PHT Online – Final Scores from June 24

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Things You Measure!

Things You Measure172
Hung Solo171
The Bar170
The Latvian mug appreciation society 170
Southpaw Fish170
major wagerz170
We R #2170
Bailey’s Buddies169
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century168
Niels Bohring168
Title 1 Forever168
Team Duck168
The Mighty Quinn’s 167
How ‘Bout Dem Potatoes167
Game Time Decision166
It Takes a Village166
Locked in a Room165
Dumber Than We Look165
DC Swampers164
killer snails164
Common Taters164
Carol Baskin Robbins164
The Crown Regiment164
Corona Matata163
Why Not Zoidberg?163
Blind Squirrels163
We thought this was speed dating 163
Rolling with My Coronies163
Half Nelsons 162
We Come From Behind161
Crushed Optimism161
Cheddar Biscuits161
That Log Had A Child161
Matt Stamen161
Pluto is a Planet160
Crazy Train160
Fabulous Killjoys159
momentary lapse159
im so s-m-r-t i mean s-m-a-r-t158
The Eugooglizers158
Sharkfin Pizza157
Cher’s Zombie Army156
Periodically under the table156
His & Her Peas155
Caleb the Camel155
Miller Lites and Fudge154
Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts149
Deep Creek Crew149
No Eye Deer149
Liberal Dominatrix Anonymous148
CRES Gals147
Special Eds146
The Goon Platoon143
The Flu Fighters141
Fools Gold141
Risky Quizness140
Next to Nothing140
Cedric’s Ace140
Drinkin and Guessin’140
Factoid Cult138
Blue Jay Bombers137
Smarty Pants134
Milksteak & Jellybeans134
Scooby 2134
Queens of Prussia130
D Squared128
Ladies of LRMD103
Runners With Brains and Attitudes103
Solo Squintern82