Pour House Trivia is sick of winter! Tuesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday brought you eight great games of live trivia, with a touch of pasta and a bit of Star Wars too!

But let’s be real: the talk is about winter. And boy, am I sick of writing, reading, talking and thinking about it!

Let’s hope this Thursday thing is the last day of it, PLEASE!

Check out the recaps.


Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

The usual suspects were out in full force at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington.  Tonight’s game could not have been any closer, as Why Not Shatner? snuck into the lead in round three and maintained that lead with a 6-point answer on the 6-4-2, and a perfect final round.  They had to get the final answer correctly to win the game, and that’s exactly what they did!  Another win in the books!  Menace to Sobriety took second on a tiebreaker over The Illegitimate Children of Eric Perini.  Next week, we begin with a question on SNL’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’!  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Neither snow, nor rain, nor dark of night, but 70W almost did it though!

It was a close game of pub quiz tonight Champions, and I’m not talking about out final scores! Thanks for hanging in there and waiting for me- 15 teams at that! The bar wide round of applause as I walked in the door was a nice touch. You make a girl feel wanted 😉 The game didn’t leave anything to be wanted though- drama, excitement, smiling faces, and yes, beer.
The beer is important. Also important is that I give our 3rd place team a shout out, Thundercats! Ever quiet, just waiting to pounce, you guys are mean predators on that top 3! 2nd went to the religious connection, Pulpit Fiction and 1st were those dangerous boys of BTI!

Fun game guys – thanks for keeping up with my speed rounds 😉 For next week we are headed to Miami Vice- a triple 50/50, Crockett or Tubbs. That should be fun. hehe. Stay safe these next couple days and I’ll see you on the other side of the sunshine!



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Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

This wasn’t a live trivia game, it was a knock down drag out brawl here at Cugini’s!

Bonus chips got missed, recoveries were made, hopes rewarded and dashed in one crazy game!

Here are the results:

MoMo in 1st

Lightfoot in 2nd

Stephen Hawking’s School of Dance in 3rd.

Be safe on possibly slick roads, and come back here next week for our first category, President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy trivia president Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Well, my first night subbing at Celebrity Bar & Grill couldn’t have started worse for me! Regular traffic to Perryville is bad enough, but add a mix of freezing rain and sleet on the way also, and it becomes miserable!

It was nice to meet the teams that were out for the game on my first time, and I see some nice competition happening here while I’m filling in. After the final question, this was the top 3: Hanging onto a strong 3rd place finish was Just Us! 2nd place tonight belonged to the New Kids!! Taking over first place after the 6-4-2 ques. and never looking back was the American Outlaws!!!

They picked “University of Alabama Football” (Roll Tide!) for next weeks winner’s choice question, I PROMISE to get in early now that I know all the security protocols I have to deal with before set up, so we WILL be starting on time at 7pm next Tuesday night at Celebrity Bar & Grill in Hollywood Casino!!

~ Jon J



Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

The rain couldn’t damped the spirits of the teams at Markham’s tonight! It was a hard fought battle all night long with some twists in tonight’s game of pub quiz!

Highlights of the Night:

In “I-Don’t-Want-It-Anymore…”: Go ahead and cross off my list of foods anything named after worms. Vermicelli doesn’t even sound appetizing. I’d say a lot of our teams agreed after we saw mostly misses on that one.

In “Oh-Come-On-Now…”: Cousin Oliver? Really? The little nuisance that showed up at the end of the series? You put him in and forget PETER? Come on now!

In “The-Nerdiest-Host-You-Know”: I love Star Wars. Let’s just put that out there. So I was confused when no one bonused it! However, my confusion as to why there were no bonus chips used on the Star Wars question was cleared up quickly, when I received answers such as Anakin Skywalker, Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, and Jar Jar

After four crazy rounds, the final actually sounded tougher than it was, and everyone ended up getting the correct answer of Coca-Cola, which surprisingly did have an effect on the standings!

In third place, jumping up at the last second, the Blue Barracudas! Way to hang tough guys!

