PHT’s ‘Solo Artist’ Takes Home Another Win!

What a night at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax!  Since we were hosting the only PHT game on Thanksgiving Eve, we welcomed a ton of players from other venues who had to have their trivia fix (incluing the host).  Everyone took a back seat to the ‘solo artist’ Stink Floyd, who ventured down for an inaugural visit to Fast Eddie’s.  He played a stellar game and led the whole way, but there were definitely some tense moments after round four, as there was one team within striking distance heading into the final question.  A conservative wager by the Rocket Surgeons sealed the deal for Stink Floyd, who took home the win.  The Surgeons did take second, with Minivan Mafia taking third.  The lovely and talented Torie will return next week with a question on soap.  ~ MattFairfax Bar Trivia