Pour House Pub Trivia’s Wednesday reminded you to mind your Ts and Os!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday gave you an important reminder: it’s not just those Ps and Qs you need to mind! Ts and Os can be quite important as well.

Check out the recaps, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

It just doesn’t get much better than a beautiful fall day like we had today, leading into a great night of trivia. Tonight’s game was a great way to kick off Season 12 of Pour House Trivia and say goodbye to the Summer Fling. Also, good luck to anybody who is playing in the Summer finals on Saturday, I might see some of you there, depending on where you are.

Today’s winner’s choice question was about the album ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’ by Frank Turner, more specifically a track called Out of Breath, which a few teams got, with others getting very close thanks to the asthma clue. I think the next question was a bit of a curve ball, with teams not realizing we were asking about King Kong when asking about a character from Skull Island. Either way, they got there when we mentioned the Jack Black film from a few years back. The T.O. question provided a bit of discussion over just how many Oaks are in the neighborhood Thousand Oaks, with teams saying that a fire must have burned down the others, and the name should be changed to ten or twelve oaks. I was impressed by how many teams knew immediately what DPI stands for when talking about printers; I expected that one to be a bit tougher.

The second round kicked off with an audio question about animated TV theme songs. I didn’t recognize the Popeye theme although most teams figured that one out. I did recognize Inspector Gadget and Archer, but sadly nobody else could figure out Archer’s theme (even with people randomly shouting out “DANGER ZONE!!” at the bar!). I also realized that I never knew the definition of the word melee, although it does sound french when I think about it. I’m not happy about asking questions on Floyd Mayweather, mostly because I think he’s a terrible excuse for a human being, even though he can box pretty well. I’m just glad he’s retiring, good riddance. A question about the infamous double-dipping incident on Seinfeld was next, and it amuses me how well known that scene is. Madonna was a bit of a stumper for most teams, with only a few figuring out I was asking about her. Nobody knew her most recent #1 hit though, which is ‘Music’ even though that song came out like 200 years ago.

Halftime was a fun one, asking about people with weather terms in their names, and then having a big list of instruments and asking teams to name what type of instrument it is, either woodwind, percussion, string, or brass. The second half seemed pretty tough for teams, and the weather names was a bit easier. The third round had a question that had a neat fact, that no TV show from the big three cable networks has even been NOMINATED for an Emmy in outstanding drama for the last three years, except for The Good Wife. That’s crazy, but I guess it makes sense, HBO and AMC are way too strong. We also had a backgammon question that was just full of ridiculous sounding terminology, like the doubling cube. Multiple meanings is always a fun category, and it’s always interesting to see if teams can come up with the answers. Apparently there’s a type of celery called pascal, which is also a computer programming language and the SI unit for pressure. The concert venues question was tough; I’ve never even heard of the Budokan, although at least one team has. The end of the round had a question about one of my favorite up and coming Hollywood stars, Chris Pratt (Starlord!!) and how he’s married to Anna Faris.

The 6-4-2 question tonight asked about an NFL player, and gave a neat statistic. The stat is that this player leads all NFL players in career rushing yards per attempt, among players with at least 750 carries. That’d be an insane number for any running back to have, but the trick is that this player is NOT a running back at all. It’s actually a quarterback, one of the most electrifying to play the position, ever, Michael Vick. Of course, he’s also a person who most people hate, probably as much as I hate Mayweather. That is definitely a conversation that I will wholeheartedly avoid on this blog though.

Round four started with a category about Disney films, which almost always attracts bonus categories. Tonight, however, most teams avoided that decision, which was to everyone’s benefit except the only team to get The Black Cauldron correct. We also learned that Tibet has the highest elevation airport in the world, although nobody knew its capital city (it’s Lhasa, however you pronounce that…). I enjoyed the question about the three stooges names, asking about Moe Szyslak, Larry the Cable Guy, and Curly Neal from the Harlem Globetrotters. Then the Broadway question showed up, asking about the longest running musical on Broadway of all time, and the 2nd longest-running for bonus points. That’s a good fact to know, and it is The Phantom of the Opera in 1st, with Chicago in 2nd place. We ended the round with a question about Frosted Flakes, and headed into the final with two teams really duking it out for the lead spot.

The final question was about US Presidents, asking about the name of James Garfield’s dog, which was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek warning to congress, since the dog was named Veto. However, this didn’t cause much of a change in the standings, and third place tonight went to Dalek Dance Party. Second went to The Carolina Reapers, who couldn’t quite catch up to the leaders. Winning tonight’s game, congrats to Suck It Trebek on the victory in the first game of Pour House Season 12! Next week we start with a question about Iron Maiden (the band, not the torture device). So I will see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Iron Maiden Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland



Season 12 kicked off with a bite on it y’all! Wooh! What a set of pub trivia-licous that went down in Hagerstown, MD Wednesday night! 9 teams tossed around for a bit over what proved to be a very fun set of questions, albeit, a tough one to boot!

King King and Blue Curacao were some fun opening, set the feel of the night questions. That quickly turned into “Double Dipping,” The Black Cauldron, and the dreaded Budokan!

double dipping

We plowed ahead, however, into the wild, craziness that was Barefoot Bernies hump-day trivia night and had ourselves a fantastically fun night of live trivia! Congratulations to our Top 3 tonight – the Season 12 opening Leader Board looked like this:

20150916_223004.1 20150916_222904.2 20150916_223120.3

Fun times y’all! If that is any indicator of how Season 12 will go down, we have a bunch of fun Wednesdays ahead of us for sure! Have a great weekend my friends, and don’t forget to study up on some “Comic Book Superhero Secret Identity” trivia. That is how Slapsgiving want to kick it off next Wednesday night!

Until then, be well and I will see you soon 🙂

comic book


Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

It was a bit of a melee over at Belles tonight but frankly, that’s the way we like it best! Everyone was minding their T’s and O’s but quite a few of my teams tonight were laid low by a disney question. Disney!

It’s the stuff trivia dreams are made of and most of you tanked it! Oh man – that threw a few of you off your axis. That 2,4,6 didn’t help anyone and we racked up some very unhappy people after that 2 point. So many fingers pointing!

We’ll always have DuClaw and Inspector Gadget to console us.. There will be no need to console Killin Me Smalls, they were thrilled with starting out Season 12 with a 3rd place finish. 2nd place went to Flight level:Awesome, and 1st was Constantly Changing Team Name. It’s going to be a good season. 🙂

Next week we start out with aeronautical terms or Flight level This! Yup. Yup. Gonna be a good season. ~Samantha

Aviation Trivia Alexandria, VA


New season of live trivia; same group of veteran teams ready to go here at Bennigan’s! Well, with one exception – we had one new team join the crowd tonight calling themselves Matt Williams School of Management. With a field of strong veteran teams, a win would be hard to come by – Or would it?

Matt Williams was up to the challenge, starting off the game with a PERFECT first half, holding the top spot at halftime with 96 points. A few teams not far behind, a tie for 2nd between Here, Hold My Beer and Knock Knock at 90 points but it looked like Matt Williams was legit. It was not until our “What game am I playing?” question that Matt Williams missed a point, giving up 2 points on the bonus question “How many checkers does a player start with in Backgammon?” Even so, they commanded the entire game.

The 6-4-2 played very interestingly; I in fact loved this question. We were looking for the career leader in rushing yards per attempt. Lots of teams went early on 6 AND 4 with well known runningbacks like Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch BUT it was actually a QUARTERBACK who holds the distinction. Matt Williams picking up the 4 point clue and 2 more points on the field with the Michael Vick response. They rode that momentum into the final question where they led by 16 points, making it a runaway. First time PHT players and they’re 1-0! A very strong squad of guys to beat here. We’ll see if they join us again in the near future to prove they aren’t One Hit Wonders! 2nd place tonight for Here, Hold My Beer and 3rd going to Strangers have the Best Candy. Great game guys, the season has officially kicked off! We’re back in a week! See ya then!

1st Place: Matt Williams School of Management
2nd Place: Here, Hold My Beer
3rd Place: Strangers Have the Best Candy

Next week: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

It was so great to see everyone again after my week away! This time, we rocked our game on a Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who made tonight work with their schedules, it’s always awesome to pack the house the way we do.

By now, you know my style – short, sweet and to-the point so let’s get right into it: Our first half tonight was definitely a close one, with a tie for third going into the second half, but when it came down to movie studio logos, our Men & Pausers took home the 3rd place prize!! In second, a bit ahead of them and a newer team-to-watch, the Hobgoblins claimed their 2nd place prize! However, the ferocious and unrelenting former Moops changed their name but definitely held on to that killer brain power AND WON!

Their new team name is definitely one of my faves: See, what had happened was… (See what I did there?) Their choice of first category? Cryptozoology! I’ll see you next week, on our regular Wednesday night!



The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Season 12 officially began last night at The Tavern and the battling is already on!

By the end of round 3, it pretty much looked like 1st place was sown up with a 16 point lead, but going into the final after round 4, it shrunk to only a 6 point lead! It all came down to how you wagered and how you answered the final question!

This is how week one ended: In 3rd place we had Suck It Trebek! Finishing strong for 2nd place honors was Olney the Lonely!! Struggling through round 4 but still pulling out the “W” for week one of season 12 was Risky Quizness!!! (That’s the new handle for John Lithgow’s Fan Club this season) They also decided to pick the show “The Big Bang Theory ” for next Wednesdays winners choice, so study up and we’ll see everyone back for another nail biter in a week at The Tavern!!!

~ Jon J

Big Bang Theory TV Trivia

We had a rousing game of Pour House Pub Trivia tonight at the Revolution
Bar! Even though last week was the official first night of Season 12,
we didn’t know it, so tonight was our unofficial kickoff.

Highlights of the Night:

In “This-Answer-Keeps-Going-And-Going-And”: The Ts and Os Question saw
little more than one answer: Terrell Owns. But it saw it repeated over
and over and over again for each of the TOs. You guys know that’s not
gonna work right?

In “Unexpected-Alma-Mater-Reference”: Usually I get excited when
Clemson gets mentioned. But doing a double-dipping study seems a

In “Pulling-The-Early-Trigger”: The 6-4-2 saw every team going too
hard too early. Regardless of when they guessed, everyone said Adrian
Petersen. No one waited for the 2 point clue! sometimes you have to!
The final didn’t really effect the standings tonight.

In third place, E=MC Hammer!

In second place, Mess and Jegg!

In first place, Green Machine!
Good game everyone! Next week we’re gonna start the game off with the
movie Glengarry Glen Ross! Never seen it, but y’all should if you
wanna be prepped!

Until then,


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

First night of Season 12 live trivia here at Valley Grill and everything as always went off without a hitch! I have never had so much verbal appreciation over a well written question like tonight’s 6,4,2. Kudos from the players to the writing staff! Here are the results of the game:

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 1st
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 2nd
Richard Tickler in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the NHL with a stipulation: NO WAYNE GRETZKY questions.

~ Ronnie

Stanley Cup Pub Trivia Category Maryland