Pour House Pub Trivia’s Monday helped you find where I-70 ends!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday knew that life is a highway – an important bit of information if you’d like to cruise your way to Cove Fort, Utah without changing roads!

Check out all the action down below.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to all the fine Alexandrians for rolling in for another stellar game of PHT here at DRP. It was another real close game, here are the standings:

Del Ray Dummies in 1st

Periodic Table Dancers in 2nd

Worst Case Ontario in 3rd

Join me here again next week, our first category will be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

~ Ronnie

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Starting tonight’s game felt oddly familiar, but this was the first time I had been asked to sing for a trivia question at this venue. I’ve done it at other spots, but it finally spread to the Greene Turtle teams thanks to my past blog posts that I was willing to sing. So tonight we opened with a category about me singing Disney Songs. For this one I chose three songs from the film Mulan and sang small parts from each of them, telling teams to guess the Disney film released in the last 20 years (Mulan came out in 1998). We also had a question about those PSAs, the more you know, and I almost had to be a real life example of one when teams asked me what a Portmanteau is (combo words, like smog or spork). Also, today’s halftime page showed me most of you guys knew your military quotes pretty well overall, I was impressed by the scores on that part of the page.

Throughout tonight’s game I even had an assistant, as one of the kids from Danny Glover offered to be my assistant throughout the game, even though I insisted I didn’t need one. It was still fun hanging out with the little guy, who sure knows a ton about Apple technology, he was telling me things about them I never knew. I also took a little time to teach him about the X-Men, because Cyclops was on the halftime page and I happen to love the X-Men.

One question that was an absolute game changer was the highway question, because several teams were way too confident that I-70 ends in Colorado, but it goes onward until it hits Utah before stopping. That was painful for several teams, as well as the Grand Slams question, with most teams not being able to think of Mattingly, and Fred Lynn was just one guy that almost nobody had heard of.  It was cool getting all those (Hall of Famer) Rod Carew guesses, which were unfortunately wrong. The final question ended up being about Star Trek, and contained a neat fact that they NEVER actually say “Beam me up, Scotty” in anything Star Trek, ever. Kirk says something close to that sometimes, but never in that exact order, so I wonder how that became such a popular phrase to reference Star Trek in general. Of course, the most popular wrong answer was “Live Long and Prosper” which Spock does say, although if you don’t know the material that well, you might not know that.

Final standings after the final shifted just a bit, thanks in part to some wagering by the top teams. Third place went to Rice Rice Baby, who bet defensively and ended up sliding only one spot in the final standings. Second place went to Danny Glover, who did not bet enough to cover the team that was in third place, and ended up losing out by a point. Winning tonight thanks to the betting error was That’s A Niner, which is not to discredit the fact that they played very well tonight, nice job! Next week we start out with a question about The Great Mouse Detective, which Niner has informed me is on Netflix, so time to go study! I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Another Monday night, and we got everybody. I got some money cause I just got paid. Yeah, I’ll admit, I borrowed that line from Sam Cooke. What a legend, died too young. Ahhh. Well, there’s my random in memoriam post.

Let’s get back into the trivia game, shall we? Lots of teams tonight, double digit numbers, mostly vets. Great to see some faces of people who’ve been gone for a bit. The question of the night tonight was the Interstate Highway question, hands down. Not only did it play difficult (about 3 teams picking up any points on it), but the teams that missed it, missed it BIG. Lots of 7 and 9 wagers for California and for Colorado, but the teams that scored were the ones that said UTAH! Cove Fort, specifically.

I always see that sign coming home to Frederick from B-more that says “Columbus, St Louis, Denver, and Cove Fort” as the I-70 destination cities. I remember asking myself “WTF is Cove Fort?” and I looked it up and was surprised to see that it was in Utah. Just a good fact I’d picked up. Going into the final, we had our top three set at Chicken McThuggets, Better Late Than Pregnant, and Much More Deeper, 1st to 3rd. All three of the top teams nailed the final so that’s how the game unfolds! Grats to Chicken McThuggets taking it down tonight!!! Back in a week, see ya then!

1st Place: Chicken McThuggets
2nd Place: Better Late Than Pregnant
3rd Place: Much More Deeper

Next week’s category: Triple 50/50 Drumline Colleges (from the movie)

Drumline trivia nick cannon trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Maryland National Golf Club – Middletown, MD

Well, last night was the official start to our new weekly game of trivia at Schroyer’s Tavern at Maryland National Golf Course!

It was nice to see a couple of teams that I haven’t seen for a while, and though I hope to see them here on a regular basis, it’s hard to know if they just came for the $50 cash prize for the 1st place winner!! It was definitely a fun game with some ups, downs and even a tie-breaker question to boot. And this is how it ended.

Winning the tie-breaker to take the 3rd spot of the night was a familiar team with a new name, Atlas Drugged! Finishing 2nd was Southpaw fish, and winning our inaugural game at Schroyers Tavern AND winning the $50 cash bonus was One Crow Short of a Murder!! I will try not to embarrass myself too badly with next Mondays winners choice category of Jon Jeffries Sings Johnny Cash!

They have great food and drink specials throughout the game(I definitely had TOO many 50 cent wings), so I hope to see even more teams next Monday for a great time and fun game at Schroyer’s Tavern in Maryland National G.C.! See ya!!

~ Jon J

Johnny Cash trivia pour house pub trivia

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

A few new faces wandered in for trivia on Monday night at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, and we also had a few teams visiting from other locations, which led to our first full house of the summer.  There were 11 teams battling it out for trivia supremacy, but after a few weeks off, Eleven is a Prime Number showed that they were not rusty, and cruised to an easy victory that was almost wrapped up before we asked the final question.  Jimmy’s in Vegas bounced back from an early mistake to take second, while Ding! Fries are Done took third.  Next week begins with a fun question on Teddy Roosevelt.  See you then!  ~ Matt