PHT Online – Final Scores from June 17

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Locked in a Room!

Locked in a Room (WON TIEBREAKER)170
 Laszlo’s Erotic Topiaries170
Hung Solo170
The Mighty Quinn’s 168
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century168
Blind Squirrels167
Why Not Zoidberg?167
title 1 forever167
Baby Yoda-lers167
The Goon Platoon166
We R #2166
killer snails166
Things You Measure166
Crushed Optimism164
Southpaw Fish164
Corona Matata163
We Come From Behind163
Pandemaniacs 163
Smarty Pants163
nuke laloosh and the stamen sisters162
Team Duck162
Carol Baskin Robbins162
mager wagerz162
Francis Scott Answer Key162
Shirts and Skins161
Fabulous Killjoys161
Common Taters160
Half Nelsons 160
Game Time Decision159
Cher’s Zombie Army158
We Thought This Was Speed Dating158
Hippies & Hunnies157
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons157
Helter Shelter157
It’s All About The Eggplant156
Valley Girls156
DC Swampers156
Next to Nothing156
Niels Bohring155
momentary lapse155
No Eye Deer155
Special Eds.154
Lil Stank Floyd154
the gold team153
Lucky Cat Pajamas152
Brewsual Suspects152
Uncles with Benefits152
Ashley’s Unicorn Power!152
looking for denim chicken152
Fools Gold151
The Bar151
Tokyo Sexwhale148
Blue Jay Bombers147
That Log Had A Child147
Berry Macaulkiner146
The Flu Fighters145
Dumber Than We Look145
Save The Clocktower143
CRES Gals143
Irish Beer Maifia143
the gold team141
Love your body, Larry141
Uncles with Benefits140
Factoid Cult140
When Wolens Attack!139
Queens of Prussia139
The Crown Regiment139
Rolling with My Coronies138
It Takes a Village136
Living for Trivia133
Just Steven133
Team Anderson133
The Hot Dogs133
The Eugooglizers132
Uncles with Benefits130
Uncles with Benefits130
Risky Quizness126
Drinkin and Guessin’123
Domino Productions122
female phenoms116
Deep Creek Crew112