Pour House Pub Trivia’s Monday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday brought five great games of live trivia to help beat that summer heat, which seems to have arrived in force!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Whew! First it was a hot one, then a rainy one, then a rainy hot one down here at DRP in Alexandria, it was nice to be inside! This was a close one, and the top three teams going into the final DIDN’T PLACE?! How often does that happen? Here are your results:

Marvin Bush 2024 in 1st
Jurassic Parks & Recreation in 2nd
Still TBD in 3rd

Join me here next week, our first category is Game of Thrones.

~ Ronnie

Game of Thrones Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia MD

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Coming soon!

il Forno – Frederick, MD

We were FIRED UP tonight at il Forno, eclipsing the double digits and seeing mostly familiar faces! It’s good to see a large number of teams returning on a week to week basis, helps establish the tone of the venue and to expect a certain level of competition. It’s hot!

Thanks to all of you who come out each week, I hope you guys have as much fun playing as I do bringing you the game each week! Tonight’s question of the night was Dog Breeds! I had 3 teams BONUS this category, only 1 team in the entire field got their wager on this one! Congrats to Much More Deeper, bonusing Dog Breeds and picking up their wager on it, the only team in the bar! German Shepherd is what we were looking for, got lots of English Bulldog and other answers but no dice, unfortunately. Going into the final we had 4-Play Above the Table and Much More Deeper holding onto the 3rd and 2nd places respectively, while I’m with Sarah sat comfortably ahead by 15 in the number 1 spot.

They would go on to win the game, congrats guys! MMD missed the final, leaving a spot open among the top three for any team to snipe it with a correct response. 4-Play nailed the final and jumped up to 2nd place while Off in Public, with a 0 wager, were able to sneak into 3rd! Great game guys, next week is still summer fling, so keep coming out, getting those points, I’ll see you all then!

1st Place: I’m with Sarah
2nd Place: 4-Play Above the Table
3rd Place: Off in Public

Next week’s category: The Big Bang Theory (tv show)

Big Bang Theory TV Trivia

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

I had a great time filling in for Ian, as teams came to grips with the lack of Kelly Clarkson in the night’s playlist. With Summer Fling 2015 underway, teams came from venues far and wide to compete for the prizes.

We learned all about the Taj Mahal (and my dubious pronunciation skills), the lesser-known works of Kanye West (did you know he used to rap?) and just how overused the first name “Grace” is on cable TV. Teams stayed relatively close as we built towards a dramatic finish.
With the final came a tiebreaker for first, which was taken down by TBH! The Duchess settled for second, and Ollie Monsters (11th place at World Series, they’d like me to remind you) took home third.
Next week’s first category will be “Football Hall of Fame”, so take a trip out to Canton and study up!!
Inline image 1
Ian will be back next week, as I return to the Hinterlands (or Tilted Kilt, whichever is closer) to resume my usual hosting duties. Thanks everyone!!

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Our second week of the Summer fling season, and the regular crowd was back at Spider Kelly’s.  It was a close game throughout the night, but a tough final meant strategic wagering would play a key role.  Eleven is a Prime Number is back in fine form after their hiatus, and managed to hold on to the win despite missing 12 points on the last question.  Our second place team, Swedish Police on Vacation, lost a crucial nine point wager in the second half, but that ironically may have helped their chances of winning, as they were able to bet conservatively on the final, and let a number of team pass them (the wrong way) in the standings.  They took home second place, with Jimmy’s in Vegas taking third.  ~ Matt