Pour House Trivia Benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project!

Pour House Trivia’s FIRST Northern Virginia Wounded Warrior Project benefit trivia and dinner at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church was an outstanding success!  Teams were perhaps a little reluctant at first: none had ever played Pour House Trivia, and perhaps had never played pub trivia at all…

By midway thru the first round, It. Was. On.

Our five teams were at each others’ necks, and by that I mean: they were wildly appreciative of correct answers and wildly disappointed with their own mistakes.  But as is usually the case in a room full of veterans, there was a definitely palpable sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, togetherness, and “we got your back!”

I, myself, was particularly proud of the two military questions I wrote: the first, regarding who broke the sound barrier.  Every team did very well, as they should; Chuck Yeager is an American icon.  The second question, regarding Presidents who served… several teams guessed that Teddy Roosevelt had won the Medal of Honor (and is the only President to have done so), but no one knew that James Buchanan had been a Private (never advanced to officer) during the Civil War.  I like to think that trivia is as much fun as learning important things that we should have known previously.

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) coughed up some sweet swag for the first three finishers, and I exaggerate not: every team indicated they had a blast.  Joe from WWP (the organizer) and every team of players expressed hope that we could soon do it again soon.  Now, to the people reading this — because I chided you into doing so, and I promised to deliver exactly below:

These are the people I’m lionizing:

– Focused on Food for taking a good joke on stealing leftovers

– Old Gals for being persistent, consistent, and moving the chains.

These are the people I’m embarrassing:

– Rough Riders for producing an answer, after the multiple choices had been given, that didn’t match ANY of the multiple choices. That takes a particular skill and courage. Neither of which served you well 🙂

– Team Elite for being absolutely Not. Elite. You know who you are (cough: Joe)

Your finishers for tonight:

1st – Old Gals (with a sweet move in the final question)

2nd – Focused on Food (and, really, they were FOCUSED on food)

3rd – Rough Riders

It was an honor for me, personally, and for Pour House Trivia writ large to provide some well-needed mid-week entertainment, food, drinks and fun to our Wounded Warrior Project Alumni and caregivers. I can’t wait to see you all again.

Fair Winds,

~ Chief