Pour House Trivia kicks off this shortened work-week with four games of Monday live trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday brought four games of pub quiz action to quench your trivia thirst on this hot, hot day!

We had a bit of silliness in this game – what else could you call it when you include Preparation H.M.S. Pinafore in the same set of questions as “Bet on Your Baby,” which, yes, I assure you, absolutely 100% exists.

Check it out! Bonkers!

[th_youtube id=’99xHRieqRhM’ name=’Bet On Your Baby Pour House Pub Trivia’]

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find a tall building to leap off of!

Check out the games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We beat the heat with a great game of live trivia at DRP in Alexandria, but it heated up inside in this hotly contested game!

It took a tie-breaker to settle it all and it was MSC who came out on top with Liquor, I Hardly Knew Her in 2nd. World Series champs Rubber Sheets Club were our 3rd place finishers.

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday weekend and please be safe. Our first category for next week will be Scandinavian Literature.

~ Ronnie

Scandinavia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

We keep adding new faces to the roster up here in Hagerstown for our live trivia at the Turtle!

Those new and old faces came up with some fun wrong answers:

Denny Grizzle did NOT coach the 70s Vikings, as far as I know.

And these alternate titles for Bet on Your Baby:


  • Trust Fund
  • I’d Bet My Kid On It
  • I Hate My Kids

Chances Aren’t weren’t aptly named tonight, as their chances of winning looked good from the onset, pulling ever-so-slowly and securely away from the pack and hanging on all night to take home the big prize!

In second, Turtle Heads! Welcome back guys!

In third was Miles River Avengers, a very strong showing for a solo player!

Chances Aren’t have chosen singer/songwriters to kick it off next week!

[th_youtube id=’sVrWQOdNo14′ name=’Singer Songwriters Pour House live Trivia maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of pub quiz was dominated by Murder on the Polar Express all the way up to the final question, where they remained in the lead by five points. The final proved to be tough, giving only two teams a correct response on it. One of them was It Could Be Anything, who jumped up from behind and tied it with the Polar Express. Anything won the tie breaker and netted a 2nd place finish. Our winners tonight were One Crow Short of a Murder who got the final and took a commanding 15 point lead to end the game. Thanks a lot guys, we’ll see you next week where Denny and I will be providing the performance of a life time….
1st Place: One Crow Short of a Murder
2nd Place:  It Could Be Anything
3rd Place: Murder on the Polar Express
Next week’s category: Bill & Denny Do Disney Duets
[Editor’s Note: Surely, someone will record this for the blog, right?!]
[th_youtube id=’Ii_bPedhyS0′ name=’Pour House Pub Trivia Disney Duets’]

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

We had another wild night of bar trivia here at the Roast House! But then any night where the first category is “Porn Stars” is bound to be wet, wild, and…what was I saying?

Anyway, with some brand new teams mixing it up with some vets, it was a close game all night!

Highlights include:

  • Spotted Cows stealing all my good jokes before I can make them. I’m working here, darnit!
  • A waitress who will remain nameless, may or may not have shouted an answer out. Thankfully it didn’t matter, but there was much finger waggling, and some good natured ribbing after the fact.
  • A Phi Beta Kappa alum in the house, earning her a round of applause and a few jealous glances.
  • A new team starting after round one who were solidly in the mix, taking 5th place over all! So an honorable mention to them, Team Who? the only team to correctly answer the Final Question!
After a few scoring shakeups, three teams did stand tall however.
In third place, a strong team showing from Multiple Scoregasms! You guys are always a bunch of fun, good games guys!

In second place, Spotted Cows! they held the lead for entire game, but lost ground in the 4th round. Still, a great game played for a trio!

But in the end, coming back strong in the end as a DUO, now back-to-back champions, was School’s Out! Congratulations guys and well played!

School’s Out have gone a different direction with this weeks category; they’ve chosen Neil DeGrasse Tyson as their first round category! Study up, the man is a rock star of an astrophysicist.
Until next week,
Neil Degrasse Tyson Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland