Pour House Pub Trivia’s Wednesday got EVEN BIGGER this week!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday welcomed a new member to the family: Applebee’s!  Welcome to the crazy gang we’ve got folks – hope to see you around for a long, long time – I wonder how things went down there? Check out the rest of the games below!


Applebees – Frederick, MD

We had a great first night of live trivia at Applebee’s in Frederick, with a ton of new teams playing along with a few veteran teams.
Between The Kickerz, The Variables, and K-Squared, there were strong showings from several brand new teams. However, another strong showing from one of the veteran teams, One Crow Short of a Murder, from start to finish gave them the win. The Chaddlebees nailed the final to take second place, with The Kickerz taking down third place also getting the final.
Special Mention to The Variables who held strong throughout the entire game but got tripped up by the final question.
All in all, it was a great and promising start at a very fun venue, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week!  One Crow chose NBC’s The Blacklist (Which I hear is a great show!) as the winner’s choice category for next week, so get to studying teams!
Until next week,
 [th_youtube id=’y8FJOQ1wlew’ name=’The Blacklist Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

We all got a little ferklempt over pub trivia tonight at Atlantic Grille in Urbana, with jokes, questions, and puns galore!
Tonight’s most valuable lesson was that although the French word “mousse” has many different translations, it is neither the French word for “elk,” nor is it the Scottish word for “mouse.” Other topics of great interest included Bernie Lomx becoming a vampire and dancing to “Paper Planes,” Ed Koch buying CoverGirl foundation at Tar-zhay, and Barbara Streisand’s pet koala with Celiac disease 😛
Strangers Have the Best Candy took first place tonight, while the battle for second and third was a bit more heated. In the end, Donner Party of Five ousted the competition for second place by turning in the sole correct answer to the final question with Momzilla rounding out third place.
Next week’s Winners’ Choice category is going to involve some extensive internet research, and you may need a LOLspeak dictionary! I will be combining religion with cute cats who can’t spell to bring you “Eric Reads the LOLCat Bible!” Srsly, iz a thing. Luk it up. Kthxbai!
– Eric 😀

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

So first things, first – my battery ran out a tad earlier than I expected on my phone. By the end of the night, my phone told me it was done with me and was not taking picture. No way, no how…it was done for the night unless I fed it some juicy cocktail from the wall outlet! That being said, I was unable to take photos of my winning teams from our game of pub trivia at Barefoot Bernies tonight. Many apologies to our leader board! Note to self #1 – buy a charger! That said, wow what a game tonight to open up the Fall Season at Bernies! We had a bunched up score board going into the 2nd half and it was truly anyone’s game. And I had some fun with the name “Scott Bakula.” Note to self #2: it does not rhyme with “Dracula,” and if I say it like that, people will laugh at me! (insert Jean Valjean flashback here) Pour House  Pub Trivia Maryland

Coming around that 6-4-2 turn, however, and on into Round 4, we saw the score board open up some and folks giving me more and more stink eye – it happens… Pour House  Pub Trivia Maryland
The Bible question was a stumper tonight as the wheel base question. Moving into the final, however, it was seriously a close contest and still could have gone any number of directions. I like the final question tonight – any question about “Cojones” is a good one IMO 😉
 Pour House  Pub Trivia Maryland
When it all went down, our final leader board looked like this: 1st Place: Slapsgiving 2nd Place: I Do My Killing After Midnight (And sticking with the cat theme I have going on here – our 2nd Place winners tonight emailed me a photo of the late kitty, Simon…he will live on our blog forever)
Pour House  Pub Trivia Maryland
3rd Place: Knoxum – as a DUO I might add 🙂 Congratulations everyone! Great great game! Next Wednesday, Season 10 continues and we will kick off with the category of “Drive” (the film). So until then, have a great weekend and thanks for playing tonight…I will see you soon. dg 🙂
Drive Trivia Pour House  Pub Trivia Maryland
Lots of great play all around with some high scores across the board for a mostly veteran bunch tonight at Bennigan’s! Going into the final Erotic Friend Fiction held the top spot, with many teams within striking distance. The final proved to be quite difficult; only 2 teams managed to get a correct answer. With that, Erotic Friend Fiction dropped into 3rd place, giving way to My Favorite Team, who jumped from 8th to 2nd with a correct response and winning the game tonight was Uncle Jack who climbed from 6th place all the way into the lead!! Exciting finish, good game guys! Trivia next week as usual! Same time, same place; until then!!

1st Place:     Uncle Jack
2nd Place:    My Favorite Team
3rd Place:     Erotic Friend Fiction
Next week’s category:     The Andy Griffith Show
Andy Griffith Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Oh man! Holy hell! You just never know what will go down in the underground, and tonight we watched one team jump from 8th place to 1st with one single answer. TNC, not gonna lie… I thought you were out of it. You were so proud on that 3 clues question that I dreaded reading you the 3rd clue, and yet you laughed it off, pulled it together and 2 rounds later you made the clutch move and took 1st! Impressive, to say the least. You left Damn you Hugh Jackman in 2nd (And happy about it, they look good in that bridesmaid slot) and it was the rowdy Team Wednesday who fell to 3rd after leading in to the final. Those final questions man… they can getchya. Next week we will start out with one of my favorites- Space Balls! Comb the Desert! ~Samantha Spaceballs Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland  


​​The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Well, tonight was my first night as the new host for the Olney Tavern, and I gotta say, Tripp has some fun teams out here! The game started out SUPER tight, only 5 points separated 1st and last place after the puzzle page, but rounds 3 and 4 helped spread out the scores a little more. I did have to use a tie-breaker after the final question, but once we settled that, this is how tonight ended up: finishing in 3rd place tonight(and winning the Shock Top Schwag Bag prize also!) was I Quizzed in My Pants! Taking the tie-breaker and finishing 2nd was Men and Pausers! And winning my first night as host of the Olney Tavern was Olney the Lonely!! They decided on “James Bond” for next weeks winners choice question, and it was a fun start to what I hope will be a long running relationship! See everyone next Wednesday night at the Olney Tavern!!! ~ Jon J

James Bond Trivia Alexandria VA


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

The game is always close at Revolution Bar, and tonight was no exception. Though a few teams were playing man down, that didn’t stop things from going right down to the wire!

Highlights of the night:

When one team asks during the Pop Music question to play one of the songs in question, I think about it. When two teams request the same song, I consider it. When three teams all request the same Taylor Swift song, I grumble and mutter over the mic while I pull out my phone and find the song on YouTube. I am a slave to your entertainment, people!

Ahh the stink-eye I get when I ask for a more specific answer to one British Royal on the puzzle page, but not the other. Everyone knew it was an Elizabeth, but no one knew it was a George.

I really need to find out what the fascination with potatoes is onTeam GT80 Sauce. You have piqued my curiosity, and tickle my funny bone with your silly throw-away answers.

We had a tough final tonight, and it would come down to some defensive wagering.

In third place, Mess and Jegg! Good job guys!

In second place, Team GT80 Sauce! Close one fellas, great game!

In first place, Movin on Up! Even with an incorrect guess on the final they managed to hold on to the top spot. Well done guys!

For their first round category for next week, Movin on Up has chosen Disney Jr.! Ahh parents of small children; have fun studying up everyone!

Until next week,


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

Wednesday night at T.J. Stone’s saw a couple of teams stop in who had not visited us in a long time.  Periodic Table Dancers and I’ll Have Another made their triumphant returns to trivia night.  But during the game, it was essentially a two-team race as My Favorite Team (a.k.a. Wher’s Blair?) went toe-to-toe with Gone Squatchin’, as each team pulled away from the field in round four.  As we got ready for the final question, we had a tie for first.  But neither team was able to come up with the correct response on the final.  Would someone be able to overtake them?  My Faorite Team went with the strategic zero wager to hold on for the win.  The B-58s were the only team to get the final, and that launched them into second place, with Gone Squatchin’ taking third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on Mount Vernon!  ~ Matt

Mount vernon Trivia


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Another great game of live trivia on the books here at Valley Grill in Middletown, here is how the game went down: Drunk Savants was our first place finishers with Your Mom’s a Horcrux in 2nd. Brain Freeze was our 3rd place team tonight. Our first category for next week is MTV’s Teen Wolf. ~ Ronnie Andy Griffith Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland