PHT World Series XX Recap!

The 20th edition of the Pour House Trivia World Series welcomed 105 teams to Thurmont Event Complex.  Which of our powerhouse teams would walk away with $2,000 in cash?


Sunday’s game began with a look at the namesakes of U.S. states, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and homophones for the names of national capital cities.  The most difficult wagering question of the opening round was asked in the category of Change a Letter:

–> If you change one letter among these two words, you’ll go from the last name of the anthropomorphic title character voiced by Michael J. Fox in a 1999 film to the name of the dot above a lower case ‘i’ or ‘j’.

Slightly more than half of the field answered correctly with Little (as in “Stuart Little”) and Tittle.  We closed the first round with a visual question, asking our teams to process a set of three linguistic maps.  Sixteen teams began their championship game by posting a perfect first round score of 36 points.


Sunday’s audio question featured three musical acts with ‘watery’ names, as we listened to Frank Ocean, Johnny Rivers, and the group Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  We played Last Word / First Word with the correct response of Star of David Ortiz before discussing the clipper ship Cutty Sark, the purchase and (and re-sale) of the website Tumblr, and the most prevalent American restaurant chains whose names begin with the letter ‘J’.  Nine teams posted a perfect score in the second round.


To commemorate the end of Season XX, our championship halftime page depicted notable athletes who donned the uniform number 20, while the bottom half included ten general knowledge questions about the number itself.  The final two questions on the page were by far the most difficult, as only a handful of teams remembered the film “20 Feet from Stardom” and the classic rock song “Twentieth Century Fox” from The Doors.  Several teams posted 19 points, but Hipster Fashion Consultants recorded the only perfect score during Sunday’s halftime page, as the overall average reached 14.2 points.  These were your highest scoring World Series teams after one half of play:

  • Full Bullpen:  91
  • Dave Martinez School of Management:  89
  • Power Vacuum:  89
  • Kitten Mittens:  89
  • Van Buren Boys:  88
  • Killer Snails:  88
  • Notch Eight:  87


Appropriately, we saved the most treacherous questions for the second half.  Collectively, the three bonus questions from the third round were among the most difficult in World Series history, yielding an average success rate of just 3.5%.  To start the third round, about half of the field earned wagering points by recognizing descriptions of three people who share the last name Whitman.  Unfortunately, none of our teams picked up two bonus points by knowing that Debra was the first name of the short-lived love interest of Spider-Man.  After a quick discussion of the agricultural process of ginning, we asked this question concerning current U.S. Senators:

–> The current U.S. Senators from Delaware, Chris Coons and Tom Carper, have last names that begin with the same letter.  Identify either one of the other two states whose U.S. Senators share this distinction.

Nearly half of the field earned wagering points with either of the two correct answers: Texas (Ted Cruz / John Cornyn) and Illinois (Dick Durbin / Tammy Duckworth).  Six teams tacked on two bonus points with both correct responses.  The third stanza closed with the most difficult wagering question of the game:

–> Since the year 2000, three films with commas in their official titles have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture: a foreign language film released in 2000, a historical drama released in 2005, and a drama released in 2017.  Identify any two of these three films.

Only 16% of our teams gave us any two of these three correct answers: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Good Night, and Good Luck”, and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”.  Five teams snagged the final two bonus points of the round with all three correct answers.  Needless to say, we did not see any perfect third round scores at Sunday’s World Series.


After the 6-4-2 question discussed the influence of preacher Billy Graham, we were ready for the final round of play.  Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan during the first question, so we asked Gregori Rasputin to pinch hit for the Sundance Kid.  Only 13% of the field scored two bonus points by knowing the Christopher Lee portrayed the “Mad Monk” in a 1966 film.  Later, we visited Iguazu Falls in South America, discussed the music of Sting, and learned about a unique quality pertaining to the number 18.  The final round of our championship game closed with a Three Clues question:

CLUE 1: Drafted in 1948, he played for the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and Baltimore Colts.

CLUE 2: A Hall of Fame inductee in 1971, he retired in 1964 with NFL career records in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and games played.

Exactly one-quarter of our teams were bold enough to earn two bonus points with the early correct answer of Y. A. Tittle.  That’s So Clavin recorded the only perfect score of Sunday’s final round.  Heading into the final question, the leaderboard included these teams:

  • Full Bullpen:  165
  • Dave Martinez School of Management:  161
  • Hipster Fashion Consultants:  158
  • Kitten Mittens:  155
  • That’s So Clavin:  154
  • Power Vacuum:  153
  • Killer Snails:  153
  • It’s Mueller Time:  152
  • Fawn Liebowitz’s Pallbearers:  151
  • Bizarre, Interesting, Essential:  151

FINAL QUESTION (12.3% success rate):

–> Debuting in 1954 and airing for 19 seasons, this is the longest-running American TV show in history to have been adapted from a novel.  For your wager, name this TV show, based on a 1940 novel that also spawned a series of seven films.

