Pince-Nez and Pour House Pub Trivia on Wednesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday brought you some eyeglass trivia, a bit of movies and of course, the soliloquy.

Check out how it all went down, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game opened up with a question about the TV show “Beverly Hills, 90210” and was a prime example of why it’s usually quite a gamble to put your bonus on the winner’s choice question. Quite a few teams got burned by it and that set them behind considerably. The first round went by pretty quickly with several fast easy questions, bringing us to the second round and the audio question. The audio question was about the movie “Across the Universe”, and only a few teams were able to get the question right. On the next question we asked about a boxer who named all his sons the same first name, and I was impressed that every single team knew this one as I never would have guessed that.

It turns out that most people know what a soliloquy is, but almost nobody knows how to actually spell it. I thought the question about the ‘Bat Signal’ was a clever one, and although most teams were able to get it, only a few managed to figure it out based on the first two clues. Halftime tonight asked about objects that are named for people (like the Rubik’s Cube or the Ferris Wheel) and had teams match the musical artist to the song that had the word ‘Man’ in the title.

Opening up the second half things were pretty close with ties for second place and third place, and the third round started out with a question that almost wiped the field. We asked about the three baseball teams that don’t have an official mascot, with only one team getting two of the three answers, which are the Yankees, the Dodgers, and the Angels (Sorry, Rally Monkey doesn’t count). I liked the question about the two men who declined their Academy Award wins in the 1970s, who were Marlon Brando and George C. Scott; I thought it was a pretty neat fact. The round ended with a bit of a tougher World Capital question, talking about Kingston and Kingstown, which are both capitals of Caribbean nations, Jamaica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Tonight’s 6-4-2 question talked about a seven letter word, which caused a few teams to eventually learn that they didn’t know how to spell Niagara falls, causing them to miss out on a few points. Starting out the final round was everybody’s favorite category, A+B=C, which talked about a duumvirate (which is two people) and the number of houses (4) you need in Monopoly to be able to get a hotel. I loved the question about Ned Flanders, the TV dad who is more closely associated with Christianity than The Pope or Mother Teresa, according to “Christianity Today”. I also found it interesting that Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is back on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, I forgot that could happen. We ended the round with a question about shopping and the different terms stores use for their price reductions, such as Blue Light Special or Rollback Prices.

Heading into the final question things were still pretty tight between the teams at the top, and tonight’s final question definitely shook things up a bit. The question was in the category of Word and Phrase Origins and talked about a phrase that means “Impromptu Performing” and comes from the name for the Offstage area, which is known as the wings, leading to the term “Winging It”. A few teams did manage to get the answer, however, causing things to change. Third place tonight went to President Bartlett’s Senior Staff making their debut appearance. Second place went to the Carolina Reapers, making a solid jump after nailing the final. Winning tonight, securing the win with some smart wagering and getting the final correct, congrats to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity! Next week we start with the greatest Christmas Movie ever, Die Hard! I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Die Hard Trivia pour house pub trivia

What a DAG’ON game of trivia in Hagerstown Wed. Night!!! Barefoot Bernies was poppin’ and the trivia game was exciting all the way through the end! And we had a little leap frog ending that is always fun and surprising!

Round 1 and 2 were fun and not very much blood was drawn…BUT, the 2nd half had a bite! Ned Flanders, pince-Nez, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines come to mind!

ned flanders

But not to fret! The Bernies trivia teams are warriors! And it ain’t over til the final Q is tossed. And Wednesday’s final snow-globed the scoreboard. We had some defensive wagering go on and some sniping as well. It was, needless to say, an extremely fun one to watch unfold! Great, great game everyone! Here is how the final leader board looked:

20151216_220320.3 20151216_220133.2 20150813_001426.1

Next week we start off with “Monster High.” And we finish with a White Elephant – $15 or so gift. Hope to see you there 🙂


monster high

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

So I know that some of us have different, slightly more unusual holiday traditions… but I’m not gonna lie- I don’t think I know anyone, anywhere else who would think Booze me up and Get me High is a fitting Christmas carol. Oh Belles. Oh how I love thee. Wait till you hear the category for our Christmas week game!

