PHT Online – Final Scores from July 7

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Niels Bohring!

Niels Bohring172
Half Nelsons 171
The Scunthorpe Problem170
Rescue rangers170
Corona Matata169
Bailey’s Buddies169
His & Her Peas167
Rolling with My Coronies166
We R #2166
gang of fools166
Team Duck166
How Did I Get Here?165
Dazed and Confused165
Valley Girls164
Crushed Optimism164
Moons of Uranus164
Periodically under the Table163
Brain Freeze161
Crusty Broads159
quality guesswork159
Smarty Pants159
Team Awesome159
Fan Club158
Cell Phony Bologna156
Stolen Valium155
Cereal Killer150
The Maria Reynolds Incident148
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons 148
Deep Creek Crew146
Catching Planes146
Hungry Hungry Georgian Hippos145
major wagerz145
Southpaw Fish144
Milk Chunks144
What Would Steve Rogers Do?143
Fools Gold141
Falafel For Everyone140
WE Come From Behind139
Gummibears are Toothless139
Quiztery Inc.138
Is that gas or am I in labor?138
3 tacos & a burrito136
Uncles with Benefits136
Risky Quizness135
Destined for Trouble132
The Eugooglizers131
An Ultimate Source131
Team Rocket131
Pedantic Pterodactyls130
That Log Had A Child130
The Flu Fighters130
That’s How We Roll130
Scattered Shrivers129
Fabulous Killjoys129
Living the Dream128
Screaming Death Monkeys126
Donner Party126
Minnie’s Minions126
It’s Just Me and My Dog125
Pho Q124
Special Eds123
We Show Up122
Hip Hip Hooray122
Next to Nothing122
Dishonor on your cow 121
Domino Productions121
Petty Details119
camp firewood119
Nightmare Squad115
It Takes a Village113
Ewokin on Sunshine110
Dr Fauci Fan Club109
Solo Squintern83
The Three Caterers81
Gen Z55