PHT Online – Final Scores from May 20

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Title One Forever!

Title One Forever (TIEBREAKER)172
Things You Measure172
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 century171
Mike Litoris171
The Mighty Quinn’s171
Half a Team171
Denny Exotic170
Helter Shelter170
Corona Matata170
Monsieur Denny, Top Division Champion170
Why Not Zoidberg?169
You Win Again Gravity169
Cool Cats & Quaran-Kings 169
I Drink Your MILKSHAKE!!!!168
Crushed Optimism168
Lucky Cat Pajamas168
Bailey’s Buddies167
Niels Bohring167
The Spanish Inquizition167
We R #2167
the gold team166
We Come From Behind166
killer snails166
His & Her Peas165
Half Nelsons 165
Educated Friends 165
The Crown Regiment165
Every Day is Groundhog Day164
Team Duck164
Sharkfin Pizza164
Fan Club163
Tokyo Sexwhale163
Dumber Than We Look162
My Mom Thinks I’m Smart162
Gnocchi Pocchi161
Rolling with My Coronies161
momentary lapse160
Looking for Demin Chicken160
Hippies & Hunnies 159
Nolo Contenders159
Fast Forward Not Available159
Carol Baskin Robbins159
Irregardlessly Unrelevant158
my black hole is massive158
Locked in a Room158
Brewed Awakening158
Twerk from Home155
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons155
Brewsual Suspects153
You Should Have Known Stuff153
Valley Girls152
Smarty Pants152
irish beer mafia151
The Hot Dogs151
Dumpster Opossums151
Factoid Cult149
Scooby 2146
Hopkins Hooligans146
Save The Clocktower146
Just Name145
The Bar144
Moose Killers144
Clare and JoJo144
Hippies & Hunnies 144
No Eye Deer144
Cher’s Zombie Army143
That Log Had A Child143
Jar Jar Thinks142
Blind Squirrels141
420 Crew140
Del Boca Vista139
Slick Willies139
Yo! Let me get a box138
Win or Lose We Booze138
Deck Chairs on the 137
Southpaw Fish137
Next to Nothing135
Fabulous Killjoys135
Game Time Decision135
DC Swampers134
fools gold134
It Takes A Village133
Unmitigated Disaster132
Lil’ Quarantiniz131
The Brain Ticklers129
Crazy Train129
Risky Quizness128
All Maya’s Fault128
When Wolens Attack!128
Ken Jennings We Ain’t127
Minnie’s Minions127
Covid Chaney’s127
The Eugooglizers126
Living for Trivia126
10 degrees126
Special Eds.125
The Flu Fighters124
Queens of Prussia124
Kids are in bed124
Four Twelve124
Drinkin and Guessin’122
All the Whoopie Pies120
D Squared110
Buck & Wanda110
Anderson Trivia109
Cersei’s Walk109
The Three Cateteers109
Beer Winners101
Ewokin on Sunshine100
Sugar & Spice 1.5100
Moscow Mitch and the Kiev Choir Boys71