place:  Uncle Jack (162)

Third Place:  Smarty Pants (156)

With our first game coming to a close, our teams spread out for Game 2…


Game 2-A: Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

Tonight I had the honor of hosting my very first Pour House Trivia playoff game!  Of course, I did have some help in the form of the great Ronnie, but overall it was a very fun experience.  We had some tough questions throughout the night, as the difficulty was appropriately a little higher than usual.  That was clearly evident as early as the first round.  Our second question asked teams to identify the U.S. state whose official nickname was given as a tribute to the Native American chief Black Hawk.  Only about one-third of our team put the pieces together to come up with the Hawkeye State of Iowa.

Our halftime sheet asked teams to identify the countries in which different statues are located, as well as identifying a list of seemingly unrelated things which all turned out to be related to Bill Murray films and roles.  Round 3 began with an interesting question on NFL coaches, asking about the only man to coach in the Super Bowl against a team which he used to coach.  Even though the question had a potential multiple choice option, several teams went for the bonus, and some even got the answer of Dan Reeves before we gave out the multiple choices.  We also learned that there is a sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera” that takes place in Coney Island, which sounds pretty fun.  The final question of the night was also tough, as only a few teams managed to come up with the correct response of Lionel Richie.  Here were the top scores for this game at Orioles Nest:

First Place:  Just the Tip (148)

Second Place (TIE):  Not Your Team and Does He Look Like a Biff? (135)

Overall, it was a great afternoon, and I want to give a special thanks for all of our playing teams!  I’ll see you all at the World Series, good luck!

Until next time,

~ Chad


Game 2-B: Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

The stage was set!  The battle lines were drawn and war cries were echoing… or maybe that was just the interesting house system music set up.  The Tilted Kilt in Frederick was the second stop for our Pub Crawlers, but for the numerous playoff teams, it was also time for the reckoning.  Trying to elbow their way in to the World Series next Sunday.  They’ve been working towards this day all season, and it comes down to these 22 questions for our playoff teams!

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

Yes, I may have butchered names of those football coaches, but you all killed off the thought that you were going to give teams a free ride to the World Series!  Everyone was working to win it today, and even to just make the cut to get to the big show.  Nothing but the A game from the get go!  As usual, the third round separated the great teams from the pack of contenders, as the toughest question of the second half dealt with a company that makes baby products, but whose name is also a homophone for a Pearl Jam song.  Less than half of our teams knew it was Evenflo (or “Even Flow”), and that set the stage for the final.

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

More than three-quarters of you were left scratching your head, but those that were correct vaulted up the standings and earned some prizes.  Here are the top three teams from Tilted Kilt:

First Place:  Smarty Pants (158)

Second Place:  Dukes of Knowledge (150)

Third Place:  Fast Forward Not Available (147)

Is this a glimmer of great things to come for Smarty Pants?  By coming up with the correct response on the final and earning the Game 2 win, they took a commanding lead in the overall Pub Crawl standings.  But as well know, anything can happen in that third and final game.  I’m excited to see how the Pub Crawl plays out.  To all of the teams who earned their World Series passports, congratulations and I will see you Sunday for more trivia shenanigans!  Thanks for coming in to play with us this afternoon, it’s always a pleasure getting a room full of excited brainiacs!  Have a good week, rest the brain cells and we will see you soon.

~ Samantha


Game 3 – Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

Just like in our opening match of Playoff Saturday, all of our Maryland teams converged on one single venue, not only to award the last World Series spots, but also to determine the Pub Crawl Champion!  Our night game at Belles’ was rocking, as we packed close to 30 teams into the bar for the last trivia throwdown of the day.  In the Pub Crawl standings, Smarty Pants held a 14-point lead over Uncle Jack, with Fisted Sister also within striking range.

There weren’t too many bumps in the road during the first half, except for a rather unique audio question.  In a new theme for Pour House, we asked teams to identify three voices singing Broadway tunes.  Since these performers are better known for film or TV, recognizing their singing voices proved to be a bit of a struggle, even though the answers themselves were very familiar names.  Most of our teams had trouble coming with two correct answers, while only two teams picked up the illusive two-point bonus.

After the halftime break, the team named ‘Jeff King is the Worst’ was leading the field with an impressive score of 89.  This team is actually a PHT House Champion that normally plays under a different name (The A-Team), but for tonight’s Pub Crawl they decided to “honor” their most-hated player.  Just kidding!  He’s actually a very nice gentleman.  Anyway, the second half played to its normal difficulty level, but this did not face Jeff King is the worst, who RAN THE TABLE in the second half, hitting every question and two-point bonus to finish round four with a whopping 165.  On top of that, they bet the maximum 12 points on the final and notched a ridiculous final score of 177 points!  It’s too bad they missed the first game of the Pub Crawl, or they might have claimed first place.  This team definitely has a chance to dethrone our defending champions next week!  Here are the top scores for Game 3:

First Place:  Jeff King is the Worst (177)

Second Place (TIE):  Uncle Jack and Fisted Sister with (160)

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

Can we start drinking now?

Meanwhile, the Pub Crawl champions were determined on the last question!  Uncle Jack was able to chip away at that impressive lead put forth by Smarty Pants, gaining 11 points on the leaders as we closed Round 4.  Realizing that Smarty Pants was likely to protect that lead with an aggressive wager, Uncle Jack scaled back their wager in hopes of a relatively difficult question.  The strong subjects for Uncle Jack are history and science, so they must have been very happy to hear a final question that suited BOTH of those wheelhouse categories.  But alas, even with a correct response of Gold, Silver, and Copper, they had to take a backseat to our Pub Crawl Champions: SMARTY PANTS!  It was an impressive performance today as the team answered all three final questions correctly, recording consistent scores of 156, 158, and 153.  They were the only team to top 150 points in all three games.  What a way to end this 11-hour whirlwind!

Here are your final standings for the PHT Pub Crawl:

First Place:  Smarty Pants (467 points = $155 prize)

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

Second Place:  Uncle Jack (460 points = $92 prize)

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl

Third Place:  Fisted Sister (433 points = $43 prize)

Pour House Trivia Maryland Pub Crawl


For those teams that did NOT qualify for Sunday’s World Series, please check with your regular host this week to see if any spots have opened for the big game.  Thanks again to all of our teams for joining us, and good luck next week!