PHT Season XVI Playoffs and Pub Crawl Recap: Game 3

The third and final game of the Season XVI triple-header was originally slated to be held at Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick.  But with 46 teams participating in the game, it required an overflow game back at Tilted Kilt.  All told, Playoff Saturday included 136 teams!  We hope to see all of the qualifying teams back in Hagerstown in one week for World Series XVI.  Onto the final recap!


We began the final game with a Triple 50/50 question that included a comedic twist, asking our teams to decipher whether or not these were names of characters created by Dr. Seuss or names of fictional football players created by Key & Peele:

1) Gerald McBoing-Boing,  2) Jackmerius Tacktheritrix,  3) Ozamataz Buckshank

Most of our teams were able to recognize these names:


Later, we looked at Presidential elections the fashion work of Jimmy Choo, before closing the round on the subject of world capitals.  We asked our teams name to name either one of the two world capitals (other than Jerusalem) whose names begin with the letter ‘J’.  Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta was a popular correct answer, but only four teams earned bonus points by knowing that the capital of South Sudan is Juba.  In a shocking turn of events (please note the obvious sarcasm), the only perfect score of the first round was turned in by Proper Villains.  Our audio question featured some of the 2018 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The Cars, Dire Straits, and Bon Jovi.  Next up, a movie question that kept most of our teams from recording perfect second round scores:–> Collectively, the seven “Batman” feature films released in the last 30 years have featured four actresses who are currently Academy Award winners.  For your wager, name any three of these four women.

Though it was based on a DC Comics character, the Halle Berry film “Catwoman” is NOT considered to be a “Batman” film.  In addition, leading ladies such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Katie Holmes are not on the list of Oscar winners.  Your four answers:

We closed the first half with a question regarding the surprising story of this NHL expansion team, which went from 200-to-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup to the best team in the league:


It sounds like a broken record, but Proper Villains turned in a perfect second round score, though this time they were joined by Stink Floyd, who also notched 36 second round points.


The final halftime page of the day featured rebus puzzles pertaining to music groups, while the matching section quizzed our teams on the distances of certain cities from Washington, D.C.  Five teams recorded perfect scores, while the overall average score came in at 15.7 points.  Here are your top scores after the first half of the third game:

  • Proper Villains:  92
  • Stink Floyd:  88
  • North Country:  85
  • Bentley’s Buddies:  84
  • Tokyo Sex Robot:  84


The third round included a question on of Ad Campaigns, which proved to be the most difficult wagering question of the entire day:

–> Sitagin hemorrhoid cream, Rottenbrau beer, Golden Grenades cereal, and Chug-a-Cherry Soda were fictional brands introduced in an early 1990s advertising campaign for what real-life brand?

Here are the original ads:




Only THREE teams gave us this correct answer.  As if that wasn’t enough, we continued with an equally difficult bonus question in the category of Three Clues / One Athlete:

CLUE 1: Among the 35 quarterbacks who have won the Heisman Trophy, he threw the most career touchdown passes in the NFL.

CLUE 2: During his 14-year NFL career, he won a total of one playoff game.

Though we’re sure that at least a few teams actually had the right answer at this point, none of those teams were bold enough to go in early for the two-point bonus.  A few teams gave us the incorrect answer of Vinny Testaverde, which is certainly a good guess, as he would be second on both lists with 275 TDs and just two career playoff victories.  The third clue made all the difference:

CLUE 3: He announced his retirement earlier this month.

With 292 career TDs and one playoff win, we were looking for Carson Palmer:

The second half continued with questions on the 1990s TV drama “My So-Called Life”, the Biblical figure Salome, and the act of noodling:

We stumped most of our teams when we asked them to name any two of the three most recent studio albums released by Eminem.  Even with the hint that all three albums began with the letters “RE-“, only 28% of our teams earned points here, with just five teams earning two bonus points with the three correct answers of “Relapse”, “Recovery”, and “Revival”.  The final game of the day did not feature any perfect scores in either the third or fourth rounds.  Here are your top scoring teams after four rounds of play:

  • Proper Villains:  156
  • Stink Floyd:  152
  • North Country:  146
  • Bentley’s Buddies:  146
  • Sexual Chocolate:  145

FINAL QUESTION (10.9% success rate):

–> What word found on alcoholic labels is the German translation for the phrase ‘dram of liquor’?

Only five teams answered this final question correctly:

None of our teams managed to record the Perfect 21 during this final game.  These were your highest scoring teams from the third and final game of the day:

  • Teachers:  146
  • Proper Villains:  144
  • Stink Floyd:  140
  • Bentley’s Buddies:  134
  • North Country:  134
  • Gryffindorks:  133
  • Sexual Chocolate:  133
  • Literally Anything:  131
  • Blood Legion:  128
  • Power Vacuum:  126


Congratulations to Proper Villians, who took home close to $150 in cash today (on top of numerous restaurant discounts) for their efforts!