PHT Online – Final Scores from July 8

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ding Dong!

Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ding Dong (WON TIEBREAKER)172
Title 1 Forever172
Someone Buy Me A Beer172
killer snails171
Things Your Measure170
Yaya Ding Dong170
Valley Girls169
Half Nelsons 168
Our Amps Go To 11168
Crushed Optimism167
Carol Baskin Robbins167
We thought this was speed dating 167
Alone Again, Naturally167
Niels Bohring166
Boner Garage 166
Liberal Dominatraxes Anonymous164
*tips helmet*  M’homes164
The Bar164
momentary lapse164
Happy Birthday Scotty164
Southpaw Fish164
The Eugooglizers163
Scooby 2163
Tokyo Sexwhale162
Why Not Zoidberg?162
Dumpster Fyre162
Cher’s Zombie Army162
mager wagerz161
His & Her Peas160
Not using google159
Smarty Pants159
Common Taters159
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons158
young and old lions158
Hippies & Hunnies158
No Eye Deer158
The Great Heathen Army157
DC Swampers157
CRES Gals157
The Crown Regiment157
Brewsual Suspects156
The Trevians156
We R #2155155
Save The Clocktower155
The Flu Fighters155
My Black Hole just Exploded151
It Takes a Village149
Queens of Prussia148
Team Anderson147
That Log Had A Child147
The Hot Dogs146
En Fuego145
When Wolens Attack!143
Risky Quizness141
irih beer mafia139
Fabulous Killjoys137
Minnie’s Minions136
Prestige Worldwide 135
Who’s on 3rd134
Darwin Magnets132
Drinkin and Guessin’130
D Squared129
Fools Gold124
Blue Jay Bombers122
The Goon Platoon121
Next to Nothing120
We Come From Behind118
Factoid Cult112