Fourteen teams came home to the correct answer of “Lassie”.  In a thrilling finish, we awarded our championship trophy to a first time winner, as Kitten Mittens responded correctly on this question, jumping three spots in the final standings and earning a one-point victory.  Though several teams had answered each of the first 20 wagering questions correctly, none of them could seal the deal on the final question to record a Perfect 21.

Thank you to all of our teams for more than ten years of loyalty.  Good luck in the new season!  Here is the winner’s gallery followed by the final standings from PHT World Series XX:

1 Kitten Mittens 167
2 That’s So Clavin 166
3 Killer Snails 165
4 Notch Eight 160
5 Great Heathen Army 158
6 Beau Khaki 157
T-7 Full Bullpen 156
T-7 Bucket of B.S. 156
9 Van Buren Boys 154
10 Bailey’s Buddies 153
11 Dave Martinez School of Management 151
12 How Did I Get Here? 148
13 Hipster Fashion Consultants 146
14 Power Vacuum 141
15 It’s Mueller Time 140
T-16 Fawn Liebovitz’s Pallbearers 139
T-16 Bizarre, Interesting, Essential 139
T-18 Hungry Hungry Georgian Hippos 137
T-18 Gotta Have ‘Em 137
T-18 Half-Nelsons 137
21 Slapsgiving 136
T-22 Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap 133
T-22 Duck Dodgers 133
T-24 Five Dollar Dissin’ Terry 132
T-24 Fan Club 132
26 George Washington’s Camel 131
T-27 Stink Floyd 130
T-27 Offbeats 130
29 Mack Attack 129
T-30 Drunk Savants 128
T-30 Breadsticks 128
T-32 Jockish 127
T-32 Flight Level Awesome 127
T-34 Sexual Chocolate (MD) 125
T-34 Quiztery, Inc. 125
36 Dad Bods 124
37 Tokyo Tentacle Storm 123
T-38 Blood Legion 122
T-38 Vitrifiers 122
T-40 Balls Out 121
T-40 Harsh Reality 121
T-42 Irish Beer Mafia 120
T-42 D.C. Swampers 120
T-42 Uranus Fly Trap 120
T-45 Comfortably Dum 119
T-45 Crystal Methodists 119
T-45 Zambookie 119
T-45 Indians 119
T-49 Pi 118
T-49 Southpaw Fish 118
T-51 Morgan Station 117
T-51 Slime Puppies 117
53 Polys 116
54 Dino Amare 114
T-55 Castle Greyskull 113
T-55 Brain Freeze 113
T-55 Just Good Enough 113
T-58 Mad Facts: Query Road 112
T-58 Quality Guesswork 112
60 Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts 111
T-61 Pearls of Wisdom 110
T-61 Weasigators 110
T-61 Beer Winners 110
T-61 Eugoogilizers 110
65 Sexual Chocolate (VA) 109
T-66 Adult Education 108
T-66 Scott’s Tots 108
T-68 See You Next Thursday 107
T-68 Washington Foreskins 107
T-70 Fat Thor 106
T-70 Rural Jurors 106
T-72 Think, McFly, Think 105
T-72 I Say You He Dead 105
T-72 Punslingers 105
T-75 Wiley Coyotes 104
T-75 Four Shots and Seven Beers Ago 104
T-75 Just Joe 104
T-78 Cultured Heathens 103
T-78 Slightly Agitated 103
T-78 Thankful Dead 103
T-78 We Thought This Was Speed Dating 103
82 Game Time Decision 101
T-83 Gong Gong and the Butt Demons 100
T-83 Archived 100
T-85 Why Not Zoidberg? 99
T-85 Trivia Newton John 99
T-85 Farmer Daughter’s Bakery 99
T-85 Slow Trivia Movement 99
T-85 Peele and Eat 99
90 Pho Q 98
91 Chickens with Dickens 96
T-92 Smarty Pants 95
T-92 Special Eds 95
94 Pen Is Mightier 94
95 Hunchbacks of Notre Gone 93
96 Tough Kitties 91
97 The Bar 88
T-98 Anything But Sports 83
T-98 F.U. Darts 83
100 Rum Ham 82
101 Bald Bols 67
102 Five Heads, One Brain 63
103 Georges on York 59
104 Rumpleforeskin Grinder 42
105 Drunk Lushes 34