Was a good night, with some real humdingers hidden in the set. There was a lot of Mascot hate going on tonight, all except Flight Level awesome who used it as another chink in their armor in that first place sot they were riding all night. We also had a bit of a curve ball on the soliloquy question- yes, that is how you spell that. Across the Universe got no love from the crew tonight, usually the audio question goes pretty well but tonight- not so much. Blame it on the bowling noise!

The final shook things all the hell up, add in some strategic wagering and no one knew where the hell they ended up! Once teams stopped trying to out celebrate each other we got down to business! We found out that Crash Test were not last! Impressive considering they resorted to sending me up lyrics and terrible Star Wars jokes. 3rd went to Col. Angus, 2nd was Flight level Awesome (yeah, tough loss on the final question! Just glad I don’t have to sing Christmas Carols next week) 1st went to the humble, subtle, un-creative Constantly Changing Team name! Nice grab!

Our first category next week will be Santa’s dirty body parts. oh my. By the way, don’t blame me when you google santa’s dirty parts. Just wing it on that next week 😉 Speaking of next week- will be our last game before Christmas so there will be cookies!



As the holidays approach, some of our regular teams decide to take an early leave and not join us tonight – that’s why they aren’t my favorites; you guys are! Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! Your dedication is appreciated and I love having you guys come hang out with me every week! Sorry I missed you last week but I am here to stay for the next month at least!

Tonight’s game featured most of our veteran teams including Strangers have the Best Candy who upgraded from the usual 2 or 3 person team to a full crew at 7 players! Strangers always fights and keeps themselves right in the thick of it but maybe now that they’ve near doubled their team size, they’ll have an opportunity to take down the victory!

Unfortunately for Strangers and the rest of the field, Chuck Rodent was untouchable tonight. They led but only a few at the halfway point but really pulled away in the 3rd round, after most every team missed BIG with the “pince-nez” question. Pince-nez stems from words meaning “pinch the nose” which is precisely what TR’s GLASSES did, resting right atop the upper part of his nose. Lots of teams went hard with “monocle”, but the monocle was NOT a TR TM, a Teddy Trademark, if you will. That term is reserved for the now rarely seen supportless eyeglasses sported by our 26th president!

Going into the final Chuck Rodent just about had the game locked up, leading by 12 on Knock Knock whom led Blue Steel by 12 as well. It was quite the spread out scores tonight, fault lying on the big hitting questions in the second half. With a strong lead like 12, teams were faced with a decision, but not a terribly difficult one. Do you bet for the tie or the win? 0 or 1? Well, Chuck went 1. Knock Knock threw caution to the wind and locked in the 12 bet while Blue Steel bet a bit defensively with a 7.

The final question played much more difficult than finals of recent history, Chuck Rodent being the only team to pick up a correct response and taking down the win tonight. 2nd place went to Knock Knock, despite a miss, with 3rd place going to Blue Steel on the strength of their conservation. Good game tonight, I’ll be back next week to get our last trivia game in before the holidays! Hope you can join us!

1st Place: Chuck Rodent
2nd Place: Knock Knock
3rd Place: Blue Steel

Next week: US Presidents

Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD

It was a record crowd for trivia at Hard Times as 13 teams piled in for some questions and answers.  We welcomed several new teams to our game, but it was the veterans who led the way.  Two Girls and an Idiot played a stellar game, leading the entire way, but the final question proved to be a bit of a puzzler.  The team had the correct answer narrowed down to a few choices, but could not come away with the correct response.  One team that did nail the final was Jimmy’s in Vegas!  They gained two spots and took the win.  Second place went to Alice Alice with Two Girls and an Idiot settling for third.  Next week we begin with a question on the film Slapshot!

