Pour House Trivia is King of the Wild Frontier! Wednesday Live Trivia Roundup!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday brings you all the live trivia you can handle!

I have to admit, I seriously desired a coonskin cap of my own after I saw Davy Crockett on TV for the first time. I think it was mostly this theme song, which is still really catchy.

[th_youtube id=’txcRQedoEyY’ name=’Davy Crocket Pour House Live Trivia Maryland’]

Enjoy Fess’ song, and check out our games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Zip-zop-zoobity-bop! The Summer Fling is alive and well at Atlantic Grille in Urbana! Couple of Cosby questions, getting cultured with Vivaldi – all while wearing a stylish coonskin cap!
Strangers Have the Best Candy took first once more to prove their trivia might, edging out newcomers It’s Elementary, Dear Watson who took third with Men & Pausers taking second.
Hold on to your tam o’ shanters, deerstalkers, and other stereotypically British hats – next week’s Winners’ Choice category is 2014 Formula One Technical Regulations.
Yeah, I don’t know what it is either ๐Ÿ˜› See ya next week!
– Eric ๐Ÿ˜›
F1 Racing Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
I think my answer of the night award has to go to “Sister Golden Hair of the Dog.” Not one of our easiest Last Word-First Word, but certainly a fun one. And it caused our trivia match at Bernies Wednesday to be quite saucy – NOT cocktail saucy though (a good candidate for Answer #2 of the night?).

Thanks for coming out and braving the heat everyone. I know it was a sticky one. Carrying speakers in this type of heat is one of my Top 5 favorite things in the world ๐Ÿ™‚ Hehe..Regardless…our trivia contest tonight went down like this…

Aaron Hernandez is No Longer a Tight End – took an\ early lead and plowed their way on through. BUT…they did miss the final! Double BUT…so did the other crews in striking distance. After it was all said and done, Aaron Hernandez takes the WIN! GG y’all!

Second Place went to Phlitches, who decided to come back to their original stomping grounds for a good ole fashion live trivia romp! And a nice second place they earned for their efforts – and I believe nailed multiple sports questions tonight!

Rounding out our Top Three tonight was Thinkers and Dreamers, who were the only team to get that final question correct. And thus, a very nice leap frog into the $$$.

Great times tonight everyone. Enjoy your weekend. See you next Wednesday for some more Summer Fling action. We kick off with the category of “NBA Players and Their Alma Maters.” See you then ๐Ÿ™‚


NBA Players Pour House Bar Trivia Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

I love the live trivia games that come down to the very last question! Tonight was definitely one of those nights… Only a few teams got the final question correct and we had a lot of score jumping. 3rd place went to Hangin’ with Anderson Cooper, 2nd place went to Team Janet and 1st place went to Uncle Jack after being in 3rd going into the final question! Very good game! The Post Game Mini Game winner tonight was Mary from Hot Dog Stigmata! Lots of good times had by all. I’ll see ya next week!

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: Team Janet
3rd Place: Hangin’ with Anderson Cooper
Next week’s category:The West Wing
[th_youtube id=’cGXp34c_o48′ name=’The West Wing Pour House Live Trivia maryland’]


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

16 teams! I am not sure how we all fit in to Cellar tonight, but everyone had a chair and not a single drop of blood was shed.
Braincells took a beating though! Helluva game – After a rather interesting evening full of technical problems (I’ve never seen that before!) and word flubs (Next time I will actually have the tequilla to blame it on) it was One Crow short of a Murder who flew on up in to third with a strategic wager, topped by TNC who gave an even more strategic answer- but the real story of the night was Grab a Straw, You Suck!
Up by 19 points going in to the final AND they were one of a very few teams who came up with the correct answer! Amazing game! I will see you next week for a first question that is NOT world cup but 90’s rap! This should be fun. I think it should be an audio clue, but that’s just me ๐Ÿ˜‰
[th_youtube id=’6f1kRTlTukI’ name=’90s Rap Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

No game at Fast Eddie’s on June 18.  We hope to see to you back with Ian on June 25.  Please check the website for details.  Thanks!


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

We had some new faces join us at The Tavern tonight – nice to see you all!

It was so nice to have a non-rainy Wednesday. Feels like the first time in about two months! The outside might have been dry, but the game inside was anything but!

The final question shook things up a bit, and here’s how it looked:

  1. I Just Quizzed in My Pants – BY A SINGLE POINT!
  2. Only the Lonely
  3. Newcomers My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t!

We’ll start next week with alphabetical world capitals, so get those globes out!


World Capitals Live Trivia Maryland

It’s always nice to get some out-of-town teams to join us for a little Pour House Trivia, and that’s just what we had at T.J. Ston’es in Alexandria on Wednesday night.  It was a bit of a wild ride during the second half, but after round four, it was the B-58s that had a comfortable lead heading into the final.  But they could not come up with the correct response, leaving the door open for Reverse Polarity to take home their first win ever!  Great job!  Wee Baby Seamus also played a great game to take second, while we finished the night with asthree-way tiebreaker for third place, and it was Movin’ On Up who managed to sneak ontothe medal stand thanks to their intricate knowledge of Antonio Vivaldi.  We’ll see everybody again next week as the Summer Fling Tournament rolls along with a question on Wilford Brimley.  ~ Matt



Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

FNQ brought in some backup for a full strength team for pub quiz here at Valley Grill and it paid off with a first place finish!

Southpaw Fish played a strong game as well for second, and Your Mom’s Horcrux nailed the final to take down third.

Join me again next week where our first category will be a Maroon 5 audio clue!

~ Ronnie

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