PHT Online – Final Scores from May 14

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Breadsticks!

Breadsticks (WON TIEBREAKER)172
Monsieur Denny’s French Class172
Bailey’s Buddies171
Valley Girls170
The Educated Friends170
Denny’s Exotics170
Suck It Steve Rogers170
Gummibears are Toothless169
Better Lucky Than Smart169
Blood Legion169
Team Duck169
Can’t Win Anyway!169
You Win Again Gravity169
Don’t You Hate Pants?169
Crushed Optimism168
Dumpster Diving for Fudge!168
The Half-Wit Hoosiers 168
Here for the Beer166
Shirts and Skin166
George Washington’s Camel166
Gong Gong & The Butt Demons165
Just Good Enough165
Beer Winners165
Hippies & Hunnies164
Creamm Teamm164
Laybee Uh Menorah164
Me, Myself, and Pi164
Smarty Pants163
Why Not Zoidberg?161
Quiztery Inc. 161
Cheeky Bastards161
killer snails161
Fan Club161
Sunglasses at Night161
We thought this was speed dating160
We R #2160
Nolo Contenders160
Yo!  Lemme Get a Box160
That Log Had A Child159
Mack Attack 159
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 century158
DC Swampers158
We’re Real…And We’re Spectacular!158
cake or death158
You Win Again Gravity157
You Win Again Gravity157
Fools Gold157
Blaze’s Booze Hounds157
School’s Out157
Corona Matata156
Power Vacuum156
3 tacos & a burrito156
Dumber Than We Look155
Locked in a Room155
Scott’s Tots154
Magical Virtual Machine – MVM154
Fabulous Killjoys153
We Drink And We Know Things152
Periodic Table Dancers152
Make Trivia Great Again151
Isolated and It Feels So Good151
Killer Kweens151
Castle Grayskull151
Here 4 the beer150
Yang 2024149
Half Nelsons 149
A Positive Hallway 149
bob snake is lame149
What Would Steve Rogers Do?148
Pork Chop Sandwiches147
Bonnie & Clyde145
the Gold Team144
Minnie’s Minions143
Picolas Cage143
H.R. Puff’n’Stuff142
Condoms Prevent Minivans141
Very Stable Mates141
Southpaw Fish140
Niels Bohring140
Rolling with My Coronies139
Chef Goldblum’s Raptor Bites138
Jar Jar Thinks138
Team Awesome136
Ewokin on Sunshine136
Trivia Newton John135
No Brainers 134
Drinkin and Guessin’134
Risky Quizness133
Find a Brian133
Beau Khaki132
Brain Freeze132
Grizzly Adam’s Beard’s Beard132
Living for Trivia132
Deck Chairs on the Titanic131
Ferret Finger131
We Come From Behind131
Three Amigos (Thirst Aid)131
Uncles with Benefits130
Andrew Knows Best… About Sports130
No Eye Deer130
Deep Creek Crew129
It Takes a Village129
Jones Springs Hooligans127
Living the Dream125
Lucky Cat Pajamas123
Dazed and Confused122
Blue Jay Bombers122
that’s how we roll121
Ghost Google Classroom121
Menace to Sobriety120
The First Order120
The Flu Fighters119
The Pain Train115
Hard & Straight115
bleps and toebeans115
The Eugooglizers115
I’m Done With Netflix109
Special Eds107
Gen Z 105
Cupcakes for dinner102
Stir Crazies102
Lizard Scales98