PHT World Series XXIII Recap!


The fifty best trivia teams in the metro area descended upon Cannon’s Events in Brunswick, MD on Saturday, March 9 for Pour House Trivia World Series XXIII!


We opened this season’s championship with questions regarding the punt in the bottle of a wine bottle and the Monopoly spaces whose names begin with ‘V’.  Our teams encountered the first three-part question of the game in the category of Colors that end in ‘URPLE’:

  • Which book written by Crockett Johnson is currently being adapted into a feature film?
  • The rap song “Purple Pills” from D12 was given which alternate title for its radio edit?
  • The current American company simply named Purple primarily sells which product?

Eight teams earned two bonus points with all three correct answers: Harold and the Purple Crayon, Purple Hills, and mattress.  We followed with the most difficult wagering question of the first round, as just over half of the field knew that the Space Shuttle Discovery was responsible for deploying the Hubble telescope.  After closing the round with a look at the film Finding Dory, Demolition led the field as the only one team with a perfect opening round.


We delved into the topic of music mashups for the World Series audio question.  We asked our teams to identify both of the musical acts whose songs were mashed together in each of three different clips:

  • All-American Rejects (“Move Along”) and Taylor Swift (“Anti-Hero”)
  • Beyoncé (“Texas Hold’em”) and Nelly Furtado (“Powerless”)
  • Linkin Park (“Somewhere I Belong”) and Lil Nas X (“Old Town Road”)

Even with two-fifths of the field coming away with wagering points with any two correct answers, Billy Crystal Balls gained two points on the field by being the only team with all three correct answers.  Other second round topics included U. S. President John Tyler, Mackinac Island in Michigan, and the Shakespearean origins of the first name Jessica.  Any momentum gained by our teams with these answers came to a screeching halt during this query on the subject of streaming television:

  • In a callback to Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen portrayed himself at a poker game on which current streaming series co-created by Chuck Lorre?

Perhaps this is a sign that there are far too many streaming television shows…

Despite generally positive reviews, only two teams (Sexual Chocolate and Alternative Facts) had heard of the show Bookie starring Sebastian Maniscalco.  Unsurprisingly, a perfect second score eluded the entire field on Saturday.


Appropriately, the top half of the World Series halftime page asked our teams to identify Super Bowl champions based on pictures from the corresponding halftime show.  The bottom half featured a 50/50 section concerning obscure scientific names that were either dinosaurs or muscles.  The average score reached 13.7, with Bet Smart posting the highest score of 19 points.  At the halftime break, these teams were in contention for the top prize at the World Series:

  • Billy Crystal Balls: 82
  • Dave Martinez School of Management: 81
  • No Child Jeff Behind: 80
  • Team Pizza: 80
  • Demolition: 80


We headed to Broadway for the start of the second half:

  • The Broadway musical Promises, Promises was based on which Best Picture Oscar winner from the 1960s?

About half of the field responded correctly with The Apartment, but I Think, They Drink and No Child Jeff Behind were the only teams to tack on two bonus points by also knowing that the lead female character (played by Shirley MacLaine) was named Fran.  We continued the third stanza with questions concerning Doctor Who, Dwayne Johnson, African rivers, and the Anaconda Plan proposed by General Winfield Scott during the U. S. Civil War.  The third round proved to be much easier than in past World Series, as the collective success rate for the five wagering questions reached a healthy 68%.  Thanks to the first bonus question of the round, No Child Jeff Behind posted the only perfect score.


About one-fourth of the field earned the full six points on the 6-4-2 question by knowing that the son of composer John Williams was the second lead singer for the band Toto.  Our final round opened with some college hoops, with about one-third of the field earning two bonus points by identifying both UCONN and North Carolina as the only Division I schools with three men’s basketball championships in the past 20 years.  The next query was undoubtedly one of the most difficult wagering questions in Pour House Trivia history:

  • Comprising nearly 40% of the Earth’s total volume, which mineral was given its current name only a decade ago?

Congratulations goes to Supernovas as the ONLY team to respond correctly with bridgmanite.  Other final round topics included the success of Mariah Carey and Rihanna on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the mythological harpy, and titles containing the word ‘home’.  None of our teams closed their game with a perfect final round score.  With the first prize of $1,000 on the line, these teams held the highest scores heading into the final question:

  • No Child Jeff Behind: 157
  • Team Pizza: 155
  • Billy Crystal Balls: 153
  • Dave Martinez School of Management: 152
  • Sexual Chocolate: 148

FINAL QUESTION (70.0% success rate):

  • Due to its length, which Hugo Award-winning novel was originally released by the Chilton Company, a publisher primarily known for its automotive manuals?

By knowing the correct answer of Dune, No Child Jeff Behind earned its third consecutive title and its sixth overall.  Billy Crystal Balls finished in the top three for the second straight season while Dave Martinez School of Management finished in the top five for a seventh time.  Stink Floyd extends its PHT record by finishing in the top ten for the 11th time.  Here is your final World Series leaderboard:

No Child Jeff Behind 168
Team Pizza 166
Billy Crystal Balls 165
Dave Martinez School of Management 161
What About Dave? 157
22 Ounces to Freedom 153
Stink Floyd 151
Bet Smart 149
Fresh Off the U-Haul 147
Not the Doctors You’re Looking For 146
Demolition 146
I Think, They Drink 145
Dog Park Mafia 145
Future Single Dads 145
Killer Snails 145
Donner Party People 144
Nincompoops 143
Comfortably Dum 142
Fan Club 141
The Gang Plays Bar Trivia 141
Ten Thousand Dugongs 139
Quality Guesswork 139
Sexual Chocolate 138
Creamm Teamm 136
Supernovas 135
Heavy Metal Parking Lot 134
What the Fork? 134
Power Vacuum 133
HFC 133
What Would Snake Do? 133
Part-Time Models 129
Patio Playas 124
Team Blaine 123
Samurai Trivia Players 123
Smart On the Avenue 114
How Did I Get Here? 113
Peanut Butter Jelly Time 112
TFTI 112
Rail Splitters 109
Alternative Facts 100
Comfortably Dumb 98
Too Many Jeffs 95
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons 93
Great Heathen Army 85
Alley Cats 79
Irregardlessly Unrelevant 79
Better Lucky than Smart 69
Bar Backs 63
13th Graders 61