PHT Online – Final Scores from May 19

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Wrecking Ball!

Wrecking Ball (WON TIEBREAKER)172
Monsieur Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog172
What Would Steve Rogers Do?172
Niels Bohring172
Jenna Talia171
Cell Phony Bologna170
Quiztery Inc.170
Don’t you Hate Pants?170
Southpaw Fish170
Super Best Friends170
Team Duck169
Dazed and Confused169
Cobra Kai169
We R #2169
beer sampler168
killer snails168
DC Swampers168
Bailey’s Buddies168
Periodically under the Table168
Just Good Enough167
Fan Club167
Beach Bums167
Locked in a Room167
Rolling with My Coronies166
Lucky Cat Pajamas166
His & Her Peas166
That’s So Clavin166
No Quiz Pro Quo166
Half Nelsons 166
Denny Exotic166
Tokyo Sexwhale166
Happy Birthday Jesus166
Moons of Uranus165
Gong Gong & The Butt Demons165
Uncles with Benefits165
Kitten Mittons165
Not Your Team165
We Come From Behind164
We thought this was speed dating164
Beau Khaki164
Crushed Optimism164
The Royal Replacements164
Scott’s Tots164
gang of fools164
Gummibears are Toothless163
We’re Not Gouda at This163
Gnocchi Pocchi163
Shirts and Skins163
Can of Black Beans163
Wiley Coyotes163
Common Taters163
Oliver’s Army163
We thought this was speed dating162
Deck Chairs on the Titanic 162
Sleeping Booty162
Timnath Titans162
Brain Fog161
Dewey Beach Gods161
Donner Party161
Stink Floyd161
Smarty Pants160
Destined for Trouble160
Dumber Than We Look160
Deep Creek Crew160
Tequila Mockingbird159
Ultimate Source159
LIfesavers since 1977159
Hippies & Hunnies 159
Valley Girls158
Chillin’ It158
Milk Chunks158
Fabulous Killjoys158
No Eye Deer158
Brain Freeze158
Living for Trivia157
How Did I Get Here ?157
Nolo Contenders157
Big Brain157
Screaming Death Monkeys157
Tonight’s Winner156
six dog mafia156
Power Vacuum156
Pineapple Peeps155
Still TBD155
Lucky Cat Pajamas154
Pho Q154
Jar jar Thinks154
peeping tom cruises153
Next to Nothing152
major wagerz152
my black hole is expanding152
Cersei’s Walk151
3 Fingers Worth151
The Flu Fighters151
10 degrees151
The Three Cateteers151
We Show Up151
That Log Had A Child151
That’s How We Roll151
Catching Planes150
Teddy and Dudley’s Humans148
Pedantic Pterodactyls147
Team Awesome147
Team Rocket147
Grip it N Rip it146
Liquor? I hardly know her!146
Minnie’s Minions146
Scattered Shrivers146
The Lionhearts144
Risky Quizness143
Special Eds142
Dirty Shower Water142
Dishonor on Your cow 141
QuaranQueens 139
Living the Dream139
Mary Poppin’ That Booty138
Fools Gold137
Petty Details131
Nerd Immunity130
It Takes a Village130
Ewokin on Sunshine121
Jumpin Jasper120
Buck & Wanda120
Gen Z90