Pour House Trivia does not shrink when it is cold outside! Just sayin…

Troopers you are I say…troopers! It was in fact the day after a full wipe of our (Tuesday) trivia schedule, thanx to a 10 inch drop of the white stuff yesterday. But the hump day crew is a grizzled breed of pub trivia player: a seasoned and committed player, with grit, moxy and unfaltering will! A crew that will not be kept in the cabin. A crew that gets it on on that cold Wednesday! A crew that braves those elements and comes out to spend some time with us hosts on this frigid hump day…And to you we say – thank you, thank you, thank you… :)

Cellar Door – Frederick, Maryland

Underwear, drugs and sleezy politics! Leapin Lizards did we have a game at Cellar tonight! 14 teams came out of the cold and gave each other a serious run for the money- we even had a tie! Oh how I love those tiebreakers ;) In 3rd, it was TNC who underestimated the money making “Up” and had to settle for the bottom of our podium- you still made it though! 2nd went to the new team of distinguished gentlemen- Effigy! They had a very neat game but got a little wonky on a few answers and gave way for I like Big Butts to move in for the win! Great game guys, as always it was a pleasure hosting for you in the underground. Good luck to all the teams I will see at the world series this saturday, and don’t forget about our charity trivia game on sundaysimpsons trivia company game

Next wednesday it will be the same time, same good times with a first category of Simpson’s Characters. ~Samantha

Valley Grill – Middletowwn, MD

It was a real tight game of pub trivia tonight at The Valley Grill Sports Bar in Middletown, and the final once again decided it all. Give it up for Xavier Onassis for coming out on top after trailing 2nd for most of the game! After a tiebreaker, it was Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap that took down 2nd, with Southpaw Fish finishing in 3rd! Best of luck at the World Series, I will see you there, and c’mon out on Sunday to support a very good cause! Your category for next week is John Hughes films. ~ Ronnie

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had a great time thawing-out from the winter frost with some brain-warming trivia tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax! Rounding out our top three were our Juggernauts in third! In second was the dedicated Mess & Jeg! In first place tonight with an impressive full-team showing was No Brainz @ the Bar with an equally impressive lead! Their choice for first category next week: SOUTH PARK! See you next Wednesday for the beginning of Season 9! ~Torie

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, Maryland

Snow and slush couldn’t stop the fun at Atlantic Grille in Urbana tonight! Lots of laughs as Always a Bridesmaid claimed the top spot with Mom’s Night Out in second and newcomers Team T.P. in third. Join us next week at Atlantic Grille for a special treat – the winners’ choice category to kick off Season 9 is Eric Sings The ’80′s. I always knew my background in musical theatre would pay off one day :-P See ya next week! Eric

80s music trivia company

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

We had our inaugural night of Bennigan’s trivia tonight and it was a huge success. Competition was fierce all game, having almost a new leader after each round but going into the final question we had The Droids You’re Looking For in 1st place AS A SOLO droid no less. It’s only been done by 4 human beings; this man was attempting to be the 5th. Not far behind was The Panty Droppers in 2nd and The 4th Spy in 3rd. The Droids… played it safe with a low wager on the final and, even after getting the question right, fell to 3rd place with correct answers from both teams in 2nd and 3rd. Finishing the game in 1st was The Panty Droppers! 2nd place to The 4th Spy. Thanks to all for coming out! Until next week ;-)
1st: The Panty Droppers
2nd:The 4th Spy
3rd:The Droids You’re Looking For
Category for next week: Making the Band with Puff Daddy (TV Show)
puff daddy trivia company

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

And we wrapped our Wednesday trivia extravaganza in good company at Barefoot Bernies in Hagerstown. I got a chance to peek into Hager Hall as well and they have it all set up already – 80 tables, ready to get it on baby! World Series Season 8…this Saturday…is ON!

And the teams that came out tonight will be ready and eager to sling some answers around this Saturday. Tonight’s game, albeit one we had to thaw for a bit to get down to, was a great one! Slapsgiving was in the lead going into the final question and decided to try the defensive move of wagering zero on the final. It works sometimes, but when you got the likes of Progess is Our Middle Name and Obi Wanna Blow me on your tail, its a nail biter. After the final took its course, our final leader board looked like this:

1st Place: Progress is Our MIddle Name

2nd Place: Slapsgiving

3rd Place: (as a solo I add) Obi Wanna Blow Me

Congrats to our winners. Thanx a ton for coming out and I wish you all the best of luck this Saturday. Next Wednesday at Bernies, we kick off Season 9 with “Watership Down.” Have a great week everyone…see you Saturday! :) dg

watership down trivia


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

One last night of trivia for our regulars at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria before the BIG DAY on Saturday.  And what a close game it was!  All of our top teams neck-and-neck down the homestretch, but it was Winners in Life (formerly STRL) who were able to hang on for the victory.  The B-58s took second with New in Town in third.

Good luck Saturday teams!  And don’t forget Season IX begins next week with a question on the film “Top Gun”.  ~ Matt    Top Gun Trivia Alexandria