In second place, Mandrew! Give me as much stink eye as you want guys, you still did very well! Good game!

In first place, things looked dicey for a minute, but they held strong and led the whole night: Uncle Jack! Congratulations guys, great game!

For their first round category, Uncle Jack deferred to Mandrew to pick, who selected Classic Movie Remakes. I may consider the idea to be a sin, but hey it could be a fun category! Come by Markham’s next week to find out! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

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Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Well between the chinchilla and the “centaur” we had about all the fodder for double entendre that we’d ever need! We even did invented the CHINCHILLA SHOOTER at Monkey La La Live Trivia Night! (For those playing along at home it is Vodka, Amaretto, Cranberry Juice, and Sour Mix). YUM!

chinchilla  Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Thanks for braving the elements this evening everyone and playing some trivia with us! We had a great game that had its twists and turns (and “Rick-Rolls”). When it was all said and done the Top tonight looked like this:

1ST 20150303_220044.2


Congrats y’all – great game! Stay warm and safe and snuggly this week. Have a chinchilla shooter – sure to warm you up. And some study material…oh yes! Stink Floyd have asked us to brush up on “Current NASA Missions.” That is how we begin next Tuesday’s game!

Have a great week y’all – see you soon! dg 🙂


Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

The Oriole’s Nest never seems to amaze me with how packed it gets on bar trivia night. And oh boy was tonight’s game a good one or what. Scores were super close at the top all the way through, until the final question of round four really caused some turmoil in the standings. When all the smoke cleared we ended up with one team who managed to escape that bloodbath unscathed holding a commanding lead over the field. That team was The Phlitches, who I hope had all the ketchup they needed (seriously, ask for the industrial size next time!). In second place was The Know Nothings, who seized an opening after the teams ahead of them faltered on the final question, making yet another reappearance in the top three. (Also, as the only team to know the river in Warsaw, I’m impressed!) Third place went to a team that I think played here once before under a different name, but regardless congrats goes out to Turtle-ocalypse, in what might be the most bizarre apocalypse that could happen. Either way, nice work tonight!

Next week, we start out with the novel Bunnicula (Yes, that’s a thing, in case you were wondering. Google it, it sounds adorable). However, come out on Friday for the 4H theme game (Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Hobbit, Superheroes) we’re having, I’m writing some of the questions and I want to see all of you there! It should be really fun! Make sure you check PHT.com for the details!

Until next time,

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

We doubled the number of teams tonight since last week which is HUGE! Perhaps the weather was keeping you all away but I’m pumped you all are coming out and playing with us!

Twas another night with the Maryland basketball game on, and another night of bar trivia; literally my two favorite things now-a-days! I had a blast tonight, I hope you all did too! We had quite a colorful explosion on the Colorful Music question tonight (see what I did there…), seeing two teams miss their 9 wager on it, and only 1 team picking up ANY points on the question at all.

At halftime, D+M (last week’s winners) held a 5 point lead over our 2nd place team The Big Fact Hunt, who would’ve been leading had they not made a misplay on the Music question. However, they were determined to keep fighting! After going nearly perfect in round 3, the scores were relatively unchanged, though D+M’s lead was lessened to 4 points. After nailing the 6 point clue, a 3rd team, Hoosier Terp jumped up into a tie with The Big Fact Hunt. It was a tight one! 2 points separated the top 3 teams going into round 4 BUT it was D+M who finished strong and remained in the lead and nailed the final to take down their 3rd victory in a row! Grats guys! There was a battle for 2nd place between our remaining teams who finished in a tie. The tie breaker was a CRUCIAL ONE! Total episodes of the Sopranos. Well, the answer was 86.

Big Fact Hunt put 100, Hoosier Terp put 70, giving 2nd place to Big Fact Hunt by ONE EPISODE! Can’t get any closer than that! Good game all! Hoping to have you all back out here next week! Until then guys, lata! 😉

1st Place: D+M
2nd Place: The Big Fact Hunt
3rd Place: Hoosier Terp

Next week’s category: J.R.R. Tolkien (not the movies)

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