~ Matt

The movie "Slap Shot", directed by George Roy Hill. Seen here of the Charlestown Chiefs hockey team, the Hanson Brothers. From left, David Hanson (as Jack Hanson). Steve Carlson (as Steve Hanson), Jeff Carlson (as Jeff Hanson). Initial theatrical release February 25, 1977. Screen capture. Copyright © 1977 Universal Pictures. Credit: © 1977 Universal Pictures / Courtesy: Pyxurz.

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

The cold weather finally decided to show up for our game at Memories Charcoal House! We had a few people back from vacation and a few others emerging from their hiatus to battle it out for the prizes and bragging rights. We had a great (but tough) audio clue, some seasonal stuff and a whole lotta laughs. In the second half, as to be expected, things got a little heated – but it’s all in the spirit of healthy competition. The scores, you ask? They were pretty high! Taking home the third place prize were our Polyamorous Virgins! In second, just ahead of them on the up & up were the Men & Pausers! But taking home the grand prize with a hilarious first category for next week: See What Had Happened Was! Their choice of category? Famous Jewish Athletes (Other Than Sandy Koufax).

REMINDER: We are OFF next week, so NO TRIVIA for Christmas week! I’ll see you in TWO WEEKS! Have a wonderful holiday!

– Torie


The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

We had ourselves a great time tonight, as more teams than ever before came out to play. With this new competition, would Anne’s Birthday Gun be able to maintain their win-streak?

We learned all about Across the Universe, the many appearances of the Bat Signal, and Mariah Carey’s most popular song every December. Teams stayed close all game, leading into a very decisive final. Anne’s Birthday Gun wagered to stay in the lead, and they took it down against the travelling veteran teams.

Third place: I’ll Find You a Toe
Second place: We’re Just Here for the Beer
First place: Anne’s Birthday Gun

ABG has requested another round of The Big Lebowski trivia, so that will be next week’s first category!! See you next week!


The Big Lebowski Trivia Category Maryland

The Tavern – Olney, MD

Had a great time tonight returning to Olney Tavern – it’s been awhile! We discussed TV’s most religious did-dad-diddly-Dad, my new exercise regimen (saying I’m training for a marathon as an excuse to carbo-load), and the fact that the Newton’s cradle is not also known as “Ben-wa balls.” 😀

John Lithgow’s Fan Club snagged the top spot for the second night in a row with Olney the Lonely in second and newcomers Classics in third! Kick up your heels for some classic country music – Jon will be back next week when the Winners’ Choice category will be Glen Campbell.

Thanks for having me, I’ll see you again!

– Eric 😀

Glen Campbell Trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Yesterday I had the privilege of substituting as host at Revolutions in Virginia. It was a cool place and they have some fun teams that play there! We were working with some ties throughout the game, even a tie for 2nd going into the final question, but fortunately didn’t need a tiebreaker at the end!

Dropping to 3rd was Green Machine! Moving from 4th to 2nd was the only team to answer the final correctly, Mess & Jeg! Our 1st place winner pretty much had it sown up after the first round, E=McHammer!! Now, IMPORTANT NOTE! Revolution will be OFF next Wednesday before Christmas, so when they come back in 2 weeks, the winners choice category will be Rankin/Bass Christmas Movies.

So have an amazing holiday and Ian will be back for you next time at Revolution!!

~ Jon J

Rudolph Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

My guess is Christmas shopping was the cause for the ranks being kind of thin here at Valley Grill Sports Bar, we had ourselves quite an entertaining game nonetheless. VG is announcing a contest for next Wednesday’s game with a $20 gift card for the team who is the “most festive”, so make sure you are here!

Here are the results of tonight’s game:
Southpaw Fish in 1st
Scared Money Don’t Make No Money in 2nd
Richard Tickler in 3rd
Our first category for the final game before Xmas will be the TV show Friends!

~ Ronnie

Friends Trivia Category Maryland

Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

First category next week will be Cuisine.

Italian Cuisine Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Cajun Cuisine Trivia Pub quiz Mayland