Pour House Pub Trivia weekend recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend was full up with live trivia action at three venues, plus a little bonus holiday game on Friday! Take a run through our weekend recaps below!


Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Another great game of live trivia here at Belles as we get closer and closer to the big $5k game coming in January! I Took the Liberty of Fertilizing Your Caviar was our first place finishers tonight, with Coming From Behind rolling right into 2nd. Uncle Jack recovered from a few mistakes early on, and finished in third. C’mon back to Belles next week, where the first category will be Heteronyms! ~ Ronnie Heteronyms Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

What an amazing “homecoming” kind of night it was for me at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg!  Friendly faces, Christmas cookies, bar-wide sing-alongs and some brain-busting questions made for one of my best nights of hosting, hands down! It was a battle of wits for sure, with multiple ties throughout the game!! In the end, it was (insert scores from previous email). Their choice of first category next week? University of Miami Florida Football!

The votes are in, next week’s holiday treat: BROWNIES & SUGAR COOKIES (it was a tie!) !!

I’d better start baking! See you next Sunday! ~Torie

 1st- Boh’s & Hoes,  2nd- Gator & the Girls, 3rd- Gaza Strippers First category next week: University of Miami FLORIDA Football. Miami Hurricanes Football Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


The Dilligad Pub – Frederick, MD

What a CRAZY ending to tonight’s game of trivia at the Dilligad Pub!!! It was a tight game score-wise going into the final question with a tie for 2nd place between 2 teams, but the final question can be a cruel mistress if you’re not careful, and this is how tonight ended up: Jumping from 6th place to 3rd was 3 People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen!!(thanks for coming to visit me from Guido’s!) Jumping from 5th to 2nd place tonight was the Beverly Crushers!! The only team to hold onto their position was our game winners tonight, repeating another 1st place finish, Threat Level Midnight!! They went seasonal for next weeks winners choice category, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” so study up and get back here next Sunday night for some trivia at Dilligad Pub! ~  Jon J National Lampoon Trivia Christas trivia Live Trivia Maryland