Pour House Trivia: Battle tested, player approved!

What a lovely Wednesday evening Pour House pub trivia! And what a pub quiz night it was!

There’s always a little fun when you’re dealing with a live crowd and a live game of trivia – especially when you wind up a crowd with things like “A BS question.”

Any time you can get Brain Stem and Ozzy Osbourne (damn you for suing Brewer’s Art, Ozzy!!) into the same question, well you have to do it!

Especially because it seems Ozzy’s brain doesn’t function anymore. SHARRRRRRROOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!

[th_youtube id=’2Qeb7-tHR8I’ name=’Osbournes Pour House Trivia Maryland’]

Let’s check out the EIGHT packed games we had!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Tonight as a bloody battle royale at the Atlantic Grille in Urbana for a little bar trivia with our most dramatic game yet!! It was not a runaway this time, but Strangers Have the Best Candy took the top spot once again after wresting the honor away from Men & Pausers, who took second. Moms’ Night Out got a bunch of impressive bonus questions and finished the night in third.
Next week’s winners’ choice category is Cleveland Brown guest stars on the Drew Carey Show – basically just a Drew Carey Show question read in the voice of everyone’s favorite deli owner/cable repairman.
Oh right – Cleveland rocks, I get it now! I swear, y’all are the height of just-too-muchery πŸ˜›  Hope to see everybody there next week!
– Eric πŸ™‚
Drew Carey Show Pub Trivia Maryland

Notes to self from tonight:
1. Call my mom and find out where my G.I. figurine collection is – seriously I had a sick collection and I want it back!
2. While I am on the phone with her see if she has my Vol.1 of Mystery Science Theater 3000
3. Never EVER EVER FORGET…Drambuie is the DEVIL! Remember that moving forward!

Drambuie Pub Trivia = Devil Pub Trivia

But thank you to the gentleman at the end of the night for trying a Rusty Nail, but I’ll pass from here on out! 
And zoinks (sup’ Shaggy fans) what a pub trivia quiz that went down in the H-town on this fine hump day! Too Husky for Sandusky was going for the Hagerstown three-Peat tonight but blundered on an early bonus and had to fight from behind. BUT goodness that they did! Many props to their effort which; though did not get them the W, did earn them second place over a very tough field this evening!Congrats THFS!
Our WINNERS this evening were Say Hi to Your Mom For Me. They were grappling for a bit but pulled away in Round Four. A defensive wager secured the top slot for them and the first Place booty! Rounding it out tonight was Slapsgiving,  who played a great game as well but missed a late game bonus and took a very respectable third Place. Great game tonight everyone.
And speaking of the Coen Brothers, Say Hi to Your Mom For Me have chosen “Coen Brothers Films” as next week’s R1Q1. Have fun studying up on that one πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend everyone…and I will see you next Wednesday.
Coen Brothers Films Pub Trivia Category Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

The Kennedy Package played a bit shorthanded tonight as a trio for the first half of the game, but showed that they were still a threat at a disadvantage, remaining in first place through the first half of play. Another member joined them after the half, and they kept their lead going all the way into the final question. The final question mixed it up a bit though… Only three teams got the correct answer. Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends got it right, locking down third place, Hot Dog Stigmata jumped up to second place and winning the game was The Usual Suspects!! Great game teams! I’ll see ya next week πŸ˜‰
1st Place: The Usual Suspects
2nd Place: Hot Dog Stigmata
3rd Place:  Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends
Next week’s category: “Raising Arizona”
[th_youtube id=’2AIfVoGUs6c’ name=’Raising Arizona Pour House Trivia Maryland’]


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Cellar Door, you never fail to impress and and it was my brain stem that got a work out tonight keeping up with you all! Yet again the final question changed it all! It was Donner Party for the win, being the only team to get the William and Mary answer… that was impressive.

Second went to Team Wednesday who had been leading all night and Third was Grab a Straw, You Suck! Nice game all, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week- I’ll see you for a first category of 2013 movies.
2013 Movies Pour House Pub Trivia MD


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

Words cannot describe tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax, VA.  We had an excellent game, with TWO HOSTS!  
Yours truly, and our lovable newbie, Ian.
Mess & Jeg rounded out the prize winning spots by stealing third place!!  
In second, just a few points ahead, were our quickly advancing newcomers, Movin’ On Up!!  
The first place spot was reserved for our house team, No Brainz @ the Bar!!
Their choice of first category: TBA!!
It is with a heavy heart that I must bid my Fast Eddie’s family farewell… however you are in extraordinarily capable hands with my successor Ian.
I will miss you all dearly, but the heart of trivia beats on!  I’ll see you all soon!
All my love,


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

We had a heck of a game at the Olney Tavern – and our first three-peaters! 

Congratulations are in order for Only the Lonely, who took down their third straight victory!

We had a little interesting extracurricular banter going on between the teams of Only the Lonely and #Dumbasses – luckily nobody dropped the gloves! We’ll see what happens next week, though!

I’d also like to say hello to our new faces in the crowd, Rogers – nice game from a duo, hope to see you back next week!

My favorite wrong answers of the night, you ask?

We had some excellent ones this evening:

  • The real name for hot cross buns? I don’t want to die cake!
  • The man behind the album “Paranoid?” Boz Scaggs! I would like to see that cover, actually!
  • Our Dan Brown novel with a crash cart? Code Blue Balls!

Your top three this evening?

In third, the new squad – and a two-person group at that! Rogers!

Second: I just Quizzed in my Pants!

and your winners, who played a heck of a game tonight, Only the Lonely! Well done guys, and congratulations again on your three-peat!

We’re going to kick it off next week with a little throwback: 1950s music!

[th_youtube id=’b4qtltfyFts’ name=’1950s Music Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’] 

The race for the house champaionship at T.J. Stone’s could not be any closer, and all of our top teams were in the mix as we rolled through the second half on Wednesday night.  The final proved to be one of our most exciting in a while, as most of the house gave me the same (incorrect) answer.  When the dust settled, we had exactly ONE team with the correct response, and it was a team making their first visit in three months: Texas Colorado!  They jumped from 7th place into a tie for first, and won the tiebreaker to take home the win!  Pros From Dover took second, with the B-58s in third.  Next week begins with a question on infectious diseases!  OK then……   ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

It was a wild game of bar trivia tonight at Valley Grill Sports Bar with Pour House Trivia!

Give it up to Simple Minds, the only team to nail the final, catapulting them up into first! Scott’s Tots lead up till then end but happily settled for second, and Bernie Asshands played a great game as well for third.

Our first category for next Wednesday’s game is Pokemon!

~ Ronnie

Pokemon Pub Trivia Category